It is because of not much that XuanYuanGong naturally and generously took Sun Hao’s arm and floated to the highest peak of the main peak that many monks felt a doubt in their hearts. "Who is the lucky young monk who was just taken by Miss Xuanyuan?" Beside the Xuanyuan big miss practice from now on but a smooth road … "

After a long time, someone finally remembered Sun Hao. A friar patted his forehead and suddenly realized, "It makes sense that he turned out to be him."
"Who is he?" Someone asked
The man "Sun Hao Sun Chen Xiang" replied "A golden elixir of Sun Chen Xiang"
It turned out that he was the main peak of Qingyun and suddenly had an epiphany.
A real-life Sun Chenxiang, then. No wonder there must be such monks who deserve our Miss Xuanyuan.
Listening to all kinds of comments behind him [Xiao Shilang], Sun Hao, the blue city, shook his head with a wry smile and was gradually walked away in the direction of the highest Qingyun peak by XuanYuanHong.
In my heart, I can’t help wondering why Xiaohong is so natural. There is also the envy of the little red old regal spirit, which is really good. When it comes out, it seems to be in a daze. If you are confused, it is possible to do anything, but it is the only way to hide your look.
XuanYuanGong arm in arm with Sun Hao forward heart while a little shy and a little bit annoyed Sun Hao everything is fine, but the feelings are so dull old niang I …
A wick of fragrant flowers opens the pine and wrinkles the semi-berry moss; The water is clear and the mountain is like a knife. Look, a fairy is driving a cloud.
The main peak and the top of the mountain are shrouded in fairy fog, antique, mountains and water, towering trees and faint courtyards
Xuanyuanhong took Sun Hao slowly along the ancient steps of the mountain and soon a farmhouse appeared in front of Sun Hao.
Hidden deep in the mountains and Woods, the quiet and unique farm yard makes people feel quiet.
Xuanyuangong still took Corleone’s arm and rushed to the yard to call "Gu Corleone is coming"
"Come to find a place to sit by yourself" XuanYuanYaqin casually replied, and then the door of the farmhouse creaked and opened on its own.
Xuanyuanhong took Sun Hao and stepped into the yard.
There are several acres of vegetable fields in the small yard. Xuanyuanyaqin is busy in the vegetable fields with a sunshade towel in his hand. Two people come in and Xuanyuanyaqin simply says, "Sit down" and continues to be busy without looking up.
Xuanyuanhong rushed Corleone to spit out his tongue and loosen Corleone’s hand. He took Corleone into the quiet yard and moved to a stool to sit by himself.
Sun Hao looks no different from the farmer’s eldest sister-in-law. The bodhi old zu, who is diligent and diligent, does not know how to think of the old man who is not drunk.
Comparing the two sides, Sun Hao found that it was more natural for the drunken old man to sweep the floor, while the ancestors of Yaqin seemed to be serious about farming, but the chisel marks were too serious, as if they were farming and farming. Sun Hao’s eyes flashed completely and he was thoughtful.
After a long time, Xuanyuan Yaqin slowly called it a day and stood up.
Standing up from the ground, the original peasant sister-in-law suddenly changed her temperament. Xuanyuan Yaqin became noble and looked at Sun Hao harmoniously. "Is the agarwood purple smoke injured?"
Seeing the change of Xuanyuan Yaqin’s expression, Sun Hao thought again that it seems that the gap between the bodhi old zu of Yaqin and the drunken old man is not small, and the old man’s every move is natural, but the bodhi old zu of Yaqin is a lot worse.
Thinking of Sun Hao in my heart, I quickly replied, "Master Ziyan’s injury is still under control, but my brother came here to ask Master about alchemy and alchemy skills. Master Ziyan refined a special healing elixir."
"Ask alchemy?" Xuanyuanyaqin’s face showed a little unexpected expression and looked at Xuanyuanhong with a smile and said, "It seems that there has always been an array of characters in the agarwood data. Why did you also learn some alchemy?"
"I’ve been studying alchemy secretly," Sun Hao bowed slightly. "But it’s all some wild roads that make you laugh."
Wild road? Xuanyuanyaqin smiled and casually asked, "What level has it reached at present?"
Sun Hao, the "third-level alchemist", bowed slightly "should be able to refine most of the third-level panacea"
Xuanyuanyaqin smell speech can’t help but shine at the moment and look at Corleone’s eyes. "It’s rare for a three-level alchemist to see this agarwood, but you come with me to forge a few furnaces for me to see if the cat has a life."
Speak XuanYuanYaqin lead into a room in the yard.
After the seemingly insignificant room came in, there was no dry Kun. It was actually an alchemy facility. The alchemy room was arrested with a fire. There was an alchemy furnace with a high level, an antique medicine cabinet and a medicine rack. There were some jade bottles in the jade bottles, which were some magic pills.
This is a very high-grade alchemy room, but because of Xuanyuan Yaqin’s personality, the alchemy room is very elegant and chic. The whole room looks a little bit more rouge, not as rough and steaming as Zongmen’s alchemy room.
"What panacea do you want to refine?" Entering the alchemy room, Xuanyuan Yaqin didn’t open her mouth to test Sun Hao’s alchemy skills, but directly let Sun Hao show her "I have a third-class elixir here, and most elixirs are available. You can choose a magic refining."
Sun Hao turned his eyes and bowed with a smile. "Master and brother chose to forge the alchemy."
"Knot then?" XuanYuanYaQin heart slightly one leng immediately said, "well, you can forge it yourself."
Say that finish greeting XuanYuanHong alchemy room sit and watch Sun Haolian Dan.
It’s almost the top panacea in the third-level panacea. If you can really refine the level of alchemy, you will be very good.
I just don’t know if he can refine it. Will it be a boast?
Mixing and taking medicine …
Sun Hao calmly sank into the state of alchemy and then began to alchemy in an orderly way.