The sound of hunger and hunger disturbed the two.

Tianjun was so embarrassed that he sat up for a long time. He didn’t eat whole grains for two years. Just now, the hardships led to no recovery of spiritual strength, which made him feel hungry.
One wolfed down, the other chewed slowly and ate differently, but they all ate with relish.
There is little dry food left in the storage ring, so it is an inevitable choice to continue on the road to find a way out.
Standing at the end of the passage, dozens of similar curved passages stretch up and down in front of us, some of which lead into the cave of the stone wall, while others lead to the stone wall without the cave.
Two people giggle again.
The good news is that there is a road ahead, but the bad news is that this is always the case along the way. With so many passages, which one should I take? Two people can’t help but puzzled.
Since we can’t make up our minds, we have to treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor. So I chose to look at the longest and deepest one and went in.
The two men kept looking at each other on the road. It was obviously a deep cave with a very wide diameter. The cave was complex and vertical and horizontal. On the stone wall, the hole was like a beehive, and it must have been inhabited or artificially built.
It’s really a magnificent landscape.
At the same time, people can’t help but admire it.
What a big project it is to transform the natural caves and add artificial elements skillfully without affecting the natural scenery.
The project is huge, and the more manpower is needed, the more people are talkative, and it is absolutely possible to spread the secret, but the two have never heard of such a stone house. It is unheard of, and there is no doubt that it is done by one person.
What a great ability and perseverance this requires.
This man is definitely a master, not only has deep attainments in architecture, but also is definitely an absolute leader in cultivation.
The whole of Liang Shi is simply the crowning touch here. After all, this cave can’t be completed overnight by ordinary people. Without advanced architectural theory, if one place is light, it will make people feel less harmonious. If one place is heavy, then this Liang Shi will collapse, and naturally there will be no such curved passage. It is difficult to do this without advanced cultivation. What’s more, the terrain here is dangerous and it is impossible for the almighty to do it.
Without Jin Gangzuan, he wouldn’t have taken this porcelain job.
What I can’t figure out is what place is here? Who lives here again? Maybe we’ll have the answer soon. YunXi secretly thinking in my heart.
As they walked, they thought, groped for this passage and walked with trepidation.
This bend is so long that it has not come to an end after walking for a long time.
Inclined forward, there were three more forks in the corner, and the two stopped at the confluence of the three forks.
Tianjun looked at the three forks and asked Yunxi back, "How can we go now?"
Tianjun asked himself that Yunxi was not proficient in this field, so he naturally followed Yunxi’s lead at the moment.
"This place has been inhabited, look at this situation, believe that the elder is aboveboard, natural won’t have the heart of a dog. Take the middle one. " Yunxi calmly analyzed.
About half a column of incense, two people shine at the moment, a round hole appeared in front.
Desperate, I ran to this round hole excitedly.
Through the round hole, a beautiful room appeared.
From the outside, there is a Tai Chi picture carved on the back stone wall. Two night pearls, one black and one white, are embedded in the poles of Yin and Yang, and they glow with light.
On weekdays, night pearls are very rare, and Yunxi feels that there are many in her home, but compared with here, it’s just a small house to see a big house. When I first entered the stone house, the night pearl hung all over the roof. At the moment, it was still one black and one white. With Yunxi’s family background, Yunxi believed that this was absolutely unique and priceless.
Absolutely generous, everywhere, people really think that the night pearl is worthless.
One surprise after another made them forget the pain at first.
Tianjun took Yunxi’s hand and said softly, "Stand firm, we’ll go down."
Yunxi nodded, indicating that he was ready.
Tianjun condensed gas, deliberately letting the two people slow down a little, so that Yunxi could adapt to it.
Two people slowly fall, stand firm, but also surprised at a loss, even if Yunxi from the giants, but also from sigh.
As soon as Tianjun entered this stone room, he immediately froze. In such a gorgeous room, he felt in his young mind that there was no such fairyland on earth except heaven.
I saw that the houses here were dazzling, and the stone walls were inlaid with different kinds of gems and pearls into various patterns, giving off colorful jewels and haze. Seeing these patterns with your eyes, it was even more dazzling and overwhelming.
On the ground, there are many unknown skins that are extremely soft and white. Maybe Tianjun doesn’t know, but Yunxi, because of his innate ability, can communicate with the spirit beast, so he naturally knows a lot about the spirit beast and knows the preciousness of these white spirit beasts.
Only the spirit beasts above the true fairy realm will turn their skin into white, which is a clear sign of entering the true fairy realm. Moreover, the spirit beasts of the true fairy realm are basically spiritual and will not be born, and they will choose to practice in their respective territories. Even if they walk in Wolong mainland, most of them are forced to limit themselves. Of course, their owners are definitely high school masters.
But there are countless people here, so why not marvel at the master’s profound cultivation, and the conservative estimate is at least in the first order of the fairy realm.
Oh, my god Thinking about my father, I suddenly realized that this person is either a hegemon or a shocking person.
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