Fu Haotian knows that Dr. Gu Qing is not as famous as Song Qingdan in Zhongyuan City, but he is also an expert in rejuvenation.

Three years ago, Fu Junzhan missed the best opportunity to treat the injury, which led to the deterioration of the injury. Fu Chenxiu’s strength was the lowest, and the possibility of serious injury was the greatest. From Li Gang’s action, this time he brought a private doctor as a precaution, or it may be to make up for the accidental injury of Fu Junzhan three years ago.
Fu Haotian’s hatred for Li Gang’s injury to Fu Junzhan was also reduced by his move, and he turned his attention to the five stone platforms with a generous smile.
Li Gang, on the other hand, saw Fu Haotian’s face change without missing anything, secretly sneered at me for fear that your baby Sun Fuchen would not die completely in the battle before bringing my personal doctor.
It’s so sentimental. I don’t know how a person like you can make the Fu family sit as the first family of the Empire.
After today’s race, my Li family will become the largest family in the empire, and no one can hold me down.
At this moment, 20 guards with knives came from the entrance of the square and heard people shout that the great prime minister of Wan Empire, Wei Shi, had arrived.
Mr. Qin Yong, the owner of Wandi Lewei Gate, arrived.
Mr. Mo Wenqing, vice president of Wandi Wanyuan, the first Confucian, arrived.
Tens of thousands of people in the square immediately stopped making noise and all eyes were fired at the entrance of the square.
Ps everyone thinks this is a conspiracy in the novel, so it’s sad. This is a small conspiracy and a big conspiracy is about to be revealed.
Chapter ninety-three Busy force
Chapter ninety-three Busy force
Mo Wenqing, vice president of Qin Yong Wanyuan, the owner of Wei Shicheng’s Xiang Le Wei door, said that these three people are the top figures in the pyramid, and the four families are still in charge of different plates.
Tens of thousands of people came to whisper, and the square immediately became a novel.
The heads of the four families saw the three men coming to the horse and stood up to meet them.
After greeting, several people sat in the front and arranged seats for them, but their seats were in the most favorable place to watch the war, which also shows the importance of the ranking of the four major families in the ten thousand empires
Mo wenqing, the first Confucian scholar in the empire of ten thousand, walked alone. One of the platforms cleared his throat and there was no sound of luck, but it was very clear and sent to tens of thousands of people.
It’s a bit abrupt to abandon the other six families together when the Empire is once every three years.
In such a warm atmosphere, this is not the time to think about this problem. It is also in Fu Chen’s mind that the six families will not take part in the competition, and it is also time to save the waves here.
At this time, a maid came to the stage with a bamboo tube in her hand and four bamboo sticks in it.
Mo wenqing smiled and whispered, here are four bamboo sticks, two numbers, one or two numbers, and the four of you will each draw a word, which will be the same as each other, and then the two sides will win and lose, and they will each play a decisive championship. You can understand.
Fu Chen nodded. It seems that I’m going to play two games. It’s best to let me touch that bastard Li Ganger Yi Lee.
He saw a pale paper. Fu Jun’s heart was filled with murder during the war. Li Gang almost killed my father. This time, I will take revenge, even if I can’t kill his son, Yi Lee will lose his half life.
Mo wenqing seems to feel something. In the process of the track-sinking competition, you must not assassinate the hand and lose the ability to resist after being knocked down, or you will lose the platform. Let’s draw lots.
Fu Chen pie pie had better let me draw a bamboo stick in Yi Lee, that bastard took one look at it and wrote "Yes" when he met, and then gave it to Mo Wen Qing.
The other three people have also given the bamboo sticks to Mo Wenqing.
Mo asked Qing to look at the square of tens of thousands of people in Taiwan and said Fu Chen to Yi Lee flowering period to Schelling.
Tens of thousands of people in Taiwan are calling to decide their fate. It’s time for the four families to discuss which one will win in the end, and the forces will be re-divided. At that time, it’s also the time when these families rise, and they can only fish when water is mixed.