In front of the door, there are already several outside brothers waiting for you. When I see Liu Xiangzhu coming over one by one, Xiang Liu asks if the goods have arrived.

Guo Xiaosi, the first outside cousin, recognized Zhang Buer. They came from the same village, and they were not bad on weekdays. Zhang Buer was not bad at all, but he was one-track-minded and never beat around the bush.
Zhang Buer leaned down and answered that the main goods had arrived early today and had been inspected and there was nothing wrong.
Guo Xiaosi was a little surprised. It is said that every time he enters the goods, he will know that he has to go to his account, but this time the goods don’t seem to be on the account. Is it just to make false accounts yesterday to fill the gap today?
Small four, let’s go in and see Liu Xiang’s greeting.
Stepping into the warehouse door, I walked more than a dozen steps in, and then hit another door to see a huge thing in the warehouse, which was covered with a huge black tarpaulin, so that people could not see what the tarpaulin was.
What on earth is it? Guo Xiaosi muttered in his heart that it is not so strange to purchase goods from the inn.
Xiang Liu’s commander, Bula Guo Xiaosi, was surprised that the oil canvas turned out to be two huge bed crossbows. Each bed crossbow was equipped with three dark hard bows, two at the front and one at the back, and a dozen giant arrows stood upright on the side of the bed crossbow, and the dark arrows flashed and swallowed the soul.
Bed crossbow This is an imperial decree prohibiting private ownership and sale of giant weapons, especially this three-bow bed crossbow, which means that it takes an ox to pull it, which shows that it has a long range and great power.
It’s not once or twice that Chunyangmen changed hands on the dark goods, so Guo Xiaosi’s face quickly recovered after he was surprised.
Master Xiang, are you asking me to be in charge of this business? Guo Xiaosi is wondering that the Lord Xiang Liu has brought two bed crossbows with him, which big guest must have bought them and asked them to send them over.
Liu Xiangzhu smiled and said that it was right or wrong.
Guo Xiaosi doubts incense main show.
As soon as Xiang Liu coughed, I said that the general commander of Chunyangmen came to the news a few days ago that a Hongze drought slug was found in the osawa of Taiyue. The general commander sent my southern rudder, Zhang Xiang, to take people to osawa of Taiyue to hunt Hongze drought slug and sent two cattle crossbows.
Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help wondering, since the commander in chief ordered Zhang Xiangzhu to take people to hunt the drought slug in Hongze, let’s do it.
Our steering is to help Zhang Xiang master transport these two cattle crossbows to the places where they need them, and then hunt and kill Hongze drought slugs. It depends on Zhang Xiang master’s command that Liu Xiang master touch one of the bed crossbows and say slowly
Guo Xiaosi and other clever immediately white incense main meaning is to let small four people escorted the two cattle crossbows.
Liu Xiangzhu nodded appreciatively. It’s a good thing to kill the drought slug in Hongze on time. You are the first to win. I can also guarantee your promotion to your younger brother. But if things go wrong, you will not be promoted to your younger brother, and I’m afraid you won’t even be able to keep your former younger brother.
Guo Xiaosi in the mind a tight but immediately replied that his brother is going through fire and water to pieces and when he finishes his life.
What he said not only shows that he doesn’t care too much about his cousin’s identity, but also shows that he is completely obeying Xiang Liu’s orders, so Liu Xiangzhu is quite satisfied, patting him on the back with a smile and doing everything according to Zhang Xiangzhu’s orders.
Chapter III Smooth Wind
This Zhang Xiangzhu’s name is Zhang Shi Guo Xiaosi, and he also knows Zhang Xiangzhu. He often enters the inn, so he has seen each other, but he doesn’t know each other very well. Zhang Shigui Xiang disdains to know Guo Xiaosi Guo Xiaosi, and occasionally sees him drinking and talking about things in Laifu Inn. It seems that the two people are good.
This time, it was Zhang Xiangzhu who took people to osawa, Thailand, to kill the flood drought. However, it was a great achievement. Maybe the successor was him, but Liu Xiangzhu, who loved himself the most, didn’t make such a great opportunity.
