Her heart faintly felt that it was difficult to marry Chimuhan.

Chi Muhan’s face is calm and elegant. Put iron chopsticks and pinch them on your legs. Light blue triangle wipes the corners of your mouth and looks up at Gu Qingya. "So Gu Yi, what kind of woman do you think Mei Wu is?"
"Not to mention that her father Shen Guodong is a corrupt criminal, and half of Shenyang’s property has been confiscated by the government. It is not worthy of you to say that she is engaged to another man and still seduce you."
"You said she didn’t know how to behave?"
"Don’t just don’t know how to behave? Mu Han let’s pool home even for daughter-in-law also should find a door to such a strong alliance let’s pool home in jiangcheng prosperous, if you really like that Shen Mei Wu like tight might as well kept outside "gu elegant said business-like mouthful of power.
Sitting opposite Gu Qingya, the pink and watery girl raised a white and clean face. "Mom, it’s wrong for you to say that. It’s the 21st century. It’s out of date for us young people to pay attention to these things. If my second brother really likes that Shen Mei Wu, I think it’s good to get married. My second brother is 30 years old, and I don’t want to get a wife. Outsiders guess that there is something wrong with his sexual orientation. Besides, if Dad didn’t take mom home, he would find a golden house outside. Y m 4 ng, would you be happy?
Gu Qingya was so angry that she slapped her eyebrows on the table. "Chi Xin, you are a dead girl with hard wings, don’t you?"
Chi Xin took a sip of milk and spat out her tongue naughtily. "Mom, even if you teach me a lesson, I have to say that because I say it’s true, women suffer-"
"Why don’t you go on talking?" Gu elegant cold snorted.
ChiXinLeng looked at the stairs on the second floor Shen Mei Wu pointed.
☆ Chapter 3 Hiding in the building to eavesdrop
Gu elegant turned to follow ChiXin finger pointing in the direction to see Shen Mei Wu face turned white, after all, secretly said that people are not aboveboard enough.
Chimuhan also raised his eyebrows and eyebrows and could not help but gather them.
Gu Qingya saw that Chi Mu Han’s face was indifferent and didn’t maintain Shen Mei Wu’s meaning. She looked at Shen Mei Wu and said, "Miss Shen is also an educated lady. How can she hide in the building and eavesdrop?"
I heard that Gu Qingya is the best of Master Chi’s four wives.
This is the case at first sight today.
After what she said, it seems that she really became an eyebrow.
Eyebrow Wu holding the armrest and stepping on pointed small leather shoes gracefully step by step to go to the table and look at Gu Elegant.
"Mrs. Gu, I think you’re mistaken. You talk so loudly that it’s hard to hear unless I’m deaf."
She just bounced her words back like that, which really didn’t pay attention to Gu Qingya.
Gu elegant hem smiled two arch eyebrows like a blade. "Miss Shen is beautiful, but her temper is really big. This small courtyard of our pool house is not like you."
"So I’m going to leave now."
Anyway, Chi Muhan never gave her a definite answer. This pool house is not that she can marry if she wants to marry. Gu Elegant looks down on her. Chi Muhan didn’t say a word. Today, she is completely dead, and naturally she is not afraid to offend the fourth wife of this pool house.
Heart faint pain in the eyebrow Wu gave Chimuhan a faint qu, he still stared at her silently, and she turned and disappeared from their sight.
As night fell, Mei Wu went to Royal No.1, the most luxurious entertainment place in Jiangcheng.
Here, money, lust, dogs and horses are the brothers of the giants, and she wouldn’t have come here to find Xiao Yi if she hadn’t taken the road.
If Lan Ge hadn’t come here several times before and played security guards to know her, she wouldn’t have been able to go in easily and went directly to the ballroom on the eleventh floor. She knew that Xiao Yi liked to watch beautiful women dance there and then make those beautiful women laugh and spend a lot of money.
Push the ballroom door, dim and open, the stage is full of colorful lights, and two or three hot girls in low-cut navel dresses are singing and dancing.
The booths were filled with men, their eyes staring at the stage and their eyes full of hunger and thirst.
She found Xiao Yi at a glance among those men.
He always likes to dress in fancy clothes and comb his hair shiny. If you don’t know that he is one of the three giants in Jiangcheng, Master Xiao will think that he is a posh gigolo at first glance.
"Xiao Yi" She went over and called him trembling.
Xiao Yi looked back from the stage and turned her eyes to look at her eyebrows. "Hey, isn’t this miss Shenyang? How did you come to this mixed place? "
A group of friends around him looked askance at her. Two Xiao Yi’s best friends also knew her. One of them, surnamed Xie, said, "Miss Shen’s attitude was very high before, and she didn’t appreciate our Xiao Shao’s face. She refused to give us a chance to see a movie. Why did you come to see us today?"
Xiao Yi took a look at the surname Xie, which pot is really different.
They are indifferent to each other. After all, this time she has something to ask someone.
She looked at Xiao Yi in the crowd with clear eyes. "Xiao Yi, can you come out? I have something to tell you. "
"What’s going on here!"
He crossed his legs and reached for the bag of soft Chinese on the table.
"Xiao Yi, if I say I want to marry you, will you still marry me now?"
Chapter 31 Xiao Shao I beg you to marry me.
This sentence was rehearsed several times on the way.
Pushing cigarettes out of the cigarette case suddenly gave Xiao Jiao a look up at her. "What did you say? Bigger "
After she left the pool, her uncle called and said that Shen Yuchen knew that she had been taken away from the police station by Chimuhan, and she was so angry that she smashed many things at home.
She can’t just sit around and wait. Chi Muhan refuses to marry her. Of course she can come to Xiao Jiao. Even though her heart is extremely disgusted with this playboy Xiao Jiao, she knows that Xiao Jiao is also a man who can deal with Shen Yuchen besides Chi Mu Han.
She took a deep breath, which was a little high, but in her opinion, this statement is very weak now. "Did you say you wanted to marry me before?"? If I still want you to marry me, I will marry. "