Li Chongjiu suddenly withdrew his emotions and said, "Today’s ri is my opening government to build teeth. On whether the officials of the secretariat government or the chief government must handle affairs carefully and not neglect them."

After saying a few words about the scene, when we enter the topic, we will discuss the division and rule of counties and counties in the secretariat of Youzhou.
After two hours of deliberation, the people eliminated the initial formality and their respective suggestions were roughly the result.
Li Chongjiu has such forces as Liaodong County, Gujun County, Beiping County, Zhuojun County, Anle County, Yuyang County and Liaoxi County.
Yanmen County was temporarily incorporated into Valley County, Su Su, that is, Valley County and Yanmen County, and Valley County, which is under the jurisdiction of nine counties, was temporarily designated as County County, and Su Su was appointed from three.
A surname of Gaochu County from four
Zhao Wansan, the former county magistrate of Feihu County, moved to the right and Shi Congwu, the county magistrate.
Deputy captain Chen Ke from five
In Liaodong County, there were two towns, namely, Tongding Huaiyuan, but huaiyuan town was merged into Liaoxi County because Goguryeo repeatedly crossed the south of Liaoning and invaded Tongding Town.
However, the Ding clan of the Mohong nationality in Liaoxi County has been growing in strength with Li Chongjiu’s repeated expeditions, and has been constantly sinicized, so it has the ability of their own tribes to lead and build cities.
Li Chongjiu decided to set up two more counties in Liaoxi County besides Liucheng County, so Jiatongding Town in Liaoxi County has four counties under its jurisdiction, Dingzhong County.
Yang Linfu, the chief of Liaoxi County and Liaodong County, is the fourth.
A surname Zhao Queer from four.
Li Chongjiu, who established two new counties in the Hudong Ding ethnic group, also sent officials to administer the Hudong ethnic group. The newly established county is located in the former site of Yan Dou Longcheng County, which is still called Longcheng County, and the county established by the Yuding ethnic group is located in Liaoxi County, south of Liucheng County, which was called Changli County in ancient times.
There is a county under the jurisdiction of the three counties of Yuyang Anle in Beiping. Although the land of the county is vast, the number of counties is not more than two or three thousand. For example, Liu Yi, the chief of Anle County, is four.
At the same time, Li Chongjiu also ordered Zhou Bozheng, the county magistrate of Beiping County, to be responsible for the future construction of Haiyan Yantian in Sanchahekou.
After the discussion, when all the officials left after the meeting, Li Chongjiu left Wen Yanbo, Chen Xiaoyi, Wei Zhi Jichuan, Weichi Gong Wang Mahan Xu Wu and other military generals came together.
After they had a simple meal and had a full meal, Li Chongjiu said to the people, "It’s not appropriate to transfer county soldiers to the counties after the establishment of the secretariat of the army. I decided to draw elite county soldiers and compile pro-guard troops directly under the secretariat of the government."
Listen to Li Chongjiu, and everyone knows that this is expected.
Yan Yanmen County has 3,500 soldiers, Fan Army has 500 soldiers in Valley County, Qianzhuo County, 10,000 soldiers in Liaoxi County and Liaodong County, with 2,500 soldiers in grassland riding regiment, with 6,000 soldiers in total.
In addition, there are still some troops stationed in Yuyang County, Beiping County, Anle County, or still waiting to be reorganized, but there are two or three thousand people in total.
This is Li Chongjiu’s current standing military strength of around 30,000.
Li Chongjiu said, "Do you have any opinions on how much the government troops will be stationed everywhere after the establishment and how many county soldiers will be transferred from the county soldiers?"
After Li Chongjiu finished, everyone talked with each other.
After discussing for a while, Wen Yanbo spoke before saying, "Gu Gong and I think that the establishment of the government army is a strong and weak branch. It is a legal practice, but if the elite is transferred from the county soldiers, it will not greatly weaken the strength of the original county soldiers. We are surrounded by powerful enemies. If the county soldiers are too weak, it will not be enough to guard the place. If some county soldiers are transferred at the same time, the fighting capacity of the new government army will be insufficient and we will not be able to rely on it in the future."
After Wen Yanbo finished speaking, Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "This is very good. Before this case, there was something wrong. You are surrounded by enemies. The local military strength cannot be weak. What do you think?"
Weichi Gong said, "At the end of Gu Gong’s proposal, it is better to directly compile all the county soldiers into government soldiers, and Gu Gong will send them to each county, while the local government will raise rural soldiers to hold their own for two years."
Aside Wei Zhi said, "It’s too heavy for us to give 30,000 yuan to the six counties of Youzhou and the grassland mouth. At present, the commissary depends on the granary of Zhuojun County and the looting of Koguryo and the capture of the Khitan Xi Coalition forces. However, if we don’t abolish the county soldiers and raise the township soldiers to guard the place, the commissary consumption will not be supported at the beginning of the year."
