Feather cherry fairy sketched an image of a little fairy squatting on the ground and pointing her finger with Yuan God, and sent it to Chu Yanqi. Her big eyes were full of grievances: "People have never practiced such abnormal techniques. What are you doing to me so fiercely?" People are also considering for you. "

"Huh?" ChuYan habitat for her this kind of expression, immediately great curiosity, think carefully, this and the last time she forced the use of the method of initiation, the XuanJi Lapras tactic to teach him the same way, nothing magical, over time, you can do it yourself.
"Do you look like such a little girl?" Chu Yanqi is very curious.
"Of course not." Feather cherry fairy shook her head. "This is the image of a fairy in your heart."
"The image of a fairy in my heart?" ChuYan habitat immediately confused, he didn’t drop any fairies. Take a closer look, and he will understand. This is obviously the appearance of a fairy in a cartoon he has seen in his previous life. This rogue has forcibly invaded his knowledge sea, and his memory obtained by Piansheng is not complete, thinking that the fairy in his heart is like this.
"Come on, fairy, let me see what you look like." ChuYanQi suddenly not serious laughed.
"I am beautiful, how can you let a mortal blaspheme?" Feather cherry fairy naturally know what he wants, with a snort of cold, said with a straight face.
Helpless, her imaginary appearance is too little girl, a face of immature, and there is no threat at all, but ChuYanQi burst out laughing.
"Fairy, thank you anyway." Chu Yanqi said.
"Call the fairy." Feather cherry fairy corrected.
"Well, my Lord Fairy." Chu Yanqi immediately listened to good advice. "Fairy’s adult, this Lapras tactic actually teaches people to absorb people’s anger and blood. Doesn’t it look like a method of cultivating immortals?" He asked out his doubts.
Fairy Feather Sakura was silent for a long time before she said slowly, "To cultivate one way is to act against the sky. How can there be a distinction between good and evil?"

Chapter 52 On the den of the tiger
Chapter 52 On the den of the tiger
ChuYanQi carefully thinking about what she said this sentence, uniting the way, it is fate, no distinction between good and evil? In previous lives, Master repeatedly followed the instructions and learned the tactic of looking for the dragon by looking at the air. He must follow the laws of heaven and earth, and remember that heaven has the virtue of living well, and he should not kill himself at will, let alone act against the sky.
He once showed people Feng Shui and stole an ancient tomb, but he never did anything against the fate. Even though he knew the art of deducing the geography of Feng Shui against the fate, he never used it, not to mention the matter of changing luck and gas. As for taking advantage of the fortune, he didn’t dare to borrow it. Otherwise, borrowing the fortune to gamble a little money and buy a lottery ticket can also make his life go up a storey still higher.
Not to mention borrowing the momentum of heaven and earth.
But it was just a night, which made people angry and borrowed the momentum of heaven and earth. He did everything, and he couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.
"You are bound by the thoughts of past lives, which is impossible." Two butterfly wings grow behind the fairy, flapping their edges. It seems that Fairy Feather Sakura is very satisfied with her imaginary appearance. She flies around him and laughs. "Although your world is not perfect enough, you can’t get rid of the law of the jungle, but for civilians, the security is much greater, and the world of cultivating immortals is completely different."
"How is it different?" Chu Yanqi asked, "Isn’t there a variety of rules and regulations?"
"Similarly, if you have the ability, you can become the person of the braking law." Feather cherry fairy big eyes, so a face of cute looked at him, but say it out, it is all kinds of bloody bullying, "any law, is based on equality, if you have the strength to override the relatively equal, then the law can’t restrict you. So, don’t worry, there is nothing to punish in this world. "
"Heaven and earth are heartless, and everything is a dog." Chu Yanqi remembered this classic sentence.
"Yes, that’s it-your world, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other natural disasters, is not heartless, taking everything as a dog." Feather cherry fairy continued, "since we came to this world, then we can only adapt to this time, or one day, we have the ability to change the world and become the person who makes laws." Otherwise, the laws you obey are trampled on, and you regard them as precious things, while others regard them as ants. "
"Thank you!" Chu Yanqi thanked him seriously.
