"Really?" Shaojun’s eyes were filled with anger. "If I don’t go to the starry sky, will I suffer the loss of the three-system China for nothing?"

"Jun calm down. At the beginning, his subordinates also asked the Emperor about the destruction of the mental nucleus, but they were reprimanded by the Emperor. Therefore, they went to Qianlong College to study for two thousand planet years, read many ancient books, and took many lessons. Young Jun, with all due respect, if you really disturb the descendants of Hung-chun, who has become powerless, and provoke him to lay hands on us … "
"That’s enough. I just want to ask you, are you going?" Shaojun asked hazily.
"Yes, but I must have full authority on how to deal with that party’s affairs." Ephedra helpless tunnel.
"Absolute power will of course be given to you, but there is also absolute responsibility under absolute power," Shaojun said coldly. "No matter what way you take, let the three-system China know that we are not easy to mess with, and its set is not suitable for the starry sky."
"All right!" There was a sneer in Ephedra’s eyes. Heck, absolute power is almost the same after the emperor went through customs! On this trip, I’d better play it by ear, otherwise there is nothing I can do about it, and there will be no residue left. These guys, one for personal use and two for personal use, are still cautious. These guys, one by one, ate the bear’s heart and looked timid, and they were so angry.
After Ephedra left, Shaojun cursed, "Damn waste, mental nucleus, mental nucleus is useless. What kind of powerless gods are greeted by millions of soldiers in the later period of the true spirit? What about high-ranking gods? They are still dead gods. I don’t know if the old man lost his head and didn’t fight for the country, but he spent all day thinking about integrating the spiritual nucleus with the warriors in the later period of the true spirit. "
On the other side of the world, the emperor’s eyes, which are in a closed state, are a little cold.
Young Jun finished his dark scolding and spoke again. "Seniors, there will be chaos in the three systems of China soon. Now, please express your opinions, how should we deal with the high-level true spirit corps in Muyuan Star City? That’s an old saying, the starry sky in Asia is ours, and there can’t be any armies of three big countries. "
"Young Jun, let your subordinates wait for careful consideration before reporting to you."
"A group of old slick."
Huan yu star city meeting ended in discord, but the underground forces for three countries to all kinds of machines is running. This kind of change is so great that the federal government in Austria is extremely unhappy.
The secret agents of the two major alliances also quickly detected this turmoil. The Democratic Alliance, which obtained the secret report, took the lead in sending troops to Yahuanghe Xingyu on the grounds of arresting nearly 100 ghost killers who betrayed the alliance. Emperor star alliance also sent troops, its reason is more direct, the democratic alliance sent troops, how can the emperor star alliance not send, it is difficult to watch the democratic alliance break the balance of the starry sky.

Chapter three hundred and twenty-eight The knot star turbulence
Only one interstellar day, the situation changes so fast that the parties are stunned and yelling "The starry sky is ours". Jun’s eyes are full of yoshimitsu at this time, and the two major leagues in his hand have sent five legions to the secret report of the Huanghe star field in Gaia, which makes him tremble. How much do you understand that the Huanghe star field will become a wrestling field for the three big countries from now on, and they are no longer qualified. If you must play tricks, you will have to play tricks.
Ephedra is very excited. The turmoil of the situation made every strength very important. The order of eight wandering legions sneaking to the three-system China was cancelled, but they were on standby at the border of Guiqian Star Domain, which was near Huanghe Star Domain.
Tianxin was a little surprised by the entry of the two major leagues. But when you think about it, you are also calm. The two major leagues won’t let the three-system China garrison the starry sky alone, and the federal government seems to acquiesce in this behavior, but the warning is nothing more than that. The three teams are not allowed to enter other star fields of the country, otherwise … |;
Sure enough, in the following days, the two major leagues can’t wait to start enclosure. Within half an interstellar day, ten large-scale interstellar cities with great strategic value were built in each circle, each of which was stationed in half a legion, forming a huge sphere of influence, and confronted with hundreds of interstellar cities in the territory of Tianxin Group. The forces of the three powers once covered half of the Huanghe Star Domain and divided it into three parts.
