Isn’t it true that the array method is great and powerful, and the seven kills are tackled?

Why did you get hit and lose your head?
"You his niang ask me! You pick seven kills! Can you show me clearly that this can be a Terran? This can be a hardened bone. ? ?”
Yang’s anger is very heavy, and the reunion of his head is just a burst of swearing. I can’t wait to break the head of the bird warrior!
It’s this guy who encouraged us to stall the Seven Killers. If we come back later, we may not see him.
"This …"
One side day evil Wolf war peacock war is not some meng this is really didn’t expect.
They still came to harvest and collect the good fortune, but they almost came to collect the body.
This is a big difference.
"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. It’s too much trouble to clean up one by one, so I’ll kill it here."
It seems that the 400-foot giant in the city is so cold that everyone is delayed. Is he ready?
What do you mean when the four war generals look different? Seven Killers knew they were lurking in the dark?
"Are you here on purpose?"
Soon all the birds of God realized a problem. Seven Killers seemed to have chosen this place on purpose, which is not good news.
"You are the first three-clan residence, and I will go there."
Li Yu’s insipid response made the pace move, and the high sky became dull and dull, like a vast sea of clouds was about to sink at any time.
Upon hearing this, the four great generals have changed color. Is this intended to attract them?
But why kill seven stars?
Even if there is a mixed city, there is no need to fight more than one war general. Now there are more than four here!
However, at this time, Li Yu directly killed the three devices and differentiated themselves into a robbery skill. He pushed the black dragon halberd with his hand enlarged to a hundred feet.
Rumble! It’s amazing that the four figures are going to fight against four warriors and one person is going to fight against four masters!
"Hum! We must be afraid when we join hands! "
Peacock warrior cold hum directly offered an instrument that sounded like a horn.
Whoops ~
I don’t know if this horn is a dim light from a creature, but it has a powerful and domineering desolation, which has turned into a wild breath of a huge peacock.
The evil wolf war will directly attack the black hand to cover the sun, making the evil wind howl here, and the ghosts are as heavy as nine deep and remote places. People have appeared to turn the whole world into a ghost prison.
The true blood robbed the front of Yi Long to sing and stretch his body, and the bloody dragon lingered to meet the sky, showing an earth-shattering confrontation with the big black hand
At the same time, a mixed city manifested its blessing and robbed itself in three directions, which became their source of strength and multiplied their power.
"Interesting, don’t leave your hand to kill quickly!"
The sneer of the evil wolf war directly turns out that the night god is as high as ten feet, and the whole body is dark blue with a layer of fine scales, cold light and dense, and even the face is covered with it.
A row of sharp bone spurs rushed up from the back and all the way to the head. From the temple to the skull and then to the back of the head, they were filled with bone spurs, which was ferocious and horrible.
"You can’t!"
Li Yu shook his head directly and looked down at them.
This gesture makes people tremble. That’s four warriors! Tiangong level has taken a step, but it is regarded as a pig and a dog!
You can’t!
It’s so scary that a simple word really explodes like a thunderbolt.
Is this the youth’s respect for charm? It’s brilliant to suppress a heavenly road!
It’s a bad feeling that all four war generals are sneering. Someone once despised them so much that they had never been in trouble at the same level. Now they are a young generation!
If you want to attack them and challenge the majesty of the strong!
Peacock warrior opens his mouth, spits out five-color flames, and a monumental tablet appears, which quickly enlarges and directly covers the body of the five elements. He is very interested in it and shows the wonders of the five elements spreading yin and yang.
The god bird warrior has long hair like a sword, forcing people to stand upright and burn fiercely. He collapsed like a big fireball and rushed over, and Tianzhu robbed himself and bumped into each other.
Li Yu is also a strong horizontal strike directly to the rebirth of the head Yang Lie war.
Two people suddenly fight and shatter the sky together, but three moves are just enough, but they kill the fierce war, and the corners of their mouths are dripping and bleeding.
He was horrified to find that even without the help of the city, it could still suppress his fighting power and be unstoppable!
"I said you can’t, and you can’t!"
Li Yu forced himself to control all kinds of visions step by step, and his hair was ringing like a sword.
People in Wang Zhen, Kyushu, Jiuhe, out of the valley, Chixia swinging, 10 houses, lights burning, Cang Yu, etc. all show a sudden suppression to drown the terrorist aircraft and make the sea of clouds in the sky surge more and more violently
"How could I be forced to this step! He is just a junior! "
Yang Lie’s eyes are splitting, and he is desperately covered in sunlight, like a red volcano, and all kinds of killing secrets are poured out into a pair of magical birds, and they are swept out together.