A group of figures fell from the sky.

This group of people is naturally a small circle of three people. They had expected that the 155-level demon king village would just visible and run to Chang ‘an. At this time, they directly sent people from Luzhou and Chang ‘an in Beiju to wait here until the 155-level troll Wang Gang appeared and there was no response.
The a1+a shortcut key has already fucked this 155-level giant demon.
This 155-level giant demon king player is now facing three dyed and brocade players.
From the perspective of modeling alone, you will be much more powerful than yourself.
What’s more, what I bring with me is just equipment and BB, but there is only one captain on the opposite side who looks like a stall number, and the other two people are summoners BB dyeing and adding accessories.
"What are you doing?"
Sweat the size of a bean drops down the forehead of this 155-level monster player. He takes a deep breath and then asks Xiaoyuan Mengmengda and others.
"Oh, nothing."
"You just killed two of my disciples, didn’t you?"
"You’re really amazing. 155 levels go strong, P, and a few levels give you face, don’t you?"
Xiaoyuan Mengmeng said these words on the current channel and then sent them to the team channel.
"You won’t do it later. I’ll take care of this slag."
When I heard Xiao Yuanyuan’s words, two of his players nodded their heads. This kind of dart lion camel ridge opposite their eyes is really insignificant. Even the 15-level hang-up stall number feels that a total annihilation may be able to sweep this lion camel ridge to death.
When all that two side were engaged in the first round.
Xiaoyuan Mengmeng directly lost a line puppet on the opposite side of the 155-level lion camel ridge, which made it in a chaotic stage.
Then, in front of me, the 119-level advanced painting soul started to pay tribute to this 155-level lion camel ridge player.
Critical strike!
It stands to reason that a 69-level elite player has more than 47 HP. However, this 155-level Lion Camel Ridge was directly and limply laid down after being reported by a good and evil gank for losing 47 HP.
"Oh, I said."
"It’s no wonder that such rubbish dares to be a strong p1 couple."
"By the way, if you dare to bother those people again, I’ll make you lose this game."
The arrogant words spit out this 155-level giant demon king from a small round mouth, but now he can’t say anything with his mouth open.
After all, each other’s strength is much stronger than their own.
Just a BB makes you fight by yourself.
And this really highlights the gap between the rich and the poor in the dream westward journey.
A 19-level pole number is not so much a hundred sets. A slightly better number is enough for gank to drop a 155-level garbage number.
And this 155-level lion camel ridge monster is in this ranks.
Similarly, in the game Fantasy Westward Journey, not everyone can be beaten like Fang Xiang, and more people can get back. If they are cheated and strong, they can still break their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs.
This is also a kind of law of the jungle in the game, right?
This 155-level giant demon king has been playing games with his heart since he was strong, and he has no intention of retaliating against Fang Fang, thinking of them because he knows that the cost of dying once is much higher than thinking of them dying once.
"ACTS son I give you revenge ~"
Xiaoyuan Mengmengda killed the 155-level troll queen, and she was angry with Fang Xiang and Er Nao for taking credit.
It’s a little early at 3 today ~
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Xuanzang’s life experience
"Oh, thank you."
Oh, oh? Thank you?
Looking at Fang Xiang’s indifferent reply to "Xiao Yuan Meng Meng Da" here, she didn’t think that she had avenged her apprentice, and her attitude towards this apprentice was so indifferent! Isn’t this fucking normal drama supposed to be that Fang wants to be grateful to himself?
Your own apprentice! What the hell?
In my heart, I was slightly dissatisfied with Xiaoyuan Mengmengda and found Ernao again.
"Two troubles! Master just avenged you. How are you happy?"
At the moment, he deliberately added the words "happy?" just wanted to see Ernao show a proper and normal expression, but he didn’t expect Ernao to be silent for a while, for example, to be shorter and more indifferent and replied.
"thank you"
“? ? ?”
Xiaoyuan Mengmeng really wants to lift Fang Xiang and Ernao’s heads and pry them open to see what’s in their heads. Why can’t they get the kind of pleasure that Master should get?
What! ! !
At the same time, he saw Fang want to send a message to himself.
"Hey, Master, look, we’re going to kill the plot at level 25. Hey, what’s up with you?"
See Fang wants to send words, small round cute corners of the mouth outline a sneer.
Think about it. Think about it. Do you have today? !
Just now, the teacher gave you a strong P for bullying you. Your attitude is so cold. Now you turn around and want the teacher to kill the plot for you? Do I have to revolve around you to play a dream? No, I have to say n to you!
With this idea in my heart, Xiaoyuan Mengmeng replied simply and neatly
"Oh, I’m sorry I killed the deputy."
"All right, then."