Tianxin’s army expanded to 500 million.

Another hundred years later, Tianxin led the reorganization into an infinite adventure army, of which 10% had advanced Zhou level and 500 million soldiers attacked the infinite airspace. Two purposes, one is to see what happened to the Taoist in the far sky and airspace against that person, and the other is to look for the Taoist in Baling who was taken away by the Fang army thousands of years ago at the invitation of the four knights in Baling.
In the nine days after this hundred years, Hualian has become more powerful, and each of the seven seas can carry people or imprison one billion people, so the functions of the seven seas have changed greatly, specifically, six seas carry people and one sea imprisons people. In the six manned seas, each sea is put into ten green worlds; In the sea of prisoners, there are ten newborn gray worlds that diverge and do not serve as the boundary force of He Lingsheng, so prisoners who have been deprived of the world and taken off the dharma world are not imprisoned. Their spiritual power, whether it works or not, can’t be turned over. As long as there is a little leakage, it will be absorbed by the ten gray worlds.
What is particularly worth mentioning is the transmission and early warning mechanism of the nine-day lotus, which are two functions that Tianxin is most concerned about. After further transforming the two large arrays of lotus nut, Tianxin will embed all the sky-blue worlds taken from twelve Fang-tooth-level Taoists in the Dragon and Yellow Sky airspace into the nine planets mixed array in the two large arrays. With the help of these twelve sky-blue worlds, the maximum transmission distance can reach three hundred trillion light-years at a time when the nine-day lotus transmission is fully motivated. The early warning mechanism has also improved its sensitivity because of the high quality of the celestial force, and it can warn and calculate the size of the approaching force beyond one trillion light.
In addition, the heavenly heart’s power of clearing away emptiness and Taoism, which is not only increased in quantity, but also increased in quality, because the sleeping baby is constantly destroying the internal nature. In addition, in the exploration of various fields, Tianxin always uses the power of clearing the void, so the application of the power of clearing the void is also wider and deeper.
On the contrary, the purple iron sword heavenly heart did not care too much and let it develop itself; Sunday dharma circle is the same as before, with no added function or space.
Blue Ice Dragon Gao Jian and two thunder sculptures are good luck. Tianxin has repeatedly studied the demon world stone in the past hundred years, and gave Gao Jian a green middle-level demon world stone from the eighth grade of Warcraft, while the two thunder sculptures only gave Xuanxue the next-level demon stone. Now, these three guys are still sleeping in the Sunday dharma circle, merging with the demon world stone. Calculate that the day of waking up is not far away!
In addition, what makes Tianxin happy is the inventory of the world. Hundreds of millions of the mysterious blood world and the world that turned yellow and waste were collected in the Sunday dharma circle, almost filling the space dedicated to storing the world.
There is also the boundary brain, which is also an auxiliary instrument that Tianxin attaches great importance to. It’s just that eleven three-system caves and heavenly cities are developing freely at high speed, and many aspects are inseparable from the boundary brain. The demand for boundary brain is not only great, but also high in quality. Therefore, this thing need not be studied and refined by Tianxin, and the manufacturer of boundary brains in the three-system cave city can provide Tianxin with very professional and high-grade boundary brains. All Tianxin needs is to pay a little money.
Everything goes well.
Tianxin could have been stable for hundreds of years, but Tianxin was worried about the war situation in the far-off airspace after all, and was eager to turn around the world of stars and elements. In the past hundred years, a lot of data collected showed the possibilities of turning around the world of stars and elements, all of which provoked Tianxin’s "homesickness" and planted the psychology of trying.
As a result, Tianxin led the 500 million adventure troops and the millions of seven-hall professionals trained by Xiaokangmen to embark on a new round of journey.
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Strange bow, which is a fusion of Medicine King, Shenmu Wang Ding and Unknown Bow …

Chapter four hundred and ninety The way home now
Years and years.
For each world, there may be some changes; But it is really a moment for the Taoist and the man or the emperor who are fighting in the airspace.
Tianxin is a revisited place. After nine days of starting, Hua Lian came to the place where he broke the emperor’s fate. At a distance, the airspace of several trillion light-years was a huge sky-blue world field. In front of the sky-blue world field, it was the man with imposing manner and holding the emperor’s fate.
"This war situation will never belong to you."
After thousands of years of heavenly heart, we undoubtedly paid more attention to the battle between the top Taoist and the mage, and we can see the hidden meaning better. Although he has installed 500 million troops in the lotus in the past nine days, it seems that 500 million troops are useless in this current situation. It is he, who has been the master of the blue spot in the great Yan world, who seems to be even more out of touch after one thousand years.
However, Tianxin still wants to give it a try. Although the underground green world of Dayan is not as good as the sky blue world, it is only from the quality of spiritual boundary force. In terms of quantity, Dayan world may not be as good as the highest-order sky blue world. After all, the internal space of Dayan world is more than two million star domains, which is much higher than the average level of ten thousand star domains in the sky blue world.
Not by quality, but by quantity.
