"Good bold repair!"

A peak owner’s eyes showed different colors and praised, "Teacher Su is really a talent. He is a six-repair girl, but I’m afraid his real strength is not weaker than that of seven girls. It’s really strong!"
Hum! Hum! Hum!
The purple and black magic gas rises in circles and blinks. Su Ying is wrapped all over his body. His whole person is like a small black sun filled with powerful breath!
Saint of many peak owners have got up and face shocked color "swire magic body! It turned out to be an ancient demon! "
"Purple and black magic gas is a unique sign of Archaean magic body!"
Many elders couldn’t help but get up and wait and see.
Even Gu Tianxing and Chao Sheng, who have always been old gods, have slightly changed their faces. Not far away, Chao Gai whispered to Gu Gu’s baby, "How heavy is Gu Gu Gu’s sister Su’s nephew Taigu’s magic body cultivation?"
Gu Zhubao smiled and laughed "sixth weight"
Chao Liang’s face changed and he exclaimed, "It’s a double genius in the world that he has already made it to the sixth place, and it’s not too much for him to make up for such a talent as Master Yuan Tire!"
Just shoot the baby’s mouth and smile gently without saying much.
At this time, the broken ring suddenly sounded, and everyone looked into the field in succession, and they saw a huge handprint suddenly rising to the cover to shoot directly at Su Ying.
Su Ying’s mind should take a micro step and come directly to the giant palm without saying anything, but it will be scattered and smashed directly with one punch!
On the whole city laughed coldly and held the giant que sword arm high and suddenly hacked towards Su Ying. This sword has not yet fallen, so it is better to cut out a huge one than firm but gentle, like a mountain collapsing towards Su Ying to suppress it!
"Teacher Su, you are not as good as me. Your magic weapon is restrained by me. I see what else you have!"
On the whole city holding a giant que sword foot repeatedly trample roar toward Sue should rush to drive a than heavy than majestic momentum!
"That’s not necessarily! Give me a break! "
Sue should be angry, drink without saying anything, and blow out at once, and everyone will be shocked when they see this. Sue should be physically opposed to Excalibur, which is incredible.
The Excalibur of the Great Que is an extremely powerful weapon, and it can be as powerful as a mountain. Even if you don’t make the avatar, you can kill the master of Yuantai with one sword. However, Su Ying has a hard hand. You can imagine how abnormal his body is!
"Turn over the sky!"
Sue should clap a palm and blink like the sky collapses, so that he can take care of the whole city!
On the whole city in anger holding a giant que Excalibur see Excalibur trembling immediately behing khaki heavy firm but gentle will instantly turn over the sky seal worn out a moment and then came to Sue should be in front!
Chapter 432 With his bare hands (four more)
"Brother Su, die!"
On the whole face, every khaki firm but gentle wave is a mountain essence. At this time, dozens of mountain essence rushed together, just like dozens of heavy mountains are oppressed!
Sue should look indifferent and look at him. Suddenly, he rushed forward and stepped in the previous step. Suddenly, his hand suddenly patted and listened to a huge palm, like a wall standing in front of him, and rolled forward directly!
"You can’t stop me! Look at my firm but gentle, like breaking through you! Giant Que Ling Shen! Open it for me! "
Not far away, Gu Cheng was about to break Su Ying’s seal with a giant que sword, but he listened to Su Ying shake his head and say with smile "I don’t know what to do."
Jun Tianding fell from the sky and blocked Su Ying’s front. Suddenly, all the khaki firm but gentle departments were swallowed up by Jun Tianding. Su Ying held the tripod in one hand without saying anything, and went to Gu Qing to hit it!
On the whole face a change hurriedly raise sword rail listen to MAO a Sue should jun tianding directly hit the broad blade!
A copious vigorously instantaneous outbreak of the whole city was smashed upside down hundreds of meters.
Jun Tianding’s tripod is indestructible when it is made of Jun Tianshen stone. The weight is beyond everyone’s imagination. Besides, Su Ying has been built into the sixth tripod of Archaic Magic, and even a mountain can be smashed!
"Fight! Yuan Shen entered the body! " On the whole city roars a whole body mana suddenly shrink directly into his flesh.
His strength suddenly increased, and then he swept towards Su Ying again with a giant sword in his hand.
"Gu brother don’t you lose heart? I want to see what new tricks you have cultivated these days! "
Sue should hold Jun Tianding again with a snort of cold, and hit it directly towards the sword of the Great Que!
Suddenly, the two big treasures collided, causing a substantial sound wave to send out coils of dazzling divine light around them, like a tsunami stinging people, so I can’t open my eyes!
Mao! Mao! Mao!