Raise the yellow convulsive sunflower.

Invite all those who take chestnuts from the fire
Stop painting the Christian Olive Garden.
Draw olives if you want.
Draw a violent fire
Instead of master Tian
Wash away life
Brother redhead finished drinking absinthe.
Just light this fire.
Van Gogh, a small town in southern France, created 70 paintings here, which was a sea note in his golden age.
Abstract Van Gogh’s letter to his brother Theo.
Mozart said in the requiem
I can see women.
Women in water
In the wheat field
Clear my bones
A bunch of luhua bones
Take it back in a piano case.
I can see.
Clean women river women
Reach into the wheat field
When I have no hope
Sitting on a bunch of wheat and going home.
Okay, my messy bones
Put it in that dark red wooden cabinet and bring it back.
Like bringing back your rich dowry
Give Kafka prisoner walnut feet
Set fire to prisoners in winter
Suspicion needs warmth very much
This is the mother’s fire.
When he was knocked down by dozens of corn behind him
In the ground, this doubt is again
Fu Nong Tian di
When he thinks of the sky
Doubt is still burned by the sun.
The sun bows its head and the shackles shine.
Doubt or your feet are the same as walnuts.
Buried in the steel of hometown
Engineer steel Li
To Tolstoy