The ten-party war emperor’s eyes rested on the blue wind emperor, and he was well known by Yang Mo-ren. I think what this treasure really is should be very clear in the heart of the blue wind emperor.
Even the Mo Xie Emperor, who has always been calm and motionless, can’t hide a trace of expectation at the moment.
In the face of people’s sight, the blue wind sent the emperor to smile bitterly in his heart. If this kind of thing is really available, then his wind family has already soared in strength and surpassed many families in the tribe to become a real palm of the dark army.
But unfortunately
If you put your ideas here, you can encourage Yang Mo to display the treasure of blood madness, so don’t worry about it.
This kind of thing is a rare thing that my Feng family occasionally gets a blood-crazy practitioner to dilute the blood and add other treasures. The quantity is less than 100 capsules, which is a life-saving thing given to the important brother of the family in times of crisis.
Qing Feng Tian Di said with a wry smile and shook his head. Obviously, this is also quite depressing in my heart.
Mo Xie Tiandi and others can’t help showing disappointment, but they believe in the words of Qingfeng Tiandi for seven points.
After all, if the Feng family really holds such a treasure, I’m afraid it’s too early for others to move and not be as calm as eyes.
It takes blood madness to cultivate blood to refine treasures.
The number of people shaking their heads and frantically practicing blood is rare, and it may not be possible for tens of thousands of years. It seems that it is impossible to meet a desire to equip the army.
Qing Feng Tiandi shook his head slowly. Now that Yang Mo has entered a state of blood madness, there is nothing possible to lead the competition this time. It seems that the family planning will change accordingly.
All this was caused by a little commander.
This bloody fly really deserves to die.
But eye Yang ink power enough to sweep the blood king enemy power must kill this person is very simple.
Emperor will be interesting to see how you can escape this time.
Qing Feng Tiandi’s eyes rested on Meng Fei’s mouth and he couldn’t help holding a ferocious sneer.
Other war emperor at the moment the same eyebrows slightly wrinkled eyes light regret.
This blood fly strength is not weak, good training should be able to achieve a climate, but it’s really bad luck to meet Yang Mo after madness.
It’s impossible for him to survive the third punch.
In the dark legion into blood crazy shock when Yang Mo has instant hand at the moment his body skyrocketing eyes red blood in vitro trend fierce, like to choose people and eat human demons generally growled in the hand at the moment.
Fist boom, full of blood force, instantly wrapped its body in tumbling, and instantly condensed to its arm.
Bullying broke out from it and swept the pole.
Meng Fei was slightly changed and his eyes flashed a little cold. It seems that Yang Mo is determined to kill him.
If it were someone else, I’m afraid I’d lose my life in this Yang Mo punch even with the blood of the enemy at the same level.
But today, his opponent is Meng Fei, whose real fighting power transcends the blood emperor’s terror. If he didn’t dare to explode for fear of revealing his identity, he would have blown this little Yang Mo to pieces.
Although the heart is surging with pitfalls, Meng Fei’s surface is faint with fear. It seems that he can resist the strong blood force and break through the body and build a strong defense shield in vitro.
Go to hell, Yang Mo looked at the front and panicked and propped up the spiritual shield. The little guy’s mouth couldn’t help but show cruelty. At this moment, the strength of the earth was spinning wildly, and he couldn’t feel lingering, which made Yang Mo fall into deep intoxication.
He now has an illusion that he can be blocked by a piece of heaven and earth, and he can smash the obstacles with one punch.
This little blood king is dying.
The terrible noise sent out a strong blood force and instantly flooded the battlefield. Fortunately, it was forbidden to bear the training of millions of dark legion soldiers. It was stronger than this, but it still broke out with strong fluctuations and trembled at the moment.
The blood force churning is blocking everyone’s line of sight. After a while, when everything is calm, people who are hit by Yang Mohong’s dozens of feet and still don’t fall down look very dignified.