In the harsh voice of Shao Jun gnashing his teeth, the war quietly came again. This time, the two major alliances have been tested!
Tianxin didn’t care about this process. He only waited for the final result. At the same time, he was not idle. He was busy reinforcing Tianxin Group’s acceptance of the site of Wanzi Sect and completing the task of localization of Tianxin Group’s three systems.
The territory of Wanzi Sect is too big. In Jiexingfang alone, they have five floating islands in the virtual world, and the astral world has two of the twelve continents, not to mention the city boundary, which has a planetary belt and thirty-six base planets. This kind of territory is second only to the largest evil spirit Sect and the second largest Jieyu Sect in Jiexing Square. Ranked third.
For such a large site, Tianxin is not satisfied with moving all the original Star City Tianxin Group, so it has to be localized. Mu Yuan sent a team of one million people with a complete structure, followed by a wing of 100 million high-order true warriors and two King Kong battle star bases as bodyguards. Other star cities, the scale is appropriately reduced.
With the military escort, the action of taking over the site was not blocked, and the temporary non-change of the pattern in the site also made Tianxin Group not protested by the bottom Sect of Wanzi Sect. However, the selection system based on the three-system system has been strictly implemented layer by layer. Top-down triggered a major personnel earthquake. A few days after the Star Trek, the atmosphere in the Wanzizong site changed dramatically, and various industries changed gradually.
Maybe it’s because of the vanquished, or maybe it’s because many countries in China are too strong. Tianxin Group did not encounter a sharp rebound in the process of group-based three-system localization. It’s no wonder that the real spiritual practice in Jiexing Square has been exhausted, and the powerful figures in the fairy almighty have already absconded. Where can other little guys afford the banner, and with 100 million thunderbolt high-order true spirit fighters eyeing up, they can’t help but hold it by Tianxin Group, not to mention the struggle between Zongmen, and the tradition that the loser loses any rights is also playing a corresponding role.
However, the success of Jiexingfang doesn’t mean that Tianxin Group’s reception of other 100 Star City sites is also successful. Years of operation have cast countless arrogant families, and these families have not personally seen the tragic battle in Xingsha Street, Jiexingfang. Naturally, I don’t want to give up my rights and vested interests. The violent conflict expected by Tianxin did not happen in Jiexing Square, but happened in the Star City outside Jiexing Square. There will be a big bleeding after almost every round of selection in the world.
Happiness lies in misfortune, and misfortune lies in blessing.
Sometimes there is nothing wrong with bloodshed. The thunderbolt action of Tianxin Group to implement the selection system shocked the parties and the clansmen who colluded with them. The butcher’s knife of Thunderbolt’s high-level true warrior waved relentlessly to make the best footnote for the tranquility and "people don’t attack me, I don’t commit crimes" after hundreds of star cities.
On the contrary, Jiexingfang, which was too calm in the early stage, has a big problem.
Wood is beautiful in the forest. The wind will destroy it; People float in the crowd, and everyone will win. The ghost of immature civilization stretched out its talons in Asia!
An alliance meeting of evil spirits sect, Jieyu sect and several clans.
"Dear patriarch, if we don’t take action, one or two interstellar years later, JieXingFang will not be owned by your boss. It belongs to those inferior species promoted by Tianxin Group. " A tout with a wide forehead and a wide range of faces said generously.
"What do you think of master Fang Kong’s proposal?" The evil spirits patriarch in Phnom Penh, with a long face, sink a track, and deep in his eyes, there are waves of mysterious light.
"Old-fashioned consent," said the seventh power of Jiexingfang, and an old man with white hair and beard beside the patriarch of Jutianzong. "Now those base species have gone against the sky and can’t be touched. It’s a pity that my seven generations of grandchildren have reached the true spiritual realm. It was destroyed alive by a lowly ten-level immortal. So far, this bitch is still at large, living well under the protection of Tianxin Group. Old must skin her … "
The people on the seat smell speech and remain silent. The old guy’s name is Cold Wave, and his seventh generation Sun Han took a fancy to a tenth-level woman on the mainland of Jieyang during an accidental trip.
