When he took the magic spar in the underground world, it was already gone.

Since this man can own two fairy pieces, it is not surprising that he has a large number of magic stones. Even if he doesn’t hire us, he will kill him and take away many treasures from him. However, when we enter the Northern Yuan Empire, we will hide our identity and bite this man tightly to find an opportunity to secretly kill him.
The expression on the face of silver moon Star Thief.
After flying for half a day, Meng Fei vaguely felt that a powerful force was suppressing the vitality of the earth in the distance on the horizon, and it seemed to be an extremely magnificent and vast building.
He quickly flew up, and it looked like a piece of white at the end of the horizon. The closer he flew, the more he saw that white was actually a wall.
The wall is full of hundreds of people, all white and spotless, and tall buildings have sprung up one after another.
From a distance, there are many people everywhere in the city, and the roads outside the city are accessible
Even people fly around and fall into the city.
I can’t see Meng Fei in a country. I want to see the end of the city, but at first glance, the city seems to be endless. The head is full of tall houses and wide streets. The palaces are connected to thousands of rivers thousands of miles away, and the waves are rippling through the city.
Seeing this situation, Meng Fei almost opened his mouth. He had never seen such a magnificent city stretching for thousands of miles.
The first imperial capital on earth is big enough. The ancient capital of the historical dynasty is full of shops and commercial buildings. I don’t know how many miles of long streets are thriving, but now compared with this unknown big city of Wan Li, it’s almost a small city.
Yes, it’s just that the countryside is dirty, chaotic and backward
Even a famous White House official lives in the main hall, which is not as clean as a slightly larger shop in this city.
Not to mention the huge palaces in the city.
The Northern Yuan Empire is the first empire in the world. When people see this city, they will be afraid of it, and they will have a minister’s mind. While sighing, Meng Fei will show his body, but he will change his appearance and become a cold man in black and gradually land in the big city.
Because many monks fly around in the sky, it is obvious that this big city does not prohibit people from flying.
Meng Fei landed on a wide street in the city, and pedestrians on the roadside made him look envious and even more controversial.
This is a master of speaking and speaking, definitely that imposing manner. I can tell that those who fly with the help of the God of War soldiers are different. When can I practice to this extent?
Where do we have enough Dan medicine to practice until we reach the imperial level and then go to the secular battlefield of the Northern Yuan Empire to register for good luck, so that Lingxing Shi Fangfa hopes to practice.
Let’s think about how to earn Lingxing Stone before buying Dan medicine.
Patrol soldiers are coming. Let’s take cover.
However, a step came from the other side of the street. Meng Fei saw that it was a group of 100 soldiers, all wearing a yellow armor and armed with spears. The strength was magnificent, and everyone was emperor-level.
This is a patrol soldier.
Actually, everyone is an emperor. In some secular countries, the emperor is here, but here he is a little soldier.
Meng Fei listened to some people’s comments, or wandered around the city street looking for shops selling exotic medicinal materials.
Strolling in the broad street of the Northern Yuan Empire, Meng Fei felt a great atmosphere of a great country, and even his brother Fadan felt a burst of shock to this dreamy city.
After swimming for a moment, Meng Fei got an understanding of some local conditions and customs of the Northern Yuan Empire.
All the people in the Northern Yuan Empire are strong and powerful, and they are especially good at keeping in good health. Especially, there are no hungry people and no other countries. Those who call flowers seem to have food and clothing for everyone, which makes Meng Fei feel greatly.
Moreover, most ordinary residents practice some superficial martial arts, even weak women seem to know the moves very well and know the changes of strength, rigidity and softness.
Some well-off residents actually practice hard.
In other secular countries, it is hard to cultivate to the extreme, but it can be regarded as strong enough to be a general and lead thousands of military forces to fight in the battlefield. It is hard to say that it is a good title, but it is also an ordinary resident here.
Even the patrol soldiers are emperor-level, not to mention the national quality of the largest empire this day.
Meng Fei knew that ordinary farmers in the Northern Yuan Dynasty planted rice as a kind of jade emperor rice, which was the most good at absorbing the essence of the earth and extremely nourishing people, and the yield per mu was 350 thousand Jin, so that hundreds of millions of people in the Northern Yuan Dynasty did not show signs of starvation
Meng Fei is walking in a wide street, which is paved with white stones and spotless. Fifty wagons can walk side by side. The drainage ditches on both sides of the street are not a ditch, but more than ten wide rivers. Every 500 steps, the bridge is Wan Gong Jin Shui River.
After crossing the bridge, there are all kinds of shops, each of which is resplendent in decoration, not inferior to an imperial palace, behind which are manors or tall buildings.
People come and go through the sky, while some people fly from top to bottom, holding Taoist vestments or godlike monks. In other empires, riding in sedan chairs is a symbol of strength.
Meng Fei strolled for a long time and secretly looked at the three killers of Pojun Black silver moon, but he didn’t feel it as expected.
At this moment, a huge shop attracted Meng Fei’s attention.
This shop occupies a 10-mile-long street, with bright red walls of tall houses, and several people carved with jade and unicorn, and there are a series of meticulous and powerful guards in yellow vests at the door. These guards are all masters of the holy level.