Chapter four hundred and forty-three The first world war, Wang Jiu

Sun Hao’s war with the Dark Devil is not inferior to that of the Sunset Sword and the Tower Devil’s Battle Group without attracting attention.
Two people in the battlefield Guanghua flow violent energy wantonly flying five horoscopes across the collision endlessly.
The dark magic sword shuttle is elegant and unpredictable, while Sun Hao’s three spiritual swords are hovering around the array, but it is not inferior. The two sides fought evenly
It’s hard to tell the winner in a short time without going back and forth for twenty rounds.
Magic repair there surrounded the battlefield, and the Taoist priest couldn’t help but start outcry.
When they first came to Ganguling, they sneered at the so-called ugly sword ghost, but it was just a matter of interest for tigers and monkeys in the mountains to say that the overlord wanted five demons to kill the ugly sword ghost.
But now the ugly sword doesn’t fall in the wind against the dark Lord.
What time? There’s another monk who can compete with five swords and five demons at Qingyun Gate?
Qingyun’s younger brother is a dark demon in his heart, but it’s horrible to kill people in shape and disrupt the battlefield. It’s the worst place for dark demons.
To tell the truth, many brothers on the right side of Qingyun Gate considered whether to play dead and escape from the battlefield when they learned that the dark devil was practicing the opposite magic.
I didn’t expect a strange monk to come out from my side and find out the dark magic from the disorderly army, forcing the dark magic to face it head-on. More importantly, it is strange that the monk can resist the dark magic without falling in the wind.
This is a reassurance.
I just don’t know which peak that ugly sword will be, and the monk will be so strange in costume. Is it that the ugly man is even uglier and afraid to see anyone?
On the right battlefield, Sun Hao appeared to find out the dark magic, and once again stabilized the war situation. It is hard to say if the two men can’t win on the right.
Right-wing war is deadlocked.
In the middle of the road, there is a sudden change.
Yang Zhangliang found that Sun Hao appeared to find out that the dark devil was difficult to distinguish between the battles, and finally showed his fangs and played a binge drinking "drink" that he had been guarding against Sun Hao’s card.
Feather fan refers to the sunset sword and tower magic chapter.
Feather fan forces around the sunset sword and the tower demon. As the two-man battle group keeps changing directions, more than 300 Buddhist monks suddenly fly out of the magic repair camp.
These monks didn’t practice very well, only in the early days of building a foundation, but they all took a gourd-shaped implement in their hands, and they threw away the gourd plug in all directions, aiming at the sunset sword and the tower demon in the fray and releasing large flames.
This flame is pure red and white, but the temperature is extremely high, but it does not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. The tower magic and the sunset sword are also shrouded in a large flame in an instant.
Huang Huang, the sword of the sunset, dare not drink a "death" in his mouth. The light of the sword is like a river, and it shoots around these early days of the foundation.
The tower demon laughed and waved the diamond mace to stop Huang Huang’s sunset sword. He said in his mouth, "Sunset Huang Huang Huang Ha ha ha. You claim that the sword can set the sun, so I will let you taste the great sun inflammation today.
Brothers, don’t worry about me spraying and baking this sunset sword to death. "
The iron tower magic has a great skill in refining body, but it can carry it better than Huang Huang in the great sun inflammation, which is why Yang Zhangliang dares to directly spray the root of God inflammation at the two people.
Yang Zhangliang’s method is simple and effective, that is, the physical advantage of the iron tower demon strikes the two people differently, so that Shi Yong can resist and Huang Huang’s situation is not good.
Huang Huang tried to fly high and go to the tower. Magic Shi Yong stubbornly stuck to prevent Huang Huang from easily withdrawing from the fire.
Shen Yu, who was conducting a battle outside the stadium, was shocked to see Huang Huang submerged in a sea of fire.
Bowen is also surprised by the setting sun. The situation is not good.
In the middle of the road, Huang Huang is the key. Once Huang Huang loses, the war situation will inevitably collapse immediately. That is not the collapse of the middle road, but the entire battlefield Qingyun Gate will collapse immediately.
"Qingyun can Xi Xi Xi; The sky is rotten and the stars are old; Sun Moon Guanghua Dan Fudan Xi; The sun and the moon have stars and lines … "
Bo Wenlang sang loudly, stepped on the sword, and led himself to control the five hundred friars’ five-element flag. However, despite the fire, he rushed to the sunset sword and killed it without hesitation.
At this time, there is an idea in Bowen’s mind to solve the dangerous situation of the sunset sword.