The king bent his bow. It happened that the fairy worked in the public relations department of Tianxin Group, but in the sphere of influence of Tianxin Group, the fairy was humiliated and struggled to resist and sound the alarm. Han Tai-sui fled, but before he escaped from Jieyang mainland, he was caught by the security personnel of Tianxin Group and handed over to the humiliated fairy. If these things had happened before, a small ten-level fairy who had no background and had just risen from the city boundary would have completely fallen into hell, and the best outcome would have been to escape. Han Tai-sui was lucky enough to fall into the hands of the fairy, and was split in public by a flying sword of the fairy. This shows that this fairy has a strong temperament …
This incident naturally angered the Han family, and the father and grandfather of Han Tai-sui were even more furious. They called thousands of true spiritual practices to enter the Jieyang mainland, and the result was certainly not good. After asking Tianxin Group to hand over the ten-level fairy, this small thousand-man team unexpectedly launched a horizontal attack. Fortunately, it only arrested people and did not commit crimes. But even so, it was captured by the true spirit security personnel and handed over to the affected people for beating. The Han family paid ten times the ransom of the destroyed property to redeem the thousand people. Great grandfather cold wave heart that angry, that pimple so far …
The experience of the Han family is not uncommon, and almost all the clans gathered here now have similar experiences. It’s not these experiences that bother the patriarchs. A little success or failure is a common occurrence for a large family, and you can’t afford to be so angry. The patriarch headache caused by the consequences of these events. In just a few interstellar days. A large number of small families and scattered repairs on the site of the clan moved to the site of Tianxin Group, resulting in a vacant state of floating islands in the imaginary boundary of Jiexingfang. Twelve continents in the astral world were depressed, not to mention the planets in the city boundary, and some planets were only strong beams and Shan Ye beasts.
One side is prosperous, and the other side is bleak.
The old men finally realized the pain of "no one works and goes to the fields by themselves", although they are still crowding round. But it’s not as comfortable as before. Not only that, Tianxin Group is really good at fiddling. The small families and scattered practitioners who ran over left behind, but they organized thousands of strange employment guilds. Engage in labor export. Although the old men can soon enjoy a comfortable, novel and rich life, the things in their pockets are also decreasing.
Another thing that shocked them even more was that Tianxin Group opened the Three Realms. This is terrible. Everyone knows that the city boundary is the foundation of the astral world and the imaginary world, and it is the source of monks. However, since ancient times, there has been a rule in the three realms that a practitioner must be qualified enough. To enter the astral and imaginary worlds. Similarly, practitioners who have reached the astral and imaginary worlds are not allowed to return to the city boundaries. Although this rule is not well implemented, some large doors often steal the Three Realms and go down to the city boundary to make some small moves, but no clan dares to do it in a big way, even the first evil spirit clan and the second largest clan.
This time, Tianxin Group did it thoroughly. Not only has a transmission array been set up on the city boundary’s own planet site for practitioners to enter the astral world, but it has also torn a big hole in the boundary between the two continents of the astral world, so that anyone on the city boundary site can enter the astral world with the help of interstellar passenger ships and passenger star bases. Worst of all, the celestial immortals and true spiritual practitioners of Tianxing Group also openly violated the rule that advanced practitioners are not allowed to enter the city boundary. Often go down and walk in groups.
Planetary time is short and frequent, and an interstellar day is equivalent to a planetary year. The media in the city boundary is much more developed than the astral world, so within a month of a planet, the whole city boundary of Jiexingfang knows that there is a planetary belt and 36 planets that can directly reach the legendary astral world. This indirectly caused the great interstellar migration.
Perhaps these are not the worries of the major forces, after all, they often do such things. Their worry is the three-system system of Tianxin Group. Virtual world or astral world. If someone dares to make fun of people from the city boundary, they will be imprisoned in the end, fall into the hands of the "unarmed" city boundary, be completely beaten to death, and be seriously killed directly by the city boundary people, and be swept away.
