Athena said rudely, well, you can do whatever you want, but don’t let those ferocious Warcraft hurt my people

Night maple said, don’t worry, they will not only protect your people, but also come to help you. Don’t believe me, when you finish, you will look at the cover of Warcraft with a purple energy.
The purple energy of the night maple has been directly infused into the brain of Warcraft with the command spell, and it is determined that the Elves are their only owners. If they are born in Warcraft, then don’t worry about it. Their mothers will teach them.
Night maple whispered a few words in Athena’s ear and said, Aunt, if you want to gather Warcraft, you should read these two spells, but no matter how far it is, they will all hear it and will come at the first time.
Athena smiled. Well, I know that Phyl is waiting for you to get the spirit grass. What a shock! Go there quickly. Don’t let her wait too hard.
Night maple nodded and disappeared.
Night maple teleportation will move everyone back from the orc tribe. Liu Fei can’t stand the blood scene. She has fainted. Night maple motioned Ouyang Lanlan Ya Qi to help Liu Fei to rest.
As soon as the elves saw the night maple, they immediately looked at the night maple, holding their mouths tightly. Twelve music jumped on the night maple and hugged it. Big brother, what, what, you have to be so cruel? Although they are hateful, they are all hundreds of thousands of living lives.
Night maple language also tightly hugged twelve music twelve music continued, didn’t you feel anything strange when you killed people? You shouldn’t have killed hundreds of thousands of people.
See night maple didn’t respond daughters also said that night maple is not a sudden night maple avenue who dare to say I’m not a night maple didn’t say that finish, but purple bamboo split a sword toward the distant corpse mountain, and suddenly a ditch of more than ten meters was exposed from the corpse mountain.
Twelve music looked up and looked at his face blue. Night maple was faint and left the arms of night maple. Twelve music suddenly felt that this big brother was no longer the former big brother. Although the former big brother always kept a straight face and rarely spoke, he was still kind-hearted, but now in front of his eyes, the big brother is a killer and a devil, just like Pluto, who wants his life at will.
Not only are the twelve happy hearts cold, but the hearts of all the women are cold, too. Brother Feng, whom I respect most, is a murderer and a devil.
Ye Feng looked up at the sky with purple bamboo and her hands on her back for a long time before she said softly, Maybe everything I did in your eyes is wrong. Can you still talk to me here if I don’t kill the orc army today? Can you just 50,000 people of the Elves deal with 400,000 people? Ye Feng is not a murderer. It can be proved by asking the dwarves to leave before starting work. It’s good that the orcs have been destroyed by me. Do you know what I want to destroy them because they are cheaper than dogs and the breeding speed is faster than others? You have to remember that the world is a law of the jungle, and no one can change it unless you are a god, even a god can’t escape this law.
Everyone was shocked by Ye Feng’s words and stayed up again, but Ye Feng said it very well. Isn’t Ye Feng still talking and thinking here?
Night maple looked at them and said, "Where am I going?"
Night Maple Now, next to the dwarves, the dwarves are guarding the surrounding orcs according to night maple’s words, and they will immediately kill them. It looks good that the dwarves are captured, and almost 10,000 orcs are caught and executed.
Night maple came to the dwarf leader and took something from her to the dwarf leader and said, thank you for your hard work. Go home. This is a reward for you.
Dwarf leaders are afraid to look at night maple and swallow their saliva. They look at night maple’s hands and things, and their eyes are bright, and they stretch out and shrink back, but they still don’t speak.
Yefeng smiled, of course, knowing what they were afraid of, and killing hundreds of thousands of people in a few hours, everyone was not afraid, and that was also a god.
If I want to kill you, don’t wait until now. You have been captured by orcs. The children are still in the orc tribe. They are all frightened. Go and rescue them. Ye Feng handed a shining stone to the dwarf leader and said, Take it. I know you dwarves are short of water. If you put this thing on the ground, a well will appear.
The dwarf leader looked at his hand, and it didn’t seem that he believed in Ye Feng very much. He said that he didn’t believe it now, so he could give it a try. He put those shining stones on the ground and immediately sank to the ground. Soon it really became a well and spring water came up.
The dwarves cried when they saw it. Night Maple put the stone back in the hands of the dwarf leader and said, You should believe it this time, right?
The dwarf leader nodded excitedly and said, thank you. I’ll take people back to save the children. After that, I knelt down to worship the night maple for three times before I got up and led the team to leave. After these dwarves returned to the clan, the dwarves had a beautiful room from the next day, and every month, the first clan had to worship the stone man three times in front of the room and continue to go there.
Night maple sighed and looked at the purple flame rising in front of him with no expression. I don’t know what he was thinking. The flame was sent by night maple to burn the pile of corpse mountain. The flame temperature was very high. After about three hours, the purple flame went out with the last crack.
When I heard the sound of the night maple, I woke up from the gods and looked at the ground. A black night maple leaned its head to the sky and stretched its hands slowly. A purple ribbon ran around the night maple and turned around, which was particularly dazzling at night without a light.
The purple ribbon is getting brighter and brighter. Elves look at this beautiful purple ribbon from a distance, and they can’t help but admire it. What’s more, they have never seen such a beautiful scene, and the top people of the Elves will smile after looking at each other.
Go ahead and create the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world for me.
When the purple ribbon heard the words of the night maple, it drifted to the ground. All kinds of flowers grew in the black places where the purple ribbon floated, and each kind of flower was fragrant and pleasant.
In the distance where the purple ribbon shines strongly, the elves also see the flowers. Many elves immediately flew over and squatted to appreciate the beauty of the flowers, and the fragrance of the flowers followed the purple ribbon. When they saw the purple ribbon passing by, the flowers immediately grew from the ground, they couldn’t help but exclaim and shouted that their mother would come and watch it together.
Ye Feng looked at the cute elves and smiled, thinking how nice it would be if she were one of them.
Slowly, more and more elves can’t stand the temptation of purple ribbon and fly over. This is the paradise of flowers and the source of children’s laughter. This is the most beautiful place in the world. Every flower tries its best to show its beauty and hopes to win the favor of children.
Athena, melfi, two sisters, four grown-ups and senior members of the Elves, and all the daughters Yaqi later flew in succession. When they saw this magical beauty, they couldn’t help but exclaim. Everyone was enjoying the fragrance of flowers and immersed in a sea of music.
In the early morning, the sun comes from the east. Everyone is used to coming from the east. I am also embarrassed to set the sun to come from the west. Thousands of golden rays are sprinkled on the earth. The dew on the flowers has not dispersed. The night maple crouches down and looks at a purple flower and whispers to the flowers. Let’s take root here from now on.
Brother, we’re sorry for yesterday’s incident. I’m sure Twelve is happy behind the night maple. It seems that I don’t want to disturb the sleeping flowers too much.
Night maple turned around and found that all the people came. After a slight stay, he said, it’s good that you can solve it. Night maple told Athena, the chief of the fathers. Let’s go back and solve Warcraft.
Athena said, there’s no hurry about Warcraft. It’s so beautiful here. You’re the creator here. Won’t you give it a name?