Yang Zhangliang’s feather fan gently shook his mouth and drank, "Where is Bowen?" So he ruled the 500 demons and came after them.
In the middle of the battlefield, the fire was so terrible that four blog posts and battle songs were loud that they seemed to be determined to give up
Sun Hao took a glance at the middle road but found that the situation was even quite unfavorable.
The setting sun sword Huang Huang was entangled in a sea of fire by the iron tower demon. Life and death did not lead the team to rush for help regardless of life and death, and Yang Zhangliang was in hot pursuit behind him.
The situation in the middle turned sharply.
Sun Hao saw a generous blog post and then looked at a calm face. He followed the blog post quietly and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
Some things have to be done.
Some people can’t be indifferent to death
Just as Bowen is afraid to die at this time? Then deterrence is no more than that.
Sun Hao looked up with a long whistle and sang loudly with the rhythm of blog posts. The sky is rotten and the stars are old; Sun Moon Guanghua Dan Fudan Xi; The sun and the moon have stars and lines … "
In the song, Sun Haoshen’s momentum suddenly rose.
Half a day’s war to a few into the essence of blood ShaQi poured out while murderous spewing puffed up wild momentum straight at the dark devil.
The dark demon suddenly burst into shock in his heart. At this moment, he seemed to be pegged to his back by an ancient fierce beast, and his forehead was cold and sweaty, and his calf was shivering.
This is? Dark magic heart a tight this murderous look a few into essence to feel incredibly stronger than kill magic lu shan?
Ugly sword, Sun Chenxiang and lu shan, how can they do this?
A few thoughts flashed through my mind quickly, and the dark devil Xiao Shi did not dare to neglect it. It was almost Sun Hao’s death, and he turned around and ran to try to avoid Sun Hao’s death.
Sun Hao’s eyes seemed to be a piece of blood red and violent, and he drank a "killing the three sections of agarwood sword to penetrate the sky."
In the killing momentum, the superimposed weight of the agarwood sword instantly disappears, and a sword penetrates the sky, which is faster than stabbing Xiao Shi directly.
Yanlong Jiudui Zhenyuan, Qing Di Changsheng Zhenyuan and Jushalei Zhenyuan are stacked one after another.
The agarwood sword accelerates rapidly to the extreme.
The dark devil Xiao Shi was trying to escape, but Mata was horrified and found himself in a strange slow-moving state.
He seemed to see Sun Hao across the street slowly issuing the ugly broken sword, and then the broken sword flew towards him slowly.
I want to hide, but I can’t hide. It’s slower than a broken sword, even if I try my best to find my hand speed or body. It’s slower than watching a broken sword and my sight is getting bigger and bigger.
At this moment, the only thing that Xiao Shi, the dark devil, can run quickly may be consciousness.
Xiao Shi remembered in his consciousness that when he left, lu shan, the killer, said, "Shixiong’s situation is not right, but he should stand a thousand miles away." At this time, he finally realized that he had been found out that it was wrong to stand a thousand miles away …
This idea just flashed through Xiao Shi, and I saw that the broken sword ran through me from my neck. It was like tofu, and I couldn’t resist it. I didn’t feel any pain. I couldn’t help myself …
Watching Sun Hao and Xiao Shi fight fiercely, the two monks’ eyes are another situation.
Sun Hao’s battle hymns rose in momentum, and his black hair flew in the air. Before he raised his hand, he pointed out that the ugliness was worse than the strange sword, but no trace of flight was seen. Generally, it was almost invisible to the naked eye. He suddenly disappeared from Sun Hao’s side, and the dark demon Xiao Shi, who was trying to escape, had no reaction at all. His neck had been smashed through by the broken sword.
In the unbelievable eyes of the brothers of Tao and Mo.
Dark magic Xiao Shi’s neck spurted blood like a note, and he fell to the sky, and his body pounded and exploded from his neck as if he had been hit by a huge force. Before falling to the ground, his body had collapsed into a pile of blood and rain.
Five magic and one dark magic Xiao Shi meteorite!
Turn into a bloody rain of bones
Baby-faced Liu Hua couldn’t help vomiting when he saw this.
Fortunately, the whole battlefield on the right was shocked by Sun Hao’s sword, but no one took the opportunity to sneak attack them and temporarily stopped fighting.
Sun Hao urged the dark magic sword to fall to the ground with a trick and took it to the dark magic Xiao Shi’s bag with a faint sigh, "Shixiong is easy."
In the speech, the figure disappeared, but it was already gone.
Tao and the devil’s two brothers didn’t react until now. They looked at each other like waking up and fighting into a ball again.