The major forces really hate it. Immortals are heavy-handed, and they are violent. They often fight if they don’t agree with each other, in order to safeguard the so-called dignity. Now those little people, ordinary people, and people who fix the truth are protected and want to play with them. Unless they are wrong first, they will not be able to play with their own fire first, and they will faint and burn themselves to death first. This is nothing to do with what ah, open fairy eldest brother, true spirit eldest brother has the power to make, and people in the city can’t make a fist, but they argue about what the so-called truth is, and they are nagged by those guys who are not at the level. Damn it!
This is simply contempt for the authority of power!
The major forces have decided to join forces, and we must not allow this "chaotic program" system to exist, but we don’t know that their mentality is really only the acme of fairy civilization, not to mention the true spiritual civilization. The star city can appear true spiritual practice, which is really touched by the light of the two major leagues. The star city of the two major leagues has no three realms, and it is free and smooth from beginning to end. For a long time, various forces have been rampant in Asia, and the federal government’s power is not great, so that all these forces have turned black, and each has its own way, and finally they will return to the most primitive underworld, with the word "profit" as the first priority, the word "righteousness" as the supplement, and strength as the respect! His life is cheap, his own life is expensive, and he takes pleasure in stepping on others!
In this way, how can we be strong in the long-term killing each other and the long-term destruction of roots and seedlings? The major forces don’t realize this, and maybe they don’t need to know this. What they feel now is being provoked and threatened!
"What does the Star Patriarch think we should do?"
In meditation, the patriarch of Jutian Sect should have no way to turn to the patriarch of Evil Spirit Sect in Phnom Penh with a long face.
"Tianxin Group is supported by the army and has great potential, so our actions need to take a long-term view. Today, this Sect thinks that we should first set up a coordinated clan alliance, and then under the unified mobilization of the clan alliance, we will gather the forces of various sects in various star cities, and when the time is ripe. Destroy the troops of Tianxin Group and Sanzhi Zhonghua countries in Huanghe Star Domain at one stroke, and then crush those guys who follow Tianxin Group. In this way, Jiexingfang can be restored to its original state. "
"The Star Patriarch is really young and promising." There should be no way to laugh.
"You are so ridiculous." The big man with a long face in Phnom Penh smiled faintly, and his face was filled with infinite ambition. Then he asked, "Ying Lao, who do you think should be the leader of this alliance, you, me or Guo Lao (the second largest clan in Jiexing Square)?"
"It doesn’t matter who when. As long as you can come up with the most feasible and successful plan? "
"Of course. We are facing a country, and if we can’t succeed in one strike, we will even send this knot star square out, not only that. I am afraid that it will be the most declining dog in the future. " A long-faced man in Phnom Penh has a strange light in his eyes.
"The Star Patriarch really understands things. Although this statement is not pleasant to hear, it is a very likely fact."
"Not very likely, if we don’t plan well, it is a fact. Think about the scene where a thunderbolt high-ranking legion killed 50 billion yuan of true spiritual practice. I don’t even know if it is wise to take this action now! " Phnom Penh has a long face and a big sigh, and the corners of the mouth are grinning.
"Star patriarch out of this," there should be no urgent way, "of course we are wise. There is still a chance to act now, if it is a little late. I’m afraid I don’t want to talk about action, but I don’t want to mention it. "
"Well, after a while, please tell the patriarch in detail about the veteran’s establishment of the clan alliance …"
"Naturally, they will listen carefully to what the old lady said."
Brilliant, dark waves dive. A?vagho?a is rustling and turbulent.
Jieyang mainland. Primitive forest on the border.
Over Xingyuan and Xingyuan, which are longer than Wan Li, a figure suddenly jumped in the forest and in the air, followed by a string of shadows.
"Le, you can’t run off the ground. Come back with me, maybe the empress will spare you. " There was a sound coming from the shadow.