The fat pig with a shrewd face turned pale at once and shouted in horror, "Are you kidding?"

"What do you say?" Haikui raised his eyebrows and said with a smile.
Feeling that Haikui’s smile was quite penetrating, he hurriedly said, "I’m honest, I’m honest, I’m absolutely honest."
Haikui patted his pig face. "Don’t worry, as long as you do as I say later, I won’t kill you, otherwise I don’t know what crazy things I can do."
Shrewd nodded assiduously. "Little one understands, understands,"
Just then, a man came in from the outside, holding a pig-killing knife in his hand.
The pig-killing knife is a foot long, which is not short. The blade is sharp and the back is generous, so it is absolutely possible to chop things.
"Your honor, the butcher knife you asked for," the man bowed and handed it up.
Haikui took it with a smile and said to the man, "You are good, quite good. They will increase the official level by three, and you will increase the official level by five."
"Really," the man asked in surprise.
"Of course it’s true. Do you think I’m lying to you?" Haikui pulled his face.
"No, no," the man hurriedly waved his hand.
"Go down," Haikui waved.
The man jumped down,
Haikui can give him a promotion, but he can’t. He can brag and force him. Anyway, bragging can’t pay taxes, so we can scare them.
Eyes are straight, shrewd cold sweat straight drop, staring at the pig-killing knife in Haikui’s hand, and the knife was almost stuck on his face. Can he not be afraid?
Haikui took a knife and asked, "Do you think your head can fall off if I start to cut it with my hand?"
"Yes," cried the shrewd man.
"It’s good to be able," Haikui gesticulated with a knife.
He was so frightened that he didn’t dare to go out of the atmosphere. He closed his eyes.
Haikui said with a smile, "When I call someone out later, you can tell me that I am related to your emperor, that everyone here will listen to me in the future, and that you will swear to me that you are not allowed to resist and play with your mind, or you will die a natural death."
The eyes are still closed,
Haikui slapped him and shouted, "Knife down!"
"Oh, my God," cried the shrewd man, shivering all over, and then Haikui saw water running down the table.
Haikui laughed. "You scared the shit out of me."
The talent sobbed and began to cry, and the strength of being wronged and crying was really strong, violent, and forcibly violent.
"Ball, did you hear what I just said?" Haikui stepped on the table, put a knife rest on the neck of the talent, and asked in a heavy voice.
"Yes, yes," replied the shrewd man.
"Well, then swear first, and never resist me."
The talent choked up and swore a poison oath.
Haikui drew the knife with satisfaction. "You swore a poison oath, or you will be hacked to death with a disorderly knife."
"Yes, yes, yes,"
Haikui smiled and said, "You are honest."
Knocked off the corner of the table with a click, and was so frightened that he almost lost his breath.
Haikui said with a smile, "This knife is really good, but it’s not strong enough to chop the table, but it’s still strong enough to chop the pig."
With a sad face, the talent begged, "You said you wouldn’t kill me."
"Don’t kill, don’t kill, never kill," Haikui smiled and shook his head. "Remember what I told you. Don’t forget the words when I call people in later."
"Don’t worry, you won’t forget it." He was in a hurry to ask God to leave, and he could see that Haikui didn’t want to stay with him.
"Everyone outside comes in," Haikui shouted.
The person waiting for the summons outside immediately entered, and the fat man was so shrewd that he stared at his face, wiped away all his tears and nose, forced himself to calm down and make himself look the same as before, but now his eyes are a little swollen, his face is very red and he was beaten very red.
Everyone outside came in and stood in two rows. Maybe this place is very shrewd at ordinary times or something. After they came in, they all lowered their heads, just to avoid the embarrassment of being shrewd.
Hai Kui said to the crowd, "You shrewd adults have something to say to you. Please applaud."
Everyone looked at each other puzzled,
"Oh, I don’t understand the meaning of applause, so I don’t care about this. Let’s cut to the chase, my Lord, you can speak," Haikui said, patting him on the shoulder.