Li Chongjiu’s heart is quite in favor of Weichi Gong’s suggestion, but Wei Zhi’s words are disappointing to Li Chongjiu. Wei Zhi’s strength is that he knows that Li Chongjiu can’t refute it face to face, but his eyes are competing for the time when others are expanding their troops and he has to take care of the local people’s livelihood, which really makes Li Chongjiu a little anxious.
However, Wei Zhi does have a point. If we want to take care of the people’s livelihood, although the situation is slow, it will be beneficial in the long run. If we give Li Chong a full development in 1990 and 1950, these contradictions are not a problem. However, it happened that Li Yuan’s rise in China was too fast, and if he did not contain it, once Li Tang became himself, Li Miliu of Dou Jiande would give in easily.
Li Chongjiu will set up a government army to expand his army this time, and Li Tang will pave the way for taking Taiyuan in World War I.
At this time, Chen Xiaoyi, who has been silent, began to say, "Gu Gong, I suggest that the township soldiers can defend the local area and settle the land on their own, and at the same time give their families two years of money and one meter."
When Chen Xiaoyi said this, everyone nodded and said that it was indeed a good policy.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but look at Wei Zhi from Dayue and ask, "Wei Jun is so awesome."
Wei Zhi thought about it and couldn’t help saying, "This is a solution, but Beizhi can suggest that Gu Gong should not recruit too many rural soldiers, so the local tax will be greatly reduced."
Li Chongjiu nodded his head and said, "I know that if it is not appropriate for the local villagers to raise taxes for two years, they will be reduced by one year or halved in two years."
When they heard this, they all said, "Promise."
Li Chongjiu said to everyone, "I have decided to join forces with Youzhou to send troops to Taiyuan in September!"
People already know the news, but they don’t know that Li Chongjiu is going to send troops to Taiyuan. They can’t help thinking, and they have no support or opposition.
Chapter three hundred and forty In the seven thousand village again
Li Chongjiu was the first to break the silence when he heard that he was going to attack Youzhou Jichuan. "Gu Gongyan Li Yuan is in a strong position in the middle, and if we pull out the tiger, I’m afraid we will offend each other."
Li Chongjiu heard the words and denounced, "If we don’t attack Li Yuan, won’t Li Yuan attack us?"
Ji Chuan decided not to speak when he saw Li Chongjiu’s intention.
Wei Zheng also said, "If the troops are very large, Wei Mou wants to suggest that all counties in Zhuojun should be sponsored by major businesses to raise funds, and most of the government will be responsible for the remaining funds. Each county should run three more private schools to invite Confucian scholars to teach and engrave books so that more poor brothers can read."
Li Chongjiu’s heart-felt way of saying that more younger brothers can read, and that knowledge does not monopolize the hands of the gentry is beneficial to the present and future generations.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help saying, "Wei Junshou is a good idea."
Wei Zhi sighed, "But if the county garrison soldiers and the township soldiers raise taxes this year, it will not be enough."
Li Chongjiu was silent for a while. Wang Mahan said, "Why don’t you beat Tang gaozu? This fellow always hates it. Don’t take this opportunity to make him an old man who can’t hold back this tone."
Wei Zheng Jichuan listened to Wang Mahan and thought of Li Chongjiu’s Li Yuan feud. They also knew that Li Chongjiu treated them with great respect and sometimes let them speak frankly and didn’t reprimand them, but they were afraid to say it again.
Wei Zhi said, "In this case, think again."
Yoshikawa also said "good"
Li Chongjiu saw Wei Zhi Yoshikawa regress when he said, "Let’s discuss this matter again. I’ll find a way to open up new sources of income and flow more money."
When Wei Zheng of Jichuan saw that Li Chongjiu didn’t scold them, he decided to force himself to send troops alone, but he couldn’t help feeling that Li Chongjiu attached importance to their opinions.
They both said "promise"
Shi ‘ai County, Taiyuan County
Seven thousand stockaded villages and mountains are still misty, and the folk songs of the woodcutter and the floating girl are still endless.
"This way, General!"
On the side of the mountain road, there is a county, county and county government. At this moment, I actually picked up the firewood knife mountain and cut down thorns along the way.
After the arrest, Shi ‘ai County Magistrate, Xian Cheng County Commandant and Six Cao officials were all dressed in official clothes, and they were all serving the man in white with smiling faces.
The man with a sword around his waist and a roll of left-handed towel tied to Lin Zong will know that it is a civil and military couple, which is even more distinguished.
The white-clothed student looked at these parents in Shiai County and said calmly, "You don’t have to send someone to the mountain because Zeng Fu came here but revisited the old place."
Hearing this, the county magistrate surnamed Zeng quickly made an apology and said, "General Yin, where did you hear that you have been to the county magistrate? It’s a humble honor for an official here to listen to the teachings."