As a heavenly heart, it is necessary to test how far you are from it anyway. Anyway, there are thousands of people who are blocking it. As long as you don’t get too close to that person, plus there are nine days of Hualian transmission, there should be no danger.
As a matter of fact, the early warning level of Tianxin Hualien has been raised to the highest level of 36 all-red, that is, the "a bunch of people" in front of him can’t be countered by Tianxin, and the nine-day Hualien issued a series of warning sounds to urge Tianxin to escape.
Very sensitive early warning mechanism.
As hand tactic a device, closed the alarm. In nine days, Hua Lian’s teleportation started, wiping the edge of the world field where thousands of world-class Taoists formed the sky-blue world. It took two days to get rid of the sky blue world field in an arc, and you can directly play against that person.
The battle began.
Tianxin offered a grand green world, spread it out to the whole state, raised the spiritual force, proposed to break the boundary of the blue sky, and cut it straight at the man. At the same time, Zitie opened the heavenly sword, which was also a thousand light-years away, and followed after the blue sky broke the boundary.
Tianxin’s current blue sky breakthrough is different from the previous blue sky breakthrough. Because the heavenly heart repairs the green world, the growth rule of the world is based on the three-system region of the world, which is called seven branches and ten thousand branches. Non-ternary regions have not established any growth rules. In this way, the spiritual boundary force extracted by him based on seven branches and ten thousand branches obviously has three attributes, that is, the blue sky that is broken is not entirely a material force compared with before, and it has a strong spiritual field.
It can be said rudely that if that person is beheaded by the heavenly heart and the blue sky, not only his body will suffer a linear blow from pure power, but also his soul will suffer an all-round spiritual attack. Maybe this can be called a contest of will.
In order to cooperate with the will of the three systems, Tianxin is afraid that the biological strength of Dayan world spirit is not enough. Specially prepared the purple sky and heavenly sword to follow, and in nine days, the two large arrays of lotus lotus plumule were also started and turned round, and the light-born nine-leaf lotus can be produced at any time.
If there is anything strange about the trinity attack, it is locking, that is, that person can’t avoid the blue sky and break the boundary unless he is far away from fighting.
The whole attack, as the "undeclared war". Therefore, on the edge of the sky blue world field of thousands of world-class Taoists, a dark green blue brilliance with empty connotation is lit up, and after the brilliance, there is a hidden purple sword light of thousands of light years.
That man wants to finish is fighting with thousands of Yu-level Taoists. Or he didn’t pay much attention to the blue sky cut from the heavenly heart and the green world. Anyway, the blue sky cut the man, or the man suffered a blue sky cut.
Vibration, absolutely vibration.
Although the density of spiritual boundary force in the green world of Dayan is not enough. However, after cleverly plotting the blue sky to break the boundary, the blue sky to break the boundary is still commendable in terms of physical strength. Put it another way. The spiritual boundary force attack of Yu-class Taoist is like steel, and the attack of blue sky breaking the boundary is huge, and the endless spiritual boundary force forms an active river diarrhea or Cangshan ten thousand meters waterfall under the shape of "blue sky breaking the boundary".
Or this power is not enough to shake the man like a cliff, but the man feels an overwhelming feeling.
The attack of Yu-level Taoist is as heavy as steel, and it must be hard-wired or dodged. However, because the gods of Yu-level Taoist are only guided battles, they are all used to gather the strength of the sky-blue spirit and command the battle. Therefore, although that person fights with thousands of Yu-level Taoist, everyone is just clever and skillful, and there is no spiritual handover or direct shielding, only fighting spirit.
However, the blue sky of Tianxin is different, and Tianxin itself is full of fighting spirit. For that person, this fighting spirit is just adding an opponent. As long as the fighting spirit is not strong, then this fighting spirit is not worth mentioning. The man thought the same thing at first about the blue sky, but after taking over the blue sky, his mind was fluctuating. This is the three-system spiritual power carried by the blue sky.
As soon as this spiritual power came into contact with that man’s divine knowledge, it declared a never-say-die position. This kind of announcement is different from a Taoist who stands up and says, "I want to defeat you, and I must defeat you." That person feels as if he has opened his mouth one after another and said, "We don’t agree with you!"
What a thousand people mean is a peerless strong person. As long as you still exist in a thousand people’s environment and face a thousand different voices, you will inevitably feel depressed. The ultimate goal of the "three systems", whether it is the system of all judges, the system of ability levels or the self-imposed by gentlemen, is to establish an environmental field that is naturally ordered and evolved and can make all beings enjoy life.
As a result, the blue sky, which embodies the three-system will, breaks through the boundary and glows with a special kind of qi machine, which is like a trillion people interceding with that person, disintegrating that person’s will persistently if there is no land. And the pure material force of the blue sky breaking the boundary itself has become a messenger to some extent. The messenger who sent the air machine, whether that person is willing or not, will hear hundreds of millions of mouths appealing.
This is definitely an alternative and real "great illusion".
"What a powerful air attack!"