"It’s time to go to Liyu!"

Hongjun is thinking like this.

Chapter six hundred and eighty-one Hongjun to xi (below)
Black, dark ink.
At the time when Octagon and his party and Octagon Hongjun decided to come to Liyu in the east, in the upper bound of chaos, Tianxin realized the internal principles; On the high-rise Weiyu, Tianxin practiced two Xuanyu legions, testing and storing the outer space version of the lightning bolt. Kaitian Thunderbolt is an outer space version of Chaos Thunderbolt, which is based on the eleventh generation of super-power chaotic Thunderbolt in the star domain. Compared with the super-powerful chaotic thunderbolt that takes yin and yang to generate a space of 17.75 billion in an instant, Kaitian Thunderbolt uses chaotic energy to complete space evolution and space fission. When Kaitian Thunderbolt explodes, it is a complete sky-like space, and then the space fission mechanism will decompose the chaotic energy, splitting the complete sky-like space into 365 spaces, and the space after fission will split into more than 130,000 spaces in 365, until all the spaces are 17.75 billion.
Perhaps it was because of the insecurity in the outer space of Liyuan that Tianxin made every effort to reserve and constantly improve the lightning, and finally used the seven-element crystal fruit generated by the seven-spirit attribute Xuanyu. This kind of day didn’t end until the lofty sky formed a defense mechanism based on sufficient thunder.
At that time, a Liyu year passed. Tianxin’s mind is attracted by another thing, that is, after several years of reserve and scale selection, the military department of Hua Zhong Xuan Yu in the upper boundary of chaos has added 12 blue crystal Xuan Yu military regiments and one Danxiu military regiment in the Qianyan boundary. Tianxin attended the military parade.
Thirteen Xuanyu Jieyu legions, that is, thirteen billion Xuanyu Jieyu warriors, such a huge number makes other forces in Hunyuan Lingtian depressed. Class, King Daming, New Five, Cold Six and other seven high-order immortals have already understood the military system of Linghuan Huazhong. The soldiers of Linghuan Huazhong are not soldiers in the general sense. The soldiers of Linghuan Huazhong are all carefully selected and have a very deadly characteristic. Iron blood. You can explain these two words any way you want. It’s definitely a nightmare to confront all the soldiers in China, although their cultivation is not very high.
Because of the appearance of these 13 legions, the zipper legions traveling between the lofty lofty lofty sky and the chaotic upper bound have been increased from two metaphysical legions to six metaphysical legions, and the lofty lofty lofty lofty lofty sky is stationed in a metaphysical legion.
What all the immortals don’t know is that the Xuanyu Legion is not the Xuanyu Legion in the superficial sense, but the Xuanyu Legion in the outer space of the high-rise Xuantianyu. Each soldier is also equipped with a Daewoo-class military wing with 1,000 flying ships, which can help Xuanyu complete the auxiliary offensive and defensive tasks when necessary, or take on the task of beating Reservoir Dogs and beating each other when both sides lose.
Complete the military parade. After rearranging the security of the spirit magic China, Tianxin began to rest assured to enter the retreat for two years. This retreat was not for the sake of creating a tactic. In recent years, Liyu has changed a lot due to the immortal Nirvana fairy drilling into the lower world of Liyu. Tianxin needs to concentrate on straightening out these changes and see if it is possible to upgrade Liyu’s baby Xuanwei Guanghua to a non-phase level. However, Zitie Jianyu has entered the sword phase. Another reason for the retreat is that Heaven wants to use its strength to make the mysterious and micro-brilliance of the God Baby feel the cloud nine. After the restoration of the space-time and the outer space-time, the cloud nine becomes another advanced metaphysical space. Thoroughly isolate the inner baby from the mysterious brilliance, or say it is too far away. As there is no induction …
For 25 years, Li Yu has been closed to the outside world.
In the outer space, the phenomenon of the immortal Nirvana immortal coming has appeared again. In this year of Liyu, there are thousands of Nirvana Immortals, 100 Immortals in the First Realm, more than 10 Immortals in the Middle Realm and three Immortals in the Seventh Realm.
Such a dense degree makes the Xuanyu Military Department nervous, even the seven high-ranking immortal immortals in the mixed spirit heaven feel nervous. Seven high-ranking immortals have developed in seven or eight ancient years, and now they are very comfortable, each with a population of more than hundreds of trillions. They don’t want to be destroyed by newcomers.
