There is a waiter beside me to go to Tianmen together.

"How did this Buddha come?"
After the ancient Buddha left, all the heavenly generals were whispering.
This ancient Buddha has always lived in Lingshan, and he rarely appeared in it, even at the Flat Peach Club, and he almost never attended it. Why did he come this time?
Instead of going to Yaochi for the meeting, the waiter of Buddha’s public went straight to the palace 33 days ago.
Daozu seems to have known that he immediately ordered everyone to open the door to meet him.
"Don’t be surprised that the old monk has seen Daozu visit rashly."
Lantern ancient Buddha salute way
The old gentleman immediately returned the gift "Buddha’s coming as a blessing."
They immediately went hand in hand to the three-story pavilion Zhuling Dantai to preach that all the fairies and officials were standing around and listening.
Suddenly, I saw the hype, the sound of the golden lotus Buddha, and the sound of the Tao. All the immortals were intoxicated and could not extricate themselves.
The monkey was on the right path, but suddenly he met a fairy.
Chapter 19 The Monkey King will punish the evil Wu Ming again
It was the barefoot fairy who ran into the Great Sage.
The monkey was just about to go to the meeting, but he didn’t know how to get into the meeting and immediately came up with an idea.
He deliberately asked, "What’s the old way?"
Daxian smiled and said, "I was summoned by the Queen Mother to go to the Flat Peach Fair."
The monkey lied and lied, "I don’t know that the Jade Emperor sent me five ways because of my old foot. I’m not going to be older this year, so I need to perform in Tongdian before going to Yaochi."
The big fairy did not doubt him, but immediately turned Xiangyun.
"Great Sage"
Hanging a treasure around his waist is impossible, but he turns around and goes to the Tongdian.
The Great Sage turned into a barefoot fairy and went to Yaochi to attend the meeting.
On the other side, the land left its post, but I didn’t expect two tails behind it
Dong Fangshuo also ran into the land of Flat Peach Garden furtively, but he was an expert in peach touching and a thief’s ancestor. When he looked at it, he stole something, so he followed all the way to see what was going on.
Wu Ming also secretly wondered whether the land had fallen like the former growth king or whether he was just a demon god palace spy?
That fellow really went all the way outside the worse gate and wandered around.
Dong Fangshuo followed all the way, only to see that fellow suddenly travel in the distance for a long time before stopping somewhere.
"Why follow me?"
See didn’t respond to the land can’t help but sneer at a throw deer head crutch and go somewhere behind him.
With a bang, Dong Fangshuo fell out crooked.
"What did you hit me, old man?"
The land’s eyes were indifferent, holding a crutch and saying, "Hey, I have to kill someone before I go."
Then he lifted the staff to Dong Fangshuo.
"You old son really have a problem!"
Seeing that his sleeve was like a broken star, like a phoenix swinging from side to side, the deer’s head crutch somehow fell into his hand.
The weapon was taken from the land, but it was not panic, but a little surprised.
Zhang Kou said, "If you don’t make a move, if the Heaven finds you, I can make a job with the two Great Sages!"
Wu Ming knew that he was called the protector of Baise, and immediately changed the appearance of the protector to appear from it.
Seeing this, the land could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Seeing each other’s eyes closed, it also inadvertently handed over and said, "I don’t know what to call it?"
"Baise, the protector of the Nine Temples"
"Baise protector, this person is following all the way. I am afraid that it will be leaked, so please protect the law."
The land pointed to Dong Fangshuo and said.
When even a flash Dong Fangshuo can’t even escape, he can’t be captured by Wu Ming.
The land could not help admiring and exclaiming, "Good things!"
Wu Ming said, "You have done a great job this time, and the two Great Sages will not treat you badly."
The two men talked about Wu Ming and wanted to get some information. This fellow’s tone is still relatively tight, and his identity is inconvenient to ask more questions.
Forget it, this kind of thing really doesn’t suit him. Let’s give this guy to the day punishment officer to serve!
I was about to start work, but I didn’t expect that two figures would come straight for them.
"Hand over the flat peach-"
Wu Ming can’t help but become warped an old acquaintance at the corner of his mouth.
The land held a deer’s head crutch against a demon king and shouted, "Where did evil animals dare to rob my demon palace?"
"Hold you two ignorant animals steady and listen to me. I’m the King of Shifan Mountain’s Great Lion Camel, and he’s the devil who mixed the Great Heaven and the Great Peng!"
Flat peach garden land laughed "with you two evil animals also dare to call the Great Sage? Baise protector, come and help me! "
Wu Ming immediately flew away, and the demon king Peng was entangled.
In the flat peach garden, the land was repeatedly defeated by the lion camel king.
"How do you know that my demon palace is secret?"
Wu Ming asked while Peng Devil dared.
Recently, the demon king Peng secretly enjoyed monkey luck with the help of the Great Sage’s title, but his strength surged, but he was embarrassed at the moment that he couldn’t take this generation.
Wu Ming is not good at taking out his halberd, but he is a little tied behind his back just by his fists and feet. Two of them are fighting back and forth.
"Protect the law and help!"
Seeing that the flat peach garden land was captured by the lion camel king, he could not escape.
Wu Ming was convinced that there was no demon imperial secretary.
I want to come, but it’s not bad to have one. Many people are conspicuous instead.
Jump and get rid of the lion camel king of Peng Devil, and the man in his hand is gone in the blink of an eye!
Before and after the two demon kings roared, they surrounded him.
"Be careful, protector. These two demons have extraordinary strength."
Wu Ming nodded and waved and put away the land.
"Give that fellow up quickly and spare your life!"
"You demon god Gong De can enjoy such a sacred object. Hand it over quickly!"
Two demons compete to force drinks.
Wu Ming closed his eyes and smiled. "Slow down, slow down, flat peach method for you two, but I have a baby for you."
The lion camel king, who wanted to beg for mercy, immediately sneered, "What can you compare with me when I want flat peaches?"
He pulled out Zijin bells from his arms.