As soon as Zhang Xiaotian entered the tunnel. From around the channel, layers of orange dim light poured out to cover Zhang Xiaotian. Zhang Xiaotian knew that this was the dim light that Chen Sheng and the red ghost just said. Suddenly. A light blue light from Zhang Xiaotian’s body propped up a mask around Zhang Xiaotian, and the dim light was blocked by the mask, so I couldn’t get in immediately.

Zhang Xiao, as in the heavenly heart, sighed, and this light blue mask is the place where the hell was banned in his body. Being banned by such a ban is tantamount to giving your life to hell. Iron brand impermanence should be lifted once a month, while bronze brand impermanence should be lifted at least once every two months, otherwise, production will be banned and you will die of pain. The degree of pain is definitely not worse than the torture in the 18-story little hell.
Zhang Xiaotian walked slowly forward. In a short time. Zhang Xiaotian only feel shine at the moment, came to a hall.
Two black-and-white impermanents on duty in the hall of this impermanence are having a boring conversation. Suddenly I felt a white light coming from the light curtain leading to hell, and I couldn’t help but be surprised! They remember clearly that the black and white impermanence in charge of this impermanence is not in hell. Now there are ghosts coming from hell, isn’t it … the new boss, the bronze medal is impermanent? The shadow of the road is galloping with disease.
This person is Zhang Xiaotian who returned to the secular world. After hitting those two black-and-white impermanence, Zhang Xiaotian went out.
Smelling the long-lost breath of the secular world, Zhang Xiaotian was excited all the way. This time, he was lucky. The impermanence of the passage happened to be in the same province and city as his home. It’s not too far away from A city, where my home is located, only a few hundred miles away. Zhang Xiao’s celestial pole can be reached in less than half an hour.
In a short time, Zhang Xiaotian came to H city, which is adjacent to A city. The cremation factory in H city was one of the goals set by Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi before, but it had to be abandoned because of the sudden rise of Dongpo Village and the appearance of Su Tai. See again now, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help feeling a lot.
Suddenly, as Zhang Xiao moved, he had the idea of going to see the cremation factory in H city again, but this idea was soon abandoned by Zhang Xiaotian. Let’s go home first. After leaving for more than a year, he was most worried about his parents. When he left, Yang Xiaodi didn’t offend those big powers less. Yang Xiaodi has eyes of yin and yang, Zhang Xiaotian is at ease, but Zhang Xiaotian is afraid that they have found their parents. His parents are only mortal, and those big powers can hurt them by sending a ghost repair at random.
Thought of here, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help stepping up the pace again, trying to course the soul force and mobilize the surrounding energy. Degree, has passed the tone.
Seeing the shabby yard at home, Zhang Xiaotian’s mind trembled as if he had been struck by lightning!
Something happened to mom and dad? This was Zhang Xiaotian’s first thought.
"noting-"Zhang Xiaotian trembling hands, gently pushed the tattered door.
There are several pits in the yard, and there are several big holes in the wall of the house. Touched gently by Zhang Xiaotian’s hands, several layers of lime immediately fell from above.
There must be a fight here! See this scene, Zhang Xiaotian is very sure. Looking a little pale.
Where are mom and dad?
All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotian body movement, flash to the outside.
A middle-aged slightly fat man is passing outside the hospital.
This is his former neighbor, Uncle Fat! Zhang Xiaotian instantly recognized.
Zhang Xiaotian suddenly appeared behind him and called to him, "Uncle, can I ask you something?"
Ghost repair can’t change his appearance, at least Zhang Xiaotian can’t do it now. However, the ghost repair in the ghost period can make ordinary people hallucinate by using their own spiritual energy. Zhang Xiaotian is now a ghost repair in the ghost period. Doing this is naturally very simple. He now makes his fat uncle feel like a big boy he doesn’t know.
"Hey? What do you want to inquire about? " Fat uncle, although a little surprised, suddenly appeared a young man behind him, but he thought it was that he didn’t pay attention at the moment. Seeing that the young man was very polite, he couldn’t help but ask with a smile.
"I am a former classmate of Zhang Xiaotian. I went out two years ago and never came back. I want to find him when I come back now, but how did his family become like this? " Zhang Xiaotian tone nervous asked.
"Are you Xiao Tian’s classmate? Alas, Xiao Tian is a good boy! You’re late. He died last year … "Fat uncle said with a sigh when he heard that he was Zhang Xiaotian’s classmate.
"Xiao days passed away? What about his parents? " Zhang Xiaotian asked in a tone of surprise.
"The sea them?" Fat uncle a listen to Zhang Xiaotian asked, so his face is not some hesitation.
"What happened to them?" Zhang Xiaotian not nervous asked.
Fat uncle is some silence.
"Xiao Tian and I are as close as brothers. Now that he is gone, his parents are my parents. I must take good care of them. Uncle, is something wrong with them? " See fat uncle has been silent, Zhang Xiaotian almost cried.
"Young man, don’t worry! They did have an accident in the sea! " Fat uncle saw that the young man was about to cry, so he couldn’t help saying quickly.
"Something wrong?" Zhang Xiaotian murmured, a roar in my mind.
"Yes! This was years ago. At that time, at night, the small courtyard in the sea suddenly thundered. I heard banging again! It seems that there are many people fighting. For a while. Everyone didn’t dare to go in, and soon. The sound disappears. When we went to see it again, they were both gone. A few days later, the public security bureau informed that gangsters were fighting that night. Dahai, they are all gangsters and have been arrested! Sentenced to 58 years in prison! Fifty-eight years I’m afraid they can’t get out in the future! " Fat uncle said slowly, with a low tone.
"What? Gangsters? Was arrested? " Zhang Xiaotian was surprised. How did he get involved with the secular forces?
"Yes! None of us believe it! I grew up with the sea. What don’t I know about him? Usually, they are honest, which is like mixed underworld material? I see, he must have offended the underworld and been sent to prison by them. Alas, today’s society … "Say that finish, Uncle Jiao is a face of sigh.
"That … that uncle have you seen Xiao Tian’s parents?" Zhang Xiaotian was slightly relieved to hear that his parents were not dead.
"See you! Why haven’t you seen it? At least they are neighbors for decades. If something happens to them, how can we not visit them? We don’t believe it, just look at them, and those underworld people can send us to the jail! Ten days after that, I was allowed to visit the prison. When I saw them at that time, they looked haggard and obviously suffered a lot in prison. Ask them. They don’t say anything. In fact, it’s useless for them to say anything. We have no skill and can’t save them. " Fat uncle here, eyes can’t help some reddish.
"So which prison are they in now?" Zhang Xiao, as in a sour, tight voice asked.
"In the sixth prison in our city!" Fat uncle said.
"The sixth prison?" Zhang Xiaotian murmured.