Later, it was said that they killed the elder sister and hung them on the wall to respect them.

Yaqi said it would be good to leave a corpse for them.
One-night talk
The next day, at first light, Feng and others were woken up by hotel guests, which probably meant that three bodies were hung on the wall last night, saying that the government had intervened in the investigation. Although the government had intervened, many guys who had done something wrong were afraid that death would find themselves.
It’s because Ye Feng wants to make a sensation in the city. It’s about telling which killers not to be too crazy, but it’s not very vain for Ye Feng to listen to some places. Ask Yaqidao Xiaoqi if you didn’t tamper with the body when you left last night.
Yaqi rubbed his sleepy eyes and said, Boss, I didn’t tamper with the body when I left last night.
Ye Feng said, "How can death be said? Now the man you met last night is really a god of death, but he can’t let you two go."
Yaqi later heard Ye Feng say this and tried to recall last night. Suddenly Yaqi patted his head and said, Boss, although it was very dark last night, I still saw that the figure was not a man or a woman because Yaqi’s hand drew a half arc on his chest.
Erle saw Yaqi’s obscenity and kicked Yaqi’s ass. Yaqi didn’t know Erle raided and fell down. Yaqi got up and asked Second Sister, what did you hit me for?
Er Le blushed and said, When did you become so bad? If you are a woman, just say it. Why do you want to do it? Isn’t this looking for a fight?
Ye Feng Dao, don’t make trouble with Yaqi. Are you sure it’s a woman?
Yaqi said, whether it’s a man or a woman, I still get it.
Later, I said that Boss Xiaoqi never boasted, and I’m sure it was a woman, but her figure was better than that of eleven sisters here. Later, as soon as the words fell, everyone smelled a barbecue and then a scream came in from the window.
Tieyites City is a medium-sized city in the Moon and Spring Empire. Because it is located in a mountainous area with a particularly small population, it has a population of more than 500,000 people. Although it is a small population, Tieyites City’s people’s basic city magic martial arts has reached the level of God of War and care. It can be said that Tieyites City is a place where crouching tiger hides dragon.
These days, there are many strangers, caravan mercenaries, killers, etc. in Tieyites City. People in this humble city don’t want to ask anything, but it doesn’t affect their lives, even if the sky falls.
In the past few days, the restaurant tourism business has earned a lot of money. In a few days, when the turnover of the restaurant tourism industry has reached an alarming level, the shopkeepers are extremely happy. The shopkeepers will laugh when they sleep late and dream.
There’s no room here. A coarse voice shouted
I’m sorry, sir, but this place is full of people. You’d better go to another hotel to see the staff, the voice replied sweetly.
That rude voice scolded Ge Lao for coming to your shabby hotel if he returned his room from another hotel.
When the clerk heard the customer move, the curse turned cold and said, I’m sorry, sir, but this place is full of people. You’d better go to another hotel and have a look
When people are full, ask others to move out. After living here for the past few days, throw a hundred gold coins to the counter clerk, pick them up and return them to the abusive person and say, Sir, we, our business rules, don’t you teach us how to do business? As I said just now, this place is full of people. Please go to another hotel and have a look.
If you say one more word, believe it or not, tear down your store immediately. Your tone is very arrogant.
You dare to make trouble here, I will immediately report it to the duke, and the listener also said
Forget it. Dro doesn’t have a room. Let’s go to the second place and see if the thick man is being pulled by his companion.
Dro got rid of his companion’s pull and put his weapon mace on the counter. He said that it was always the killer guild personnel who called your duke. Even if your duke came, he would make me three points. Dro said that he was a killer guild personnel and he would be afraid, but I didn’t expect the clerk to say, Oh, it’s a killer guild, a group of pigs. Who am I? Finally, he said coldly, if you are not a killer guild member, I would be afraid that you are the most famous killer guild president in mainland China. If you see me, you should kneel down and apologize, or I will leave you sideways
Dro’s companion knows that Tieyites City is a place where crouching tiger, hidden dragon is hidden. Just one member dares to say such a thing, not to mention the owner. Dro’s companion said, Don’t forget us. We are not here to make trouble.
Dro obscene eyes looked at the way and said, Hum, smelly bitch, you’re lucky today. Sooner or later, you’ll have to fuck yourself to death. When you finish, you’ll be dragged away by your companions
After johndroe left, she exuded an extremely powerful murderous look from the member’s eyes, and then she came back with murderous look, which made her smile, but she didn’t know that murderous look was noticed by someone.
Every move of the counter was made by Ye Feng and others. Yaqi said, Boss, it seems that you are right to speculate that we have only been in Tieyi City for a few days, and everyone who wants to find our target knows that we are hiding here.