After the explosion, Muqing called the hall to ring.
Two samurai have fallen down, and one of them is still burning in the hall. The sun can come to the samurai who was hit by the light beam to check his injury.
It’s a pity that the beam hit his chest and there was nothing he could do.
Behind him is Mu Qing, sad and weeping, sighing and frowning.
If the skin is one of them, why do two people hallucinate at the same time and both of them are possessed?
Thinking about Zhong Tianyang, he felt that his arm was tight. It turned out that he was caught by the apologist warrior. In his helmet, he gasped and said weakly, "The priest … there is something wrong with the priest."
"She let me gun can just explosion sound so big I can’t hear clearly …"
Mu Qing let him have a gun?
When the sun was tight, the black fog warned …
Quietly poking around with one hand, but touching the back of Tianyang’s neck, Tianyang suddenly appeared in front of her and looked at her with four eyes.
Mu Qing!
"Ah, almost almost." The priestess sighed lightly or she sounded like her.
But that body is not Mu Qing’s soul but something else.
"What …"
Tianyang’s hand fluttered with a shimmer of stars. "I’ve been in contact with you, and nothing is abnormal."
Mu Qing took off her helmet and dumped her head, letting her hair spread like a waterfall. She threw away her helmet at will, and her eyes became frivolous and charming. She was full of mysterious temptation. "You know that Xing Yun will disgust me. It’s not simple."
"That’s right, the power of you sublimators will burn my quality like a flame, but if it is a trace of stars, I can still endure it."
"It takes a little training to do it."
Is it because the’ fire’ is not big enough that trace stars can endure?
Tianyang corners of the mouth raise a glimpse in the field of vision. When I stop, I have seen Muqing’s back.
The young man clasped the hands of the priest and showed his body. This time, Xing Yun no longer kept it. It grew stronger and burned like a silver flame filling around Tianyang and covering Mu Qing.
Unlike human beings, they can scream "Let me go!" "
"It seems that this’ fire’ is strong enough. How can it taste bad? Then get out of the priest’s body!"
Mu Qing laughed with a burst of pain but gnashed her teeth. "Don’t waste your energy. This woman has disappeared and she will never come back. Can you resist me just because of human will?"
"Her body is already mine!"
Chapter 42 The most suitable person
Reverend Chen said that there are two stages of possession. At the initial stage, the skin can also be burned by the stars, but at one stage, the stars are gone for the shapeshifter.
At present, the priest still shows pain, which means that the skin is still in the first stage and can be burned by the star. In other words, that thing deceives and tries to get away with it.
In other words, Mu Qing still has the possibility of regaining her body!
Quickly sort out my thoughts. Tianyang continued to show the stars and shouted, "Mu Qing priest, can you hear me?" Remember what you said? Reject it! Refuse to let it get out of your body! "
Mu Qing bit her pink lip lightly, closed her eyes and rolled her eyelids. Then she said in a dreamy voice, "This woman is really pious. She attended the ceremony at the age of three and devoted her life to the church."
"She kept her virginity and dogmatically suppressed her desires. Hehehehehe …"
When the priestess gave a seductive smile and opened her eyes again, her eyes were full of desire, her eyes were blurred and her breathing was slightly short. "Once the desire hidden deep in her body is triggered, it will be the fiercest flame in this world, and a man who has to bear this flame will surely be as happy as heaven."
She leans to Tianyang and clings to the teenager. "Let me go and I will let you enjoy the most wonderful happiness in this world. Let me go and you will enter heaven."
Tianyang stuffy hum the inevitable changes in a certain position of the body, breathing, fragrance, warming the body, all of which make the gas around you seem to become sweet.
"get out!"
Young suddenly a roar loud star aggregates broke out.
It’s like a flame spraying Mu Qing with a sharp scream and flashing away from the sun, and then vicious words gushed out from his mouth. "You idiot refused to wait for such a good thing!"
"I order you to let me go!"
"Otherwise, I will tear your body and eat every flesh and blood of your body. You will be dirty and cold, and I will grind every inch of your intestines!"
Muqing’s face, hands and chest appeared one by one like a baby’s mouth pouring out of these mouths, and a series of vicious words were more filthy than filthy.
She raised an eye behind her neck and stared at Tianyang with hatred.
Sun turned a blind eye to the burning star and ordered "get out of the priest’s body and resist it. Mu Qing priest, don’t let it invade your body!"
Muqing gave a horrible laugh like thunder, and the whole hall boomed.
Even the ground shook all around, and a dusty oil painting fell off, and the frame cracked …
"I was there before this planet was alive!"
"When humans are still shivering in caves, I will watch them in the dark!"
"I used to be the ruler of hell than in the distant past, and they called me Satan!"
"I also started an ancient war in the name of’ Chiyou’, so that the mountains and rivers were stained with blood and the world was broken!"
"I’m Shiva and the dark god Angela. I’m the god of death. Anubis is the god of fraud. I was also the Lord of hades!"
"I am the darkest!"
"I am a servant of the stars. I am a servant of the Great Virgin. I am … Papman the Splitter!"
"A mere human being resists me!"
Mu Qing’s volume is higher and higher with her words. The whole small building is shaking violently with chandeliers falling from the roof and spraying mud powder from the cracked column. Clouds of blue flames are rushing to spray from the ground!
Human law imagines that the sense of oppression is like a mountain slope, a tsunami and a sky collapse, and the sea falls on the mountain and presses the sun …
A strong shock made Tianyang’s hands loose and the whole person flew out and hit a column.
The column collapsed, and crack day Yang was slightly embedded in the surface, and the young man was unable to breathe for a while until the star aggregates flowed, which was restored to normal.
He stretched out his hand and pressed the column to pull himself out of it. "I haven’t heard of any of this."
Flowers at the moment MuQing has been in front of him.
The priestess raised her hand and flung it into Tianyang’s chest. It was strange that Tianyang didn’t feel the entity entering the body at the end, as if Mu Qing had inserted his arm into his body, partially transforming the phantom.
Mu Qing’s eyes lit up as if she had found something. She smiled with joy. "Your potential … your potential is so great. You have awakened your special physique and the potential road is almost endless. You are …"
"You are the most suitable skin!"
"Nice try!"
Goldwind took up the twinkling stars and rowed to the hand that was inserted into his body. Mu Qing suddenly withdrew his hand to avoid the sword and made a ring.