In the face of Zhuge’s dim eyes, Niu Xiashui showed a little cold light in his eyes, looked at each other without fear, and raised his chin high.

"What do you call it?" Zhuge is not bright.
"Summer water!"
"What’s your last name?"
"Nonsense, cow!"
Zhuge nodded with a smile, grabbed the calf witch and turned to leave: "Let’s go, don’t be angry with a scum, it’s not worth it."
Before the calf witch could react, she was grabbed by Zhuge and turned and walked out. She struggled twice, but it was difficult to shake Zhuge’s weak strength, so she could only be dragged out by Zhuge’s weak footsteps.
"Stop right there!" The cold light in Niu Xiashui’s eyes suddenly appeared, and the murder was revealed. His body moved in front of Zhuge Buliang and the calf witch, and he said, "Boy, you have to find out where this place is and explain it to me!"
Zhuge Liang grinned: "Is it necessary for me to explain to a chop suey?"
"You …" Niu Xiashui’s face turned red and turned from red to blue, and the veins stood out suddenly and violently on his forehead. Because of his father, no one in the family dared to talk to him like this, let alone insult him. Niu Xiashui only felt a sense of anger, especially when he saw Zhuge’s smiling face, which made him feel hateful.
"Say it again if you have the courage!" NiuXiaShui surly terrible, eyes flashing.
"Ha ha ha, how? If you are allowed to humiliate others, you can’t be humiliated by others? " Zhuge didn’t smile.
"Psst ~ ~" Niu Xiashui took a deep breath, and her voice was gloomy: "You will regret it!"
Exalting, Niu Xiashui suddenly made a move, slapping at Zhuge, and a large cloud of fire rolled over, sweeping at Zhuge with a suffocating heat wave.
Zhuge pushed the calf witch away without a light, and in the face of Niu Xiashui’s fierce attack, Zhuge directly blasted it with a fist. The surging cloud of fire was torn by Zhuge’s dull fist without any suspense. Zhuge appeared in front of Niu Xiashui before dawn, and the palm of his hand was photographed, and the stars in his palm were shining.
Niu Xia’s water color changed slightly, and a pair of horns on his head were sharp, like two swords, facing Zhuge’s dim palm.
Slapping on the horn is like knocking on the iron of God. Rao is surprised that Zhuge is not bright.
"Hum!" Niu Xiashui sneered and ran into Zhuge Liang, and the sharp horn on his head stabbed Zhuge Liang in the chest.
Zhuge Liang grabbed Niu Xiashui’s horns with his bare hands and resisted them abruptly. Then he lifted Niu Xiashui up with his arms, held him high in the air and shouted, "What! Really think of yourself as a root onion! "
After a few words, Zhuge grabbed Niu Xiashui’s horn before dawn, made two rounds, and then shook his hand and threw it out. Niu Xiashui hit the wall like a cannonball, but unexpectedly, the wall did not collapse. I don’t know what material this training tower is made of, and it is extremely strong.
Stuffy hum 1, NiuXia water fell to the ground, mouth took a gasp, looked up and glared at zhuge.
"Hum, really think I dare not touch you? Don’t say that this is the bull protoss, even in front of your bodhi old zu, I will do it right! "
Chapter 544 He comes again
Chapter 552 He comes again
Niu Xiashui struggled to stand up. Zhuge’s unlit words almost made him vomit blood, and even the calf witch could not help showing displeasure. This sentence has the meaning of not paying attention to their ox gods, but Zhuge doesn’t care if he doesn’t shine. He is such a person, and whoever annoys him won’t give face.
Niu Xiashui uttered a deep cow song, and his hands made an odd handprint. The aura around him quickly gathered, and the fire was raging, and a seal was condensed and formed in the palm of Niu Xiashui.
Accompanied by Niu Xiashui’s drinking, the fire seal hit Zhuge without light, which was only the size of a palm and exuded a shocking atmosphere.
"What, the Vulcan seal can be compressed to the size of a palm." Not far from the calf witch voice way.
This "Vulcan Seal" is the most overbearing attack avatar of their cattle gods. The smaller the compressed form, the greater the power. Can compress the "Vulcan Seal" to the size of the palm of your hand. Only Niu Yingxiong in the whole clan can do it. Cattle are strong and invincible. This is also the reason why the calf witch is surprised. Niu Xiashui’s cultivation is only a glimpse of the realm in the middle of the day, but he can be stronger than the United States and cattle in the cultivation of "Vulcan Seal".
The Vulcan seal flew in, and this small square seal actually had the imposing manner of dominating the world.
Zhuge Buliang’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and his fist was full of purple gas, blooming like glass. In the face of the flying "Vulcan Seal", Zhuge Buliang suddenly raised his palm and blew it up. The voice of a passionate Long Yin sounded, and the dragon whirled and spewed, colliding with Vulcan Seal.
Strong momentum broke out, it seems that the whole practice tower shook with it, and air billow was visible to the naked eye. This kind of power is enough to raze thousands of meters in Fiona Fang, but the training tower of Niuprotoss doesn’t know what material it is, and it has resisted the fluctuation of this distance.
"Hey, hey!"
Rao couldn’t help but retreat three steps before Zhuge was bright, and shook his arm. Although he broke the Vulcan seal, this shocking force also made his arm numb.
"It is worthy of being the most overbearing attack method of the cattle protoss." Zhuge was surprised that he could frustrate his seven-star treasure body.
Looking at Niu Xiashui again, the whole person flew out like a broken kite and crashed into the wall behind him again.
Niu Xiashui coughed up one mouthful blood, and slowly slipped down from the wall, staring at Zhuge with a pale face. Vulcan Seal was the most powerful avatar he could display, and he didn’t want to be easily stopped by Zhuge’s failure to light up. At the moment, Niu Xiashui felt a sense of frustration. His heart shook, and it seems that this person is really as strong as the outside rumors.
"Stop it!"
Two binge drinking sounded at the same time, and two figures appeared between Zhuge Buliang and Niu Xiashui almost at the same time. Two powerful momentum broke out and there was a faint sound of thunder. Niu Ganglie and Niu Yingxiong appeared in the training tower, standing like two mountains.
Obviously, the two were attracted by the vibration just now.
"Dad …" Niu Xiashui gave a deep cry.
"What’s the matter?" NiuYingXiong binge drink a way, glanced at his son, and turned to look at zhuge is not bright, eyes flashed a bit cold.
The calf witch ran to Niu Ganglie’s side, grabbed her father’s arm and shook it. She said, "Dad, I took Brother Zhuge to visit the cultivation tower, and I didn’t want Brother Xia Shui to stop it, and I also seriously injured my daughter."
Niu’s strong and heavy eyebrows stood upright slightly, turned to look at Niu Xiashui and Zhuge, and said, "Can this happen?"
"My family’s important place, how can outsiders enter!" NiuXiaShui sink a track, a pair of reasonable.
Niu Ganglie said, "Zhuge Buliang is a special guest of our family. It’s not a big deal to visit the training tower, not to mention that the training tower is not forbidden. Didn’t you also bring a friend of the demon family to visit the training tower last time?"