"Don’t thank me, I just live longer than you and see more than you." Fairy Yu Ying’s childish and pitiful face flashed a trace of vicissitudes of life, with a sigh and a look of emotion. "People who have lived for a long time know that nothing is important, only life is something that others can’t replace."
Chu Yanqi would like to refute that there are many precious things in this world, but think about it. What do you make clear about a Mahayana fairy? So, he finally chose silence.
"Fairy, what do you know about alchemy?" ChuYan habitat thinking, his storage bracelet, there have been many different kinds of medicinal materials, some of these medicinal materials can be taken directly, but some must be refined, otherwise eating, not only ineffective, but harmful.
He doesn’t know how to refine Dan medicine, and he doesn’t know how to make an alchemist. He thinks that the city of Cangwu is an alchemist family, but because of that embarrassing identity, he doesn’t want to ask Xiaodou.
"I know the alchemy, but you still have some difficulties now. At most, you can refine the liquid medicine at once." Feather cherry fairy said helplessly, "The key to alchemy lies in the formula. This is no problem. This fairy collected countless prescriptions in those years and can pass them on to you immediately. In addition, there are all kinds of alchemy."
"Dan fire?" Chu Yanqi asked, "What is Dan Fire?"
"The fire used in alchemy, why are you so stupid?" Feather cherry fairy pointed at her finger and looked unhappy. She seemed to have a special liking for this action.
"I’m going to draw a circle and curse you." ChuYanQi looked at her finger, infinite resentment, stretched out his hand and drew a circle in the void.
Sure enough, the feather cherry fairy said urgently, "No painting."
"Hurry up, what about the fire used in alchemy?" ChuYan habitat nasty asked.
"Ordinary alchemists use fire." Feather cherry fairy said, "It is to cut down waste wood to make a fire and refine Dan medicine." She deliberately bit the word "faggot" very hard.
Chu Yan couldn’t understand why he lived. He gritted his teeth and said, "Cut a firewood and make a fire, so you can refine Dan medicine?"
"Yes, it’s so easy, as long as you know the method, it’s very simple." Feather cherry fairy smiled, "Otherwise, how tedious it is to think about refining Dan medicine?"
"Say something else." Chu Yanqi is helpless, and alchemy is so easy, so Dan medicine is still so valuable?
"The second is the fire." Feather cherry fairy ha ha smiled, "the fire is the fire of the earth vein, this-I think you know, what is this fire?"
"Lava?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Yes, it is an ordinary ground fire. Although it is graded according to different kinds of ground fires, it is similar." Fairy Plum Sakura said again, "Then there is a different fire brewed in the ground fire. This kind of flame is hard to find and can be called the spirit of heaven and earth."
"Then where are you going to find this different fire?" ChuYanQi asked.
"In the deep mountains and valleys or in the dark underground." Fairy Yu Ying said, "However, even if you can find a different fire now, you can’t keep it for your own use. A little different fire is enough to burn you to ashes, leaving no ashes even for Yuan Shen."
"I’d better chop some waste wood and burn it." Chu Yanqi said with a wry smile, "You are not much better now. Don’t always dig at me."
Feather cherry fairy to the little finger, a face of injustice: "people say so?"
"Did you learn to sell cute?" Chu Yanqi looked at her now, very funny. "You seem to have recovered a lot recently?" Originally, the feather cherry fairy could only communicate with him with her soul force, but now she can actually release her soul force so that he can see it.
"hmm." Feather cherry fairy helplessly said, "when I came to this world, my soul force was almost exhausted and I almost fell." The span of different spaces is too great, even a fairy can’t afford it, let alone a lonely soul like me without a body. " When she said the last sentence, a faint sadness flashed on her face.
"I am the same as you." Chu Yanqi was busy comforting. "For this world, we are all ghosts. Let’s not talk about this. Shall we continue to talk about an alchemist?"
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say-we can use the fire of knowing the sea to refine Dan medicine." When it comes to alchemy, it can be said that she is skilled in art, and the feather cherry fairy is happy again.