I laughed before Jin Xunu finished talking about Yi Yu! "Sad? Didn’t you just see Erfeng like that? If you really kill Sanfeng, maybe she will thank you well! Stir-fry two good dishes, iron a pot of wine, and then leak it overnight … "

Finally, at the beginning, Feng couldn’t help but drink! "Shut up! Yi Yu! What the hell are you doing? Our sisters and you have no hatred in the past, but they have no hatred in recent days! Why do you bully people like this! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I’m really angry! All right! The joke is over! Since you are so frank, I won’t beat around the bush. "
Everyone was shocked and startled. It turned out that this was just a joke! What if it’s serious!
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "But before I say my request, I want to ask you what you think of Ziyun Palace?"
At the beginning of the phoenix and others slightly one leng I don’t know what Yi Yu meant. Chu Feng said proudly, "Ziyun Palace is naturally a cave with excellent fortune, and it is an excellent cave. Even the Golden Whip Cliff of Qingcheng School may not be better than this place."
Yi Yu nodded and said, "It’s so good! What about your cultivation? Ziyun Palace can match our Golden Whip Cliff. Can your strength match my master Zhu Mei? "
At the beginning of the chicken and others a listen to this is one leng "has understood the meaning of Yi Yu. The so-called’ ordinary man is innocent. Huaibi is guilty!’ Now this Ziyun Palace is Choi and they are very likely to be the hapless’ ordinary people’!
Yi Yu pointed to Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng again and said, "Look! Although now it’s just the two of them and it’s just under the banner of looking for 6 Rongbo. But if you repel them this time, I’m afraid there will be more than two next time! What I don’t lack most is people! "
The RuanZheng two people face a stiff, although there is no special account above when this trip comes, but with their cleverness and alertness, it is not difficult to understand the meaning. Now it’s directly discovered by Yi Yu, so they take it as an example. But they are slightly angry.
The Ziyun Palace and others took a look at Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng. Although it is very painful, it is obvious that Ziyun Palace has attracted the interest of the two giants, Emei School and Qingcheng School. It is impossible to keep this inheritance only by their strength. But if so, I will give up, but I can’t be content anyway.
At this time, the winter show looked at Chufeng’s face change and seemed to be loose. "This can’t be done!" Without the inheritance of Ziyun Palace, how much we can achieve! How can I make a name for myself in the field of repairing the truth! But we must never let big princess retreat. "
Thought of here that winter show loudly: "Hum! Yi Yu! Although you are a great Taoist. But you can’t bully me and wait for ignorance! Are you the only ones in the world who are powerful now? I heard that the demon religion was full of arrogance after its comeback. I’m afraid it’s even more vigorous than your two factions! "
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "You are a beautiful girl. But are you asking me to call you treacherous? Or stupid? You want to drive the tiger away and let us both lose, so you can sit quietly and watch the tigers fight? But you forget that if you do, you must use Ziyun Palace as bait. But do you think throwing the bait of Ziyun Palace can really provoke us to fight? Don’t teach the devil to listen to you? What a joke! "
Then Yi Yu suddenly turned around. Drink a way: "Hey! I said that you two have been here for a long time, why don’t you show up and watch me solo? "
Everyone is frightened when they listen to Yi Yu’s words, especially the Ziyun Palace. Now it is the worst situation they can think of. Yi Yu has companions! Anyway, whoever it is. No one who can walk with Yi Yu is ordinary. Of course, at the beginning of the phoenix, they all thought it would be Shen Wusu, but this time they guessed wrong.
As soon as Yi Yu’s voice fell, he saw a wave on the surface of the water not far away, and the lotus princess flew up into the sky and just came to Yi Yu’s side. In fact, the two of them had already come, but they just didn’t show up underwater. Originally, there was no such idea as "ancient embalm" (a joke), but the lotus princess was just left behind by Yi Yu.
However, I felt resentful. This time, I also wanted Doby Yi Yu to stop hiding in the water. Until now, Yi Yu called out and appeared.
Yi Yu looked at the smiling Lotus Princess and said with a smile, "The Princess and Brother Cha are too unkind to do things. Why can’t we hide this from the three of us?" It seems that I am the only one who does evil. "
Cha Shuangying smiled quickly: "Dear brother, I can’t blame you for this. Just because the princess has a big face, she has already asked for it. How can I not respond?" Besides, what’s wrong with you being blamed for making the princess depressed first? "
Yi Yu pretended to be frightened and smiled: "Oh? When did I provoke your highness! "
Princess Lotus snorted coldly: "It’s no exaggeration to leave you here without saying hello just now!"
Yi Yu didn’t expect Princess Lotus to pick on him here, but he didn’t care about it and just smiled: "Oh? So it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left your highness alone. Loneliness is always a woman’s greatest enemy. If the princess doesn’t abandon me, I am very willing to accompany the princess for the rest of my life. "
Lotus princess slightly one leng but I didn’t expect Yi Yu to take the opportunity to speak to flirt with her! However, I don’t feel angry about such flirting with the Lotus Princess. Of course, it doesn’t mean that she likes Yi Yu so much. It’s just that there are no smelly rules in the magic religion. If you like a woman, you can say it directly or even make love naked! Of course, the other party has the right not to accept it, but it symbolizes the charm and glory of women.
