Wolf first male speed is a flash figure is now in front of Meng Fei, but claws zhang before he just close to the side of Meng Fei was a strong repressive force directly in his body to the monster body can’t help but slightly.

Meng Fei eyes narrowed slightly fundus cold mans turn.
All of a sudden, the five beasts are all unfathomable, and the wolf, the first man and the five elements of the world are also vain. Now the power can barely suppress him.
However, this period of time is low enough for him to drink, step by step, step by step, take the robe, grasp the fist, and brazenly boom forward.
Bang, this fist slammed down the flesh and blood, but it sounded like a golden iron.
The wolf’s first man was punched in the forehead, and his body was smashed in his ears. There was a buzzing sound, but it did not suffer substantial damage. A wolf’s first eyes shook and he looked at Meng Fei’s mouth again and made an angry roar.
The wolf’s eyes quickly became bloodshot and red, and the flesh suddenly burst into a dense crack. His body muscles bulged high and his joints stretched quickly, and his body soared when he counted his breath.
In this process, his body has been completely animalized, and he is a giant upright wolf.
The crimson eyes fell on Meng Fei’s tyrannical solemnity, but he did not lose his wisdom. Instead, he was full of absolute peace, but the tyranny in this calm was particularly terrible.
The powerful hind legs gave a hard push on the ground, and the wolf suddenly turned into a virtual shadow. The speed was a little faster than before, and the claws were shining with terrible cold light.
Lena, the snake lady, screamed, her eyes fell with resentment and her charming body suddenly shrank, and she barely hung on her clothes and fell directly to the ground. She turned into a black snake with tens of feet long, with a pair of reddish wings growing behind her. Suddenly, the snake’s height was raised and then an angry crossbow arrow was tightened.
A wolf and a snake joined forces to pounce on Meng Fei.
A grotto instantly turns into a battlefield, and the core of the battlefield is the death of the cat.
These two Johnson opponents have also been partially animalized today, which can stimulate their physical strength to the strongest.
Countering the secret is a bear monster. Today, a ferocious bear has been born in human life. The head and limbs of the bear have also been brutalized. In the roar, the huge bear’s paw contains the power of conan the destroyer to beat the magical power to pieces.
And the death fight is a tiger, a demon, a tiger’s head, a claw knife, and a sharp knife can break the avatar.
These two monsters are all shrines. Although their bodies are the size of ordinary people, their strength is amazing. Plus, they are strengthened in the shrines to counter the secret of death, and they have never fallen into the wind for a while. Even if they are injured, they can recover in a very short time.
The cat’s eyes flashed with different colors. He reached out and took a shot forward. Suddenly, a glittering and translucent icy handprint was sending out a steaming cold.
The release of cold from this ice palm is absolutely cold and warm enough to be comparable to the eternal ice and freeze everything.
The bear monster growled with a hairy giant palm, and did not hesitate to shoot down the terror horse toward the ice palm. The powerful force is indestructible, and the strong body is the strongest force in its hand. It is not afraid that the avatar can be broken by all kinds of fancy means.
And this time is not unexpected.
A palm fall ice palm should be broken an extreme cold breath instantaneous explosion let his body slightly Chapter one hundred and thirteen Cut the Wolf.
But this chill is limited to this, and it will do him more harm in France.
However, things have developed somewhat. It is expected that the cat never resisted the anti-seismic force of the avatar, but instead, with the help of this anti-seismic force, the figure suddenly retreated in the aura package, and behind him was a passage that did not know where to go. This strange figure directly disappeared into it and disappeared instantly.
The statue of death has been paying attention to this secret. He always feels that the old monster has hidden important secrets that he doesn’t know. Maybe he can successfully cross this maze and enter the main hall of the altar.
When the cat took the opportunity to get away, he made an angry roar in his mouth.
However, the cat has obviously chosen an excellent opportunity to die. Even if you want to chase him, you don’t have to shake him hard first, but you have to pass through the bear monster. When these can win him precious.
For Zun, even counting the breath is enough to keep them far away from here, and it is very possible to get rid of the chase with intricate passages.
The cat has an important secret in his hand. At this point, he already needs the help of external forces to find the opportunity and leave without hesitation.
Death in a roar, eyes turned black, weird and frightening
He clapped his hands and roared, but suddenly it was a black shadow, which directly released the tyrannical breath and roared straight to the tiger demon.
This shadow is obviously some kind of monster beast, although it is a shadow, but in a short time, generate is more entangled with the tiger demon than the terrible power, and it has never fallen off at all.
Death statue turned and roared directly and rushed to the retreating direction of the cat. His eyes were cold and the bear growled, and he ran like a fast-moving small mountain rushing towards him.
Resistance to death, death, respect and complete roar, a figure unexpectedly stopped and ran forward flagrantly.
The speed of the flash of two figures is instantaneous, and they have already collided together. A sudden shock followed by a loud explosion, followed by a terrorist force sweeping the center of the two people.
Death statue looks pale, but his figure is slightly stunned. On the contrary, the powerful and poor bear monster was hit by a front impact this time, and then fell to the ground, but there was another amazing roar.
Death did not pause and took a slight breath. In vitro, the flashes exploded and plunged into the channel and roared away.
At the moment, the fluctuation of generate’s strong power in the two world wars just swept through a grotto.
Meng Fei’s pupils contracted slightly, and the black snake dodged the opportunity with the loud noise. His figure didn’t stop, and he stepped on the ground without hesitation.
The strength of the five beasts exceeded his expectation, and the death of the cat showed that the strength of the two monsters could not defeat them in a short time. The two monsters retreated one after another. If he stayed, wouldn’t it be asking for trouble?
Meng Fei didn’t expect the cat to retreat. He had a feeling that this Johnson must hold some secret in his hand. The development of things today proved his guess.
This key time is to get out first, and then the matter will be slowly drawn.