What? This, this kid is from the NSA?

The man in the black down jacket was scared to death when the traffic police reported Qin Shaojie’s identity on the intercom.
"This … traffic police comrade, I, I think forget it, I, we are touching porcelain." The man stammered.
Before the traffic police could speak, they saw the doctor in the emergency room coming.
"Which one of you is the family of the injured?"
"I, I am, doctor, my wife is fine, let’s go now, let’s go now." The man hurriedly said.
"Who says your wife is fine?" The doctor looked at the man inexplicably.
"All the muscles of the calf are shrinking. Is this still nothing?"
"What, what?" The man is frightened. I saw it clearly and didn’t touch the car at all. How come… All began to shrink?
The doctor also ignored the man’s surprised expression and continued.
"After examination, the atrophied muscles and the tendency to spread upward, I’ll inform you that she needs amputation. Since you are her husband, please sign it and pay the operation fee in the lobby." The doctor handed the man a form and said.
After listening to the doctor’s words, the man is like a lightning strike, and he is directly stupid on the spot.
"Hey, what do you think? Don’t sign to pay the fee yet. No surgery? " The doctor gave the man a push and asked.
"Comrade policeman, he hit it. He broke my wife’s leg." The man suddenly shouted at Qin Shaojie.
"Are you sick? Just now I admitted that I touched porcelain, and now I will say that I hit it. You ask the doctor to see if it was hit. " Qin Shaojie light said.
"We made a film, and the calf of the injured person was really not muscle atrophy caused by external forces. What is the specific reason? We can only check it later. What matters now is to amputate the leg immediately, otherwise, the whole leg may be lost. Go and pay the fee. " The doctor urged again.
"How is it possible? How is it possible? My wife has always been in good health." Men are completely dumbfounded as if they were frosted eggplant.
"Go quickly, time waits for no one." The doctor urged again and turned back to the emergency room.
"Traffic police comrade, you also know now? I didn’t touch her at all. Later, I don’t know why it happened like this. You were there. When she screamed later, you heard it. I didn’t touch him at all. " Qin Shaojie shrugged his shoulders and said.
"This is really not your business. Just now, there was a message from the front desk. Your car really didn’t touch him." The traffic police said.
It’s really strange. The one who touched porcelain didn’t touch it, but his leg was broken and he had to amputate. Is it karma?
"Well, I’m leaving." Qin Shaojie looked at the man who was still in a daze, said hello to the traffic police and walked out of the hospital without looking back.
Chapter 130 Class reunion [7 more]
In fact, Qin Shaojie did this, not because he was cruel and cruel, but because of the world now.
In this world, no one cares about face, no one knows how to respect, and some people know what morality is. Since the occurrence of the Peng Yu case, many people are afraid to help the old man cross the road, and they are afraid to help him when he falls. Good people? Are there any good people in this society now? Maybe there is. But now, the word "good man", like professors and experts, is a derogatory term. Good people: generally refers to people with dull brains, referred to as stupid B.
Touching porcelain was a profession that existed hundreds of years ago. At that time, on the contrary, it was all rich and powerful dandies who were idle and took to the streets to harm people. They don’t do it for money, just for fun. Figure out the pleasure of bullying. Now, touching porcelain has really become a profession, a high-risk, high-income profession.
Qin Shaojie was annoyed all afternoon.
He has no sympathy for the woman whose leg he broke, but he has pity on her. Pity her for touching herself.
Maybe it’s wrong for him to do this, but if he doesn’t do it, maybe in the future, that woman will meet someone worse than him.
Of course, this is not to say that it is cultivated, but a heart.
If so, maybe that woman lost not a leg, but her life.
"Shao Jie, it’s past six o’clock. What time shall we leave?" LingFang looked at the time and said to Qin Shaojie.
"hmm? Oh, let’s go now. I’ll make a phone call first and ask Xue Dan where to go for the party. " Qin Shaojie just came to my mind, took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Xue Dan.
"Comrade Xue Dan, you didn’t tell me where to get together at noon."