Three feet and five feet are cunning.

Six eyes broken soul tablet with thunderous potential toward Meng Fei repression to enveloped the surrounding virtual even blocked this time even if Meng Fei can teleport.
Behind the Six Eyes Broken Soul Monument, the Jade Maiden Needle Overlord Knife also followed closely with repeated bombardment attacks.
But at this moment, Meng Fei suddenly disappeared. He broke through the blockade and disappeared, which made the suppression of six broken soul tablets fall to the ground.
It’s not good to hide in the dark. At this moment, Sanzuwu feels uncomfortable and a danger arises spontaneously, but at this time, his hand can’t come.
His thoughts didn’t rise, and there was a violent shock around him. An ancient blood-stained divination furnace stained with the blood of poor ghosts and gods suddenly emerged from the void like an ancient furnace.
Meng Fei stood on the stove and looked at it coldly with sarcasm as if he had sentenced it to death.
I knew for a long time that you would treat my hand, but I didn’t expect that my roots would not be bitten by those weapons, and your six-eyed broken soul monument could block me.
I’ll let you die in print. My divination furnace is heaven’s too old gentleman’s alchemy furnace, but it’s a true fairy. Do you know that although there is no instrument in it and the spirit is damaged, even its afterglow is not comparable to that of ordinary war fighters?
I burned you 1 million Lingxing Shili sealed the furnace and directly blasted your blockade and came to your side. At the same time, I blocked all around you. You should die now. Meng Fei is a god of the earth. The word "extremely fairy" is like a bolt from the blue.
You were frightened to death, but Meng Fei didn’t give it a chance to kill Tianyi Sword directly.
At the same time, he put the divination furnace on fire, and a nine-flavor true fire enveloped Sanzuwu directly.
Sanzuwu was stunned by such a strong attack before he could react.
Although Sanzuwu is cunning, where is Meng Fei’s opponent
Meng Fei had figured out that the three feet would deal with the millions of spirit stones that were burning in a flash, so that the furnace could be restored to a little power, break the virtual reality and reach the beast directly, and then the sudden killer countered.
Moreover, his physical and mental magic oath was not issued because Sanzuwu broke it first.
In the morning, the sword and nine flavors of true fire are wrapped together and killed. The combination of two is powerful enough to tear everything apart.
More importantly, Meng Fei burned millions of lingxing stones to stimulate the ballast pressure of Gualu.
A sword is a sword, and the three feet are cut into pieces, but the three feet are a powerful soul condensate, and after a sword is cut into pieces, it will be merged together.
But at this time, the hexagram furnace was slowly suppressed to disturb its consciousness, and a kind of suction was emitted in the hexagram furnace to pull the three feet into it.
Smelly little man, you are mortal. I will devour your soul and let you die completely. I feel that disaster is coming. My feet are screaming and screaming, but I can’t pass it to Meng Fei. I have already blocked this emptiness.
The list of deities should be inspired by pure aura and exert its strength. It is an ancient artifact. Although it was deified before the evolution of the law, it is definitely not comparable to a three-legged dog.
In the roar of Sanzuwu, it was completely shattered by a protective warrior, and changed into thousands of flames to directly attack Meng Fei, who stood in the divinatory furnace.
No, I spent this big price to press you. You didn’t really reach the level of God. How can you compete with me? Meng Fei didn’t shock his hands with these three feet. Once again, it was a full 100,000 Lingxing stones, which directly burned the pure and pure aura and poured it into the list of gods.
Come to the ancient fiend to cry, come to heaven and earth to cry, come to the abyss to curse, come to eternity to summon, come to the painful area to scream from the list of gods.
An expansion of the list of gods directly swallowed Sanzuwu together with the divination furnace and then disappeared into the depths of the list of gods.
Powerful and cunning three-legged Wu was directly suppressed at this moment and could not be super-living forever.
This is the power of the gods list. It is worthy of the ancient gods. Today, the powers are different, and Meng Fei is also shocked to see this scene
It’s good to seal the gods’ list, but this time, more than one million spirits and stones have been consumed. This battle has come and gone clean. This kind of play is that you can’t afford to sell yourself.
Meng Fei shook his head.
Cast a lot of means to suppress Shi Huo, a three-legged black body light, that is, a moment.
Just after the suppression of Sanzuwu, there was an earth-shattering noise in the distance, and the earth was torn apart by fluctuations, and the poor soil was directly evaporated to form the vitality of the earth.
Fiona Fang has been dusted for dozens of miles.
It’s the six-eye broken soul tablet. Two big fighters hit each other with their swords, and then the two fighters exploded, directly exploding the six broken soul tablets and breaking them into two pieces.
As soon as Sanzuwu was suppressed, the Six Eyes Broken Soul Monument was shattered and the magic fog dispersed all over the sky.
Heaven and earth clear up.