Of course, the prosperity of Hunyuan Lingtian has also stunned more than a thousand newcomers, who may be strangers to Linghuan Huazhong. But I know seven high-ranking immortal immortals and twelve immortal immortals at the end of the initial stage.
Newcomers were surprised that the seven high-ranking immortals were full of seven reconstructions, which did not surprise them, but the immortals at the end of the twelfth lunar month surprised them. It’s only been a long time, said Na Qing. It’s just a few decades ago that he practiced from the beginning to the end when he first entered the realm of eternal life. For another immortal in the early Jin Dynasty who was also wandering in chaos. Even this time is not enough to stabilize the realm of the early Jin Dynasty, let alone to advance to the end of the initial realm. What the newcomers don’t know is that the seven-fold metaphysical cultivation of the seven high-ranking immortals they saw was once destroyed and rebuilt. If it hadn’t been knocked out, it would have been hard to get into the eightfold.
With a huge population and a prosperous world, Liyu quickly became lively. Newcomers dare not be rash. They approach the forces of the mixed spirit and heaven in a proper manner, sign a memorandum of understanding, enter the edge of the mixed spirit and heaven to encircle the black and white world, and then some enter the lower world of Liyu to explore, while others patrol the outer space of Liyu. Those who cultivate Xuanyu as a high-ranking person simply enter the black and white world and indulge in chaos, yin and yang, adding to Xuanyu’s size, and some hang Xuanyu in the air and wander around the boundaries of the forces of the spirit, heaven and earth.
By the 28th year of Deliyu, as the number of Nirvana immortals who arrived in Liyu reached 5,000, the number of immortal immortals in the initial stage reached 300, the number of immortal immortals in the middle stage reached 60, and the number of seven immortals reached 12. These celestial immortals occupied the upper bound of chaos, expanding the upper bound of chaos by a hundred times, covering almost half of Liyu, with numerous forces, mutually exclusive and integrated, mutually contradictory and mutually promoting, forming a unique on-off civilization.
The scene of Liyu’s being too busy also made the eight elder brothers and their younger brother Qian Chenzi and his party dizzy. Facing the huge, complicated and separatist scene of Liyu, they found that the original plan had to be redrafted. Otherwise, these hundreds of immortals will enter the upper bound of chaos, even if there are eight immortals in the town, they can’t afford to play.
"God, how did this happen?" The remaining five immortals in the seven immortals in the building exclaimed, especially the look of disbelief on the face of Qing Ning’s goddess. When they fled into chaos, the mixed sky was very cold, which is not like now, the upper bound of chaos is a mysterious ocean, and the land is crowded. The whole mixed spirit day has expanded several times. The most irritating thing is that the spiritual illusion of China has become more powerful, and there is only the Xuanyu military regiment that gallops between outer space and the upper bound of chaos.
There are twenty-six people who practice in the upper bound of chaos. The most exaggerated thing is that the population of China is as high as five trillion. Obviously, all the nirvana immortals and immortal immortals in Liyu have been involved in the whirlpool of spiritual illusions. Look at Qian Chenzi, and then at Octagonal Brother. The goddess Qingning is depressed. "Can you change the current situation of Liyu?"
Qing Ning Fairy wondered here. There Qian Chenzi’s expression, "Jiuwan, this is Li Yu, it seems that it’s not like what I told you …"
"Brother Qian Chen, the five of us don’t have the habit of lying, and there is no need to lie. This power is very different from the past, because we underestimated the change of power." Jiuwan sighed, "I didn’t expect that in more than ten years of ancient times, so many celestial flying immortals have gathered together."
"Clouds eldest brother. You see … "Qian Chenzi ignored Jiuwan’s excuse and turned to Eight Big Brothers.
"Do as the Romans do. Let’s explore the situation first. " Eight major elder brother waved.

When the Eight Heavenly Immortals arrived, the momentum shook the spirit of the Yuan Dynasty, and all the forces flew like chickens and dogs. The arrival of Eight Heavenly Immortals means that the mixed spirit and heaven pattern will face a big reshuffle. All the celestial immortals in the mainland, including the twelve seven immortals, are unwilling to belong to the Eight Immortals. The problem is that the character of the Eight Immortals is unknown. In case this guy is a "tyrant" or a play fairy who eats immortals but doesn’t spit out his skin … Then their efforts over the years are not in vain, and they may become chess pieces and be made by unknown guys. Li Yu’s various worlds of stars and yuan have made the immortals understand the cruelty of reality.
