Shura hung her head slightly and stared at her with dark eyes for an instant. She slowly approached her, and the imposing manner forced Xiaoxiao to retreat until her back reached the wall.

He stopped in front of her, but he didn’t approach forward, but smiled strangely and mysteriously. I’m curious about what color Duan Fei and Duan Yi can sink a woman.
Xiaoxiao bit her teeth and squinted at me. I don’t know what color I am. I think I am a door master, but you are a rare villain nowadays.
What is a villain when shura doesn’t laugh at anger?
It’s a compliment to say that you are a villain. Wearing a mask means you can mix gangs. Hehe, I’m sorry that you don’t have that style. Even if you wear pants outside, you are just a bit of a walk-on
Haha, Shura Shuer laughed. Although she couldn’t understand what she was saying, she couldn’t help laughing. Oh, my God, look what I found. No wonder you can make Duan Fei’s living dead move. You are a piece of rough jade.
Seeing his crazy strength, Xiao Xiao felt cold in his back. Why didn’t you bring me here? Look at your insanity. Cut the crap. What do you want
The smile stopped suddenly, and those ghastly eyes were excited before the performance. The only thing I can say in this world is that I have to be the devil incarnate, but he insists on deliberately suppressing his desires so that he is not qualified to be at the top with me.
He smiled coldly, but his eyes grew hotter. I’d like to see a tame sheep turn into a beast with fangs. Hehe, the game is so interesting.
Xiaoxiao can’t believe it. How can such a person even want to control other people’s temperament? Damn it, is he the devil and you have no silver?
How about we change a secret because you are so interesting? Shura winked at her and a strange and cruel arc was evoked in her mouth. You may be the most important person to me, but he is the most important person to me.
Uh, Xiaoxiao is horrified. What’s going on here, BL?
First, I was shocked, and then I ran away in anger. Even if you don’t dare to fantasize, you are not mistaken. Even if your hobby is not him, it is very common. You don’t want your dirty thoughts to stain our spotless image. Don’t even think about it.
Shura smiled unfathomably and looked at Xiaoxiao’s eyes with more evil. Are you so protective of him because of him?
Xiaoxiao’s face will turn red if he doesn’t. I don’t care about him.
Hehe, Qushura, step in the previous step, dawn immediately, be alert, stare big eyes, feed me and warn you not to stay away from me before.
The half face of the mask is full of abduction. Fingers tease her face. Xiaoxiao hates other faces. Come on, let me see if he is desperate. He is getting close to her ear. I am looking forward to it.
Xiaoxiao metamorphoses, a shock vaguely smelled a trace of destruction.
The palace on the ground is in a mess.
Period of nonhuman strong occupied the palace arteries strictly guarded every mouth, even the rings imperial city is not allowed to step on your bedroom, and if you can’t find anyone, you will be bloodbath in the palace posture.
He was angry and sat in the dragon chair. I didn’t expect Duan Fei, who had always regarded him as a tool and shouldn’t complain at all, to openly do such a heinous thing, saying that he was a small page, but who knows if he had planned for a long time to seize his throne?
Damn it, he’s guarding against Duan Yishen, and Xiao Qi’s thousands of calculations, but he’s the only one who missed him.
Father Duan Yunyan ghostly now startled Lan Di. He frowned. How did you get in?
Those people outside can’t stop Duan Yunyan, the son minister, from smiling respectfully. Is father angry with his seventh brother?
Emperor Hunlan was so angry that he snorted at the ungrateful thing. If it weren’t for me, he would have starved to death among the dead. Now he wants to be a slave.
Duan Yunyan is not surprised, not disturbing, hanging his eyes, father, don’t worry, son, minister, pour a way.
Lan Di’s fine eyes are bright and urgent. Say something quickly.
He didn’t say anything, but patted a man walking slowly behind the palm curtain.
Slim figure, fair skin, palm-sized face, delicate facial features, big eyes, a cherry mouth and a pretty face, especially a pair of shallow vortices on the mouth. Chapter 1
Emperor Lan squints at this handsome man in front of him. Who is he?
Duan Yunyan smiled. He is the seventh brother looking for a page.