Master Meng knew that his curiosity was heavy, so he simply explained that there are three levels of summoning talismans: human summoning talismans, king summoning talismans, and holy summoning talismans. As the name suggests, each summoning talismans is strong and weak, and the strength of animal spirits in them is directly linked.

However, even in ancient times, it was rare to call the talisman at the royal level, which was even rarer. At that time, most of the people who traveled in the mainland called the talisman at the human level, but now because the method of calling the talisman has been lost, it is more precious to call the talisman at the human level.
Meng Fei wondered that the method of calling the talisman had been lost. Dad, you got these two calling talismans in your hand.
Master Meng was slightly proud that he got his training from the ancient secret land. Most of them were withdrawn and lived in seclusion in the mountains and dense forests, and their traces were found in every cave in the mountains and dense forests.
Those ancient practitioners who died of old age or illness or died in caves by accident often called talismans, but because most of those ancient practitioners lived in remote and dangerous places, it was more difficult than ordinary people to find their remains.
Even if you find luck, you may not get a summoning charm in them. Even if you call a charm, it may not be intact. Every summoning charm is very rare. Chapter 73 No one knows the secret.
Meng Fei was dumbfounded. It seems that there are still many inhuman secrets in this continent. After thinking for a while, he said that those ancient practices should be banned in their own abode of fairies and immortals before they die. It’s up to you to fix them, isn’t it?
Master Meng, however, knows the meaning of Meng Fei’s words. It is absolutely impossible for him to break the ban of ancient cultivation. However, some ancient cultivators will still be able to fix their abode of fairies and immortals in a fixed place.
Every time you start, you will let some people in, and you have chosen people who are suitable for practicing your own skills.
Of course, those who never start and die in the secret realm will take a chance. Maybe that day, because of some kind of forbidden place in the secret realm, they will invade and eat a hole in a certain place, so that people with strange fate may somehow enter it.
Speaking of which, Master Meng said that my father was crazy for a while when he was young, and he searched everywhere for a secret place and wanted the family to find one or two achievement methods, but who didn’t find the achievement methods to let me get two summoning charms? Unfortunately, I stayed in that secret place for a long time and was dumped because of the accidental contact.
Every secret realm is very dangerous. Not only fierce monsters guard more strange traps, but people who enter it often fight and fight. In the face of the secret realm, the treasures in it are brothers and sisters who may kill each other. You can trust others.
Meng Fei thought that all precious and rare things are enough to cause others to be greedy and dangerous, so I estimate that there will never be fewer people dying in the secret land.
Master Meng nodded his head and said, it’s good. Usually hundreds of people go in, but they can often come alive. But only a few people, many adventures or mainland rangers rushed in after discovering a secret place, but their strength was not enough and their minds were not high, and they all died in it.
Even if you find a secret place before you are strong all day, try not to touch it
Of course, many secret places have been occupied by some powerful forces today. Every few years, they will let people go in to explore treasures. Such a fixed secret place can take a chance after you become a star.
Meng Fei nodded and shook his head again, but although he has reached this level, he still won’t touch those who have been occupied by people.
It is conceivable that the secret land has been occupied by those powerful forces for so many years, and the treasure inside is afraid of being searched by them for a long time. Moreover, even if he is really lucky, he will easily let him go if he finds a treasure in that secret land.
Throwing his master’s advice aside, he didn’t think much, because he didn’t want to die in the secret world, even if the treasures in it lost their lives, what would it matter if they wanted those treasures?
But Meng Fei hasn’t realized that since he came to this world, many things can’t be decided by himself, and even if he were alive again, this will not change.
Phil came with me to the ancestral temple and watched for a long time. Meng Fei Meng Gulong smiled and said, you have grown up now, and it’s time to tell you something.
I don’t know anything about this Meng Fu. Meng Fei was surprised by a mansion. He knows a lot about things big and small. What else can he escape?
Moreover, family members generally live in the front yard of the mansion, and the dilapidated ancestral temple has been abandoned for many years. If there were not some real martial arts in it, people would have forgotten it.
Although a family change was put down today, there is no need to sacrifice ancestors. It is neither a sacrifice to ancestors, nor is it so mysterious to take yourself to the ancestral temple. Meng Fei is full of doubts.
Hey, what kind of secret is hidden in the ancestral temple? The drunken road will be released. Now we are trying our best. We can make a guess at this time. Although we know that it is difficult to predict, we believe that the power of the masses is great. Chapter 74 Horrible background
Meng Gulong took Meng Fei out of the room and walked along the moss-covered slate trail towards the backyard.
Cold water in late autumn night
The cool breeze blowing to Meng Fei is not a chill, because he didn’t feel the atmosphere unusual. It seems that this Meng Fu really has no secrets, otherwise the master would not be so serious.
Follow master Meng Fei into the ancestral temple.
When Meng Fei just came in, the master creaked and closed the ancestral hall door.
After a long time, Meng Gulong was silent before his ancestors died.
Meng Fei’s heart is full of doubts at the moment. It’s quiet and quiet in an ancestral temple, which makes people feel depressed.
Suddenly Meng Gulong turned around and stared at Meng Fei, solemnly saying that Feier today, no matter what you see or hear, remember that you can’t reveal a word to the outside world, or you will be a family and will be wiped out.
So serious that Meng Fei felt his heart thump thump fast.
Involved in a family security secret will be what things Meng Fei heart also look forward to it is he dare not.
Meng Gulong’s face was covered with a touch of luxury. Lang said, Feier, do you know how many dynasties and empires Meng Gulong turned his head to look at Meng Fei?
Meng Fei’s eyes lit up and nodded. I know I have seen it in unofficial history. Although there are countless countries in Wanxing continent, there are only a few countries with the title of imperial empire, and among these imperial empires, Noah’s Empire Dahua Dynasty Luo Xiu Empire Farr Alliance is the most powerful.
Meng Gulong nodded his head with satisfaction, and suddenly reached out and pressed it to listen to the roar of a coffin. After this row of coffins, he turned over a row of coffins, and this row of coffins was made of crystal, which showed that these characters all contained noble blood before their death.
When Meng Fei saw the handwriting in this row of spirits, he felt his brain suddenly humming.
In Meng Fei’s view, one’s own family is a rather small Wulin family, even in this water city, it is not top-notch, but this seemingly insignificant Meng family has a jaw-dropping background, that is, the Montessori royal family.
The Montenegrin royal family, the four super dynasties in Wanxing mainland and the alliance country of Farr.
Shuijiangcheng Mengfu can be regarded as a side of the Montessori royal family in a certain way, but for Meng Fei, who has never left Shuijiangcheng and has never left Dahua Dynasty.
This Montague royal family, which has amazing strength in Farr Union, is really too far away and strange.
Then Meng Fei learned from his master that they were actually once members of the Montessori royal family. However, when Meng Fei’s great-great grandfather lost his command in a certain war, he was sent to the frontier by the royal family.
Wandering all the way to this river city.
Here, Meng Fei’s great-great-grandfather established this small Montessori family, relying on small travelling expenses to make a living, and tried his best to return to the Farr Union for decades.
He has worked hard for decades to fulfill this wish.
However, his efforts have not achieved much effect, because his mistakes are far away, and he may have lost his trip to his old country again, so he can hit his idea elsewhere.
And this is the Montessori royal family once in twenty years. Chapter seventy-six Aim at stupidity.