Of course, the seven big lords, such as Bans, Xinwu and Hanliu, should be less alarmed. Ever since they learned that Bachongxian and his party had nirvana immortals in Jiuwan Qingning and other places, they knew that the immortals in this line were moved by these five younger brothers. Unsurprisingly, the immortals in this line would use the nirvana immortals in the high buildings and the nirvana immortals in the fallen spirits as an excuse. Attack on the spirit magic China.
"This storm will not be small, how should this deity position itself …" Seven big lords ask themselves, and the strength of the Eight Heavenly Immortals is there. There is no doubt. After more than ten years’ development, the outstanding strength can not be ignored, but who knows how many hidden strengths there are. Take Liyuan Xingyuan World as an example. The immortals integrated a number of starry countries, trying to compete with Xingyuan Tianhuazhong. The final result was that Xingyuan Tianhuazhong army beat the shit out of them under Xingyuan Law. Fortunately, it’s about war, otherwise, I’m afraid the immortals have been driven out of the Xingyuan world by Xingyuan Zhutianhua. This is the case in the Xingyuan world. In the boundless world, the immortals are even more helpless. They have to honestly show their magical powers to expand their territory into the bad airspace, and dare not rob any land belonging to the boundless universe.
"Maybe it’s an opportunity for you, Yachongxian, to take the lead in my spiritual world!" Highlord Bans thought to himself, but there are gains and losses. If he didn’t cooperate with Eight Heavenly Immortals in this process, I’m afraid he would spit out as much as he ate, and he would have to take some out of his hard-earned capital to slightly reduce your anger.
"Mama of, Lao Tzu’s bet is on the spiritual illusion of the Chinese people. Well, if necessary, help the spiritual illusion of the Chinese people and make a good marriage. The system of the spiritual illusion of the Chinese people is really a good thing, but it is a pity that it has been subverted." In the dozens of archaic years when he came to Liyu, Wu Chi Dou Zun Jin Dou’s eyes burst out, and he knew very well why he had such a rapid progress in practice. To put it bluntly, it is the supreme to humble civilization advocated by the spiritual magic China, which enables him to exist happily with a low-order non-Yu fairy when he enjoys everything that the seven immortals should have, to respect and pity when he is humble, and even to raise his mood and turn it into concrete actions, thus … "No, the spiritual magic China can’t fall down, fall down, damn it, this generation of Wu Xian, where can I get it?"
The two seven immortals, the New Five and the Cold Six, simply got together. They fought against the Xuanyu Legion when they entered the mixed spirit days, and then collided with the stars in the Liyuan Star World, so they naturally knew what strength the spirit magic China was. In a word, the Eight Heavenly Immortals are amazing, but that means beyond the power space, that is, in chaos. In Liyu, whether it is the upper boundary of chaos, the mainland of Liyu, or the lower world of Liyu, Zhu Tianhua is respected by all. If all the people in the heavens were so easily defeated, they would have been swallowed up by all the immortals, and they would not have waited for your Excellency Eight Immortals to show their power.
"This is a big drama, a big drama in which we are inevitably involved," said the new fifth road. "Hanliu, which side do you think we should lean to, or is there any possibility of neutrality!"
"Neutral, maybe, the chaos is naturally eight immortals in the world, but Li Yu, unless the eight immortals shake the power of Yu, otherwise, Li Yu is the world of fantasy … we are the third party," cold six heavy voice.
"You mean, in chaos, we follow the Eight Immortals, and in Liyu, we maintain the status quo …"
"It had better be so. I don’t think Yae Chung-hsien should have laid hands on us if he hadn’t lost his head. After all, we are only separated from him by a heavy distance. In this special environment of Li Yu, he is not much worse. Xinwu, what would you do if you were your Excellency Yachongxian? "
"Well … I’ll start with the small forces, integrate the small forces in Huairou, and then conclude a non-attack treaty with all the seven immortals, six immortals and even five immortals …"
"Ha-ha, I hope your Excellency Yachongxian will choose this way, otherwise, we will be enemies even if we don’t say that fighting the spirit is illusory."