He must get those treasures before the demons get them!

The succubus and the big brother saw that Su Yu was a piece of felt meat at this time and they disposed of it.
"Well, since you’re all here, don’t want to go! Stay here for me! "
Su Yu’s eyes are cold, offering a Tai Chi map and drinking a "indelible! Repression! "
"shua ~! Hey ~! Hey ~! "
The fish of Yin and Yang suddenly began to rotate in the wind, and suddenly it rose as huge as a building. At the same time, the Taiji diagram kept making strange noises, as if it were a big millstone of heaven and earth, and a powerful bullying fell on everyone’s mind.
Su Yu put all his vigorous qi into Taiji diagram crazily. At this time, he has nine times of vigorous qi in Du Jie period, which has fully exerted the terror effect! The millstone of heaven and earth is getting bigger and bigger!
"What is this!"
The succubus sent out a sharp fear and called her to feel a strong coercion from this big millstone, as if the demon Lord appeared in front of her.
This is the master’s breath, and it is even more powerful and intimidating! It seems that there is a great horror coming!
A group of demons couldn’t help themselves at first, but they couldn’t help vomiting blood and exploded in situ. They were directly crushed alive by the great pressure from Taiji diagram!
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
Thousands of demons have directly become the millstone of heaven and earth, and the flesh and blood drugs have been crushed and annihilated, and even the soul can’t be lucky! Thousands of demons exploded in situ, like several flesh-and-blood fireworks, which made the succubus look very embarrassed.
How ironic!
The succubus is sure that this living person is definitely intentional!
Su Yu retaliated against the succubus because the succubus just let him command tens of thousands of demons to explode in situ! Now Su Yu will give way to the demons!
A bloody feeling flooded his throat, but Su Yu held back his eyes, which were still cold and full of murder as usual.
He hates the enemy and is even more cruel to himself!
Forcing one’s strength and perception beyond one’s own realm will definitely do great harm to the body source, which is not cost-effective. Su Yu would never do this unless he had to!
But this group of people want to kill him. Su Yu has to do it now!
If you want to kill me, you must first destroy yourself!
"The earth and the earth can destroy me!"
Su Yu screamed and danced with black hair and made a determined effort.
The big millstone of heaven and earth is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s hard to intimidate other demons. They all feel that there is a huge mountain in their body, which makes them struggle, and even they have to keep moving when flying, let alone kill Su Yu.
The succubus is powerful and not affected much.
And the protection of the ten swords of the big brother is not greatly affected.
But the big brother’s heart was full of shock at this time. His face was white and blue. He looked at the dark and danced wildly like a demon. Su Yu lost his voice and shouted, "You can realize the true meaning of Taiji!"
You know, master elder brother got this Tai Chi map for half a year, but he can simply use it, and his master has kept it for hundreds of years before he can understand the true meaning of it! But also absolutely can’t display the avatar like Su Yu now!
The big millstone of heaven and earth, this is the avatar of chaos taiji diagram! Su Yu’s hand Tai Chi map is a fake, and it can also be realized!
Although this big millstone is not so horrible, it is not affordable for big brothers and others!
Oh, my god
What the hell is this indigenous emperor? It’s only a few days since he got the Taiji diagram. He can actually understand the true meaning of this innate treasure and can play and master it.
This is also due to his lack of realism. It’s just the Du Jie period. If Su Yu breaks through the position now, this Taiji figure will suppress all the enemies in front of him! What ten swords and what succubus have to be crushed by the big millstone of heaven and earth, body and soul!
At this moment, the master elder brother was filled with fear.
Chapter 472 I can still fight the first world war!
"The emperor is too powerful!"
This is Wang Chuanyi lamenting that every time he sees the Emperor, he can always fight the first battle. Kun Dijun has carved an enemy posture in everyone’s heart br >
"This thing is so big!"
Wang Chuan withered and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He looked up at the big millstone every day. To be precise, it should be a huge yin-yang diagram, but its vision is a millstone image as if to erase everything in the world!
Wang Chuanyi didn’t mean to talk to his younger brother. He looked up at the huge fish of Yin and Yang in the sky with fiery eyes. If I can exert such power one day, I will definitely not let the emperor fight alone!
Guardian Terran should also have me!
"Ahhh, I’m going to kill you!"
Succubus hate chung sound sharp like a crazy woman carrying heaven and earth big millstones coercion quickly rushed towards Su Yu.
Su Yu destroyed her with one stroke, and many demons were all under her command. This is the card of her demon Lord and a general, but now it’s ruined!
She hates Su Yu so much that she can’t wait to swallow this damn living person alive.
The succubus quickly rushed to Su Yu’s face, so fast that it didn’t seem to be affected by the big millstone of heaven and earth.
She deserves to be a demon leader. At this time, she still has a fighting capacity, which really surprised Su Yu.
After all, my strength is too low, and there is no way to fully realize the magical power of Taiji, otherwise the succubus would have faded into the dust of heaven and earth.
Su Yu sighed slightly and drank a "war!"