It is said that the head of the Southern Branch Hall in Chunyangmen is old, and he will leave Pingfeng City for the Beijing General Command at the end of this year. Then the post of the head of the Southern Branch Hall will be vacant. Now there are different opinions about who will succeed the head of the Southern Branch Hall. It probably means that the head of the Hall is nothing more than two incense owners, Zhang and Liu, but all this is just a smell, and no one has got accurate information. Now the head of the Hall is also unable to say anything about it, which has caused a lot of trouble all over the city.
Rumor has it that Zhang Xiang’s master and Liu Xiang’s two brothers also have some contradictions. Although this can’t be put on the table, privately, the two teams often take the opportunity of a door-to-door contest to stir up a fierce fight.
Master Liu Xiang distributed it to Guo Xiaosi people, including Zhang Buer. There are three people in total, and the other two are also very familiar with Guo Xiaosi. One is Wang Erpang, and the other is Li. These three people even sent four of them to Guo Xiaosi, Xiang Liu and the people behind him. The protector Liu, Zhang Xiangzhu and his party secretly escorted two cattle crossbows to the side of Pingfeng City, Nantai Moon and osawa.
More than 30 of these 70 people are Zhang Xiang’s master, and the remaining 40 people are from the capital’s commander-in-chief. The first name is Liu Min, and now he is the protector in the Presbyterian Council of the capital’s commander-in-chief. This commander-in-chief gives orders, except occasionally saying a few words to Zhang Xiang’s master, but he is silent to other southern commanders and always puts on a cold look.
These people from Beijing are probably the main force of hunting the drought slug in Hongze. Guo Xiaosi pondered over the hunting of the drought slug in Hongze. Either he divided it, or Zhang Buer and other three people sent the crossbow to osawa, Thailand. According to Zhang Xiangzhu, the crossbow should always follow the team until it found the drought slug in Hongze.
Gal Guo Xiaosi is looking forward to finding Hongze drought octopus as soon as possible and finishing it as soon as possible. After finishing this, he will be promoted to a younger brother. Although he didn’t show his urgent desire in front of Lord Xiang Liu, Guo Xiaosi knows what it means to be a younger brother.
Don’t say that just the day before yesterday in Laifu Inn, I saw Liu Min practicing sword, sharp and sharp, and his natural posture was enough to make him envy and sigh. One day, he will become a younger brother, and he must work hard to be as good as Liu Min.
There are relatively few guards and patrol soldiers at the south gate of Pingfeng City. Because thirty miles south of the city is the most famous empire, Taiyue osawa, Fiona Fang is a barren place. After thirty miles of drought, there are often monsters and exotic birds in the marshes. Therefore, generally speaking, no one lives and walks in osawa, and few pedestrians enter the south gate from the south gate of Pingfeng City.
However, it is forbidden to carry the crossbow on this trip. Guo Xiaosi carefully let Zhang Xiangzhu Liu Min and his party go there first, and then let Zhang Buer and other three people push the car with the crossbow in the back, and then go over and say hello to the soldiers guarding this door
Guo Xiaosi often does this business, and he is also very familiar with the gatekeeper soldier. Seventeen also knows him well. When he sees Guo Xiaosi, he burst out laughing, and Xiao Si made a fortune again.
What’s the money? Hey, big brothers, I made a fortune in my fourth year. It’s not the same. Big brothers drink and eat meat. Guo Xiaosi said with an apology and took some copper coins from his pocket and stuffed them into the hands of the soldiers on duty without saying anything.
Guo Xiaosi has been living in Laifu Inn for so many years, but he knows that it is impossible to deal with these soldiers without some benefits, so he still pretends to be generous despite some love.
The soldier made a false concession and then came reluctantly, laughing and patting Guo Xiaosi on the shoulder, saying that the little four brothers are so loyal to the money. I shouldn’t have you, but there are too many brothers on duty today to help. What baby is being escorted today? He walked to the cabinet car.
Will Guo Xiaosi let him go and see him? Now, although his brothers are screaming so affectionately, once it is discovered that weapons and crossbows are strictly prohibited in the imperial court, he will turn against people or extort more silver. Guo Xiaosi quickly stopped in front and said, "Brother Ma, don’t you believe in me?" I slept late today. If the goods are not delivered at noon, the owner will deduct the bounty. What can I do to honor the big brothers?
The way to deal with this group of soldiers and oil Guo Xiaosi is simple, that is, to be willing to spend money. It’s all nonsense and not to talk about it