Qin Chu and Hussein arrived in tandem after Kerry just grabbed Chekhov’s soul.

Qin Chu look at the present situation, the warriors of the temple, all collapsed to the ground at the moment, wrapped in a layer of black fog, no movement, as if all turned into dead bodies. And some of those orcs were injured, but none of the residents of the fief was hurt. It seems that when there was unrest here, it was the orcs who protected the ordinary residents, and then until Kerry came here, he took care of all the people in the temple.
"Well done, Kerry," Qin Chu freely praised.
"This is all I should do, my Lord." Kerry got a compliment, but he didn’t take credit for it. He held the small bottle in his hand to Qin Chu, and he was a little flattering. "My Lord, just now I found a powerful soul passing by, so I grabbed it conveniently. Now put him in the’ prison soul bottle’, presumably this person is the Archbishop just now. My Lord, what shall we do with him? "
Qin Chu’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he burst out laughing: "Unexpectedly, unexpectedly. Kerry, you did a great job. I didn’t check it just now, but I was deceived by Chekhov and let his soul almost escape. Yes, yes, I didn’t expect him to be caught by you again because he missed a move in chess. I know that the trauma of your soul has not fully recovered. I think Chekhov’s soul must be a good tonic for your soul? "
As soon as Kerry heard Qin Chu’s words, he knew what Qin Chu meant. He was ecstatic and thanked him: "Thank you for your reward, thank you for your reward."
"Wait, I haven’t finished." Qin Chu a wave of his hand, "the soul of what, everything can give you. But I need to get relevant information from him. Do you have a way to do it? "
"Torturing the soul is just a trick." Kerry confidently said, "No matter what an adult wants to know, as long as he knows it, he can know it clearly, and I can turn out what he has forgotten."
Qin Chu was overjoyed. Although he knew some tips about the soul, he couldn’t understand all the memories of a person. At most, he just looked at what happened recently or what impressed him the most.
"Very good." Qin Chu nodded. "You go back and wait for me. I’ll come to you when I’m done here."
Kerry did not leave immediately. He hesitated a little, and then begged carefully, "My Lord, I have one more request."
Qin Chu was slightly stunned: "What request?"
"What are these temple warriors … adults going to do?" Kerry embarrassedly pointed to all the temple warriors lying on the ground. Altogether, there are hundreds of them.
"Huh?" Qin Chu heart with a surprised, he didn’t know what Kerry really want to do, service road, "these people are the people of the temple of light, has been brainwashed, will only be loyal to the temple, so want to wake them up, it is impossible to follow my words. But I won’t let them go, so as not to let the wild go … "
Kerry’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He said quickly, "If adults don’t know what to do with them, subordinates can solve this problem for adults."
Qin Chu a listen to these words, immediately to the interest, Kerry’s diablo is extremely superior, he wants these temple warriors, absolutely not want to soothe them as bodyguards, must be what are you going to do.
"Do you have any plans?" Qin Chu asked.
Kerry whispered: "I dare not hide it, my Lord. These nearly 100 temple warriors are all elite masters of the temple. Their physical quality is much better than that of ordinary fighters. Although their consciousness is full of diehard thoughts about the temple, the more so, the purer their thoughts are. As long as I change the object of their loyalty to an adult, they will go through fire and water for an adult and die hard. "
Qin Chu was horrified when he heard this: "You can actually change a person’s mind?" At most, I just erase some people’s memories. I didn’t expect Kerry to directly modify people’s minds. What an ability to go against the sky. If you use this ability, how many people who are loyal to yourself can you cultivate?
Kerry smiled proudly: "It’s a piece of cake. As long as it’s about the soul, there’s nothing I can’t do."
Although Kerry’s words are puffed up, Qin Chu knows that he does have puffed up capital.
Qin Chu nodded: "Well, then all the warriors in these temples will be handled by you. However, you must remember that you must not leave any future trouble, you know? "
Kerry really said yes, so Qin Chu asked Kerry to retreat and wait for himself where he stayed. Kerry bowed down and got up. With a wave of his sleeve, a mass of black fog wrapped the temple warriors, and then he quickly left with Kerry. Other ordinary people present only felt a strong sense of shock when they saw this scene.
They don’t know the identity of Kerry, but they can feel the cold breath of Kerry. Once you get within 30 meters of Kerry, you feel like you’re in an ice hole. That kind of cold is like coming from the inside of your body. It’s irresistible. Although I dare not get close to Kerry, in the chaos just now, it was Kerry who shot at a critical juncture and directly won all the people on the airship. Therefore, these fief residents have no sense of rejection of Kerry.
In fact, no matter where you are, everyone’s judgment on a person depends largely on that person’s position. If his position is consistent with that of the big guy, and he defends the interests of the big guy, then no matter how vicious he is, the big guy will not regard him as a villain, but will treat him as a hero.
Although Kerry feels cold and inaccessible, he actually saved so many people, and this behavior won the love of everyone present.

Chapter 193
Chapter 193
Qin Chu looked at the orcs, and he realized that in order to protect these ordinary people, they were fettered everywhere in the process of fighting with the temple warriors, and many people were injured.
Qin Chu saw all this in his eyes, thinking to himself, and didn’t waste himself to save them.
Its Germany saw Qin Chu standing there looking at them, but felt very uneasy in his heart. In his view, the cause of today’s conflict is all because of them. Otherwise, the Temple of Light would not embarrass Qin Chu.
Qi De stepped forward, saluted and said with guilt, "My Lord, I’m really sorry about what happened today. If it weren’t for us, this wouldn’t have happened …"
Qin Chu see its virtue so admit mistakes, suddenly there is a feeling of distress situation. Qin Chu know, today’s things, its virtue they are just an excuse. Because in the territory governed by the Temple of Light, no one dares to say that there is no orc. Many big cities will sell orcs as slaves. Many rich families will buy some orc slaves back, because some orc slaves are very beautiful and some have talent and ability, which can help them do something. But for so many years, I haven’t seen the Temple of Light. What measures will I take for these orc slaves?
Maybe an orc slave is not an orc?
Chekhov only happened to see the orcs here this time. And, Qin Chu know, Chekhov because of his previous things to him, has been, come here this time, will certainly take the opportunity to pick a fight, and then give yourself a crime. Excuse, as long as you want to find it, you will find it. Just, the orcs, gave them a more grandiose reason.
However, his virtue doesn’t know the twists and turns, just thinking that today’s things are caused by himself and others, so he is so guilty.
Qin Chu waved his hand: "It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not your fault. I saw that many of you were injured, and these injuries were all for the protection of my people, so I can’t stand by and watch. Here are some healing medicines, you can take them. You should settle down here for the time being. Don’t worry about anything. No one dares to do anything to you without my consent. I have other urgent things these days, so I don’t have time to meet you. Please stay for the time being. How about we discuss your business when things are finished? "
When Qi De saw Qin Chu, he not only didn’t blame them for today’s events, but also said that he would shelter them. How could he not be overjoyed? Its Germany took Qin Chu’s medicine, and sincerely expressed his gratitude to Qin Chu.
The rest of the orcs saw Qin Chu do this, and their affection for Qin Chu immediately soared. They already regard Qin Chu as their friend. In the eyes of orcs, friends and brothers are almost the same. They can do anything for their brothers and friends, but Qin Chu didn’t know it. He inadvertently gained a lot of hearts.