But speaking of it, Princess Lotus is quite pitiful. She was originally the daughter of the old demon Lord of the demon religion, and she was extremely noble and cultivated very high under the careful teaching of her father since she was a child. These two things alone are enough to bombard the self-confidence of those eager suitors, and no one dares to provoke her. When watching the little sisters of the same age show off how many admirers they have, the poor lotus can only go home and find a dark room to practice.
Yi Yu, however, was the first man to express his love to Princess Lotus. Although his tone was a little frivolous and casual, it still touched Princess Lotus. However, I am moved by Yi Yu, a lewd, heartless and vicious kid, and there is nothing that can touch the heart of Princess Lotus!
Princess Lotus chuckled at her mouth. "You are the best at talking nonsense! What accompany me to relieve my boredom! There are so many beautiful wives and concubines in your family who have no time to make me happy. Seeing me now is just a novelty. If I really believe your dirty words, I don’t know where to cry in the future! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It’s the first time that I’ve seen the lotus princess who has been in good order all day." Although I think it’s interesting and I want to tease Princess Lotus, there are still important things at this time, but I can’t let go of such fun things.
The appearance of Cha Shuangying and Princess Lotus also shocked all the people in Ziyun Palace. Although they don’t recognize them yet, the way Yi Yu talks to them is obviously a friend of peers. And the beautiful woman called the princess seems to be more noble!
At the beginning of that day, Feng couldn’t help feeling gloomy when she saw the other side coming again. I thought, "I didn’t expect that powerful Yi Yu had two helpers hiding in the dark! But now the third sister is still in the enemy’s hands. If not, I can return to Ziyun Palace and be trapped for thousands of years. When the time comes, this Yi Yu will naturally retreat without patience, but so … what should I do! "
At this time, Yi Yu glanced at the Winter Show lightly: "Didn’t the Winter Show girl just mention the magic teaching?" Now I’ll introduce the girl and all the Taoist friends in Ziyun Palace. This is the Lotus Princess of Tiecheng Mountain Stone Shrine! The daughter princess of the demon master! "
Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard it. Even Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng were dismayed when they thought that Yi Yu actually got involved with the Lotus Princess anyway! And look at it, it seems to be quite familiar, and there seems to be a little ambiguity. For all the people in Ziyun Palace, it was like a bolt from the blue. Just hit their fatal place.
A moment ago, it was regarded as a card that can be played, but now it is in the hands of the other side! How can this be shocking! But in fact, it is not as serious as they think, and all the people in Ziyun Palace don’t know what the relationship between Yi Yu and Princess Lotus is, and they don’t know that Princess Lotus actually represents the devil’s religion, but she is just a person. But this kind of thing is most afraid of thinking, and as soon as you think about it, you can’t restrain it any more.
Yi Yu pointed to Cha Shuangying again and said, "This is also a famous figure! The most ruthless and notorious old devil in the world! Just check the double shadow! "
When Cha Shuangying heard it, he couldn’t help but curl his mouth and say, "What adjectives are these? Is there such an introducer? "
However, Yi Yu’s weird way of introducing people has really worked well.
When he appeared, the last bit of luck in the hearts of Ziyun Palace was shattered. If this is the case, Sanfeng is not captured, and they have almost no chance of winning. However, if you give Ziyun Palace at this point, you will be somewhat unwilling to say anything.
Chu Feng glanced at Hui Zhu and Jin Xunu. Although Chu Feng was nominally the owner of Ziyun Palace, actually Ziyun Palace was not an ordinary sect. They were originally a family, and Chu Feng did not have that much right to decide the fate of the whole family at will. But at this time, even Jin Xunu, who has always been wise, is helpless, not to mention Huizhu, who has no experience.
The three men looked at each other for a long time and didn’t have an idea. Finally, Chu Feng gave Yi Yuyi a fuels and said, "Can I wait and think about it for a few days? Maybe it’s just a trivial matter for you at first sight, but Ziyun Palace is our home! How can you say give up and give up! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Well! This is also reasonable, and it is not impossible for you to consider the weight, but it will take time! Don’t we have to wait for another year if you haven’t decided for a year? "
At the beginning of the phoenix face a lag. "How about three days?" he said. I will have an answer after three days! "
Yi Yu nodded and said, "Good! However, I can’t give you the Lotus Princess for nothing these three days. I need some real water in your palace. Before coming here, we had already promised, but now we have to offer a real water that day first. " Yi Yu glanced at Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng again and said, "Besides, I heard that it seems that we Emei Sect also need a little water for this day!"
Ruan Zheng quickly said, "Brother Yi Yu is right. When martial sister Yu Yingnan got a Buddhist sword, it really takes days to hydrate, open the seal and refine it again before it can exert its power." Although Yi Yu is now interacting with a group of demons, the title of Cha Shuangying and Princess Lotus has made Ruan Zheng both more fearful. How dare you say that Yi Yu is gossiping about making evil spirits! Moreover, when Yi Yu mentioned the land of Emei Sect just now, she said,’ Let’s Emei Sect’ is obviously acting like the son-in-law of Emei Sect. Nature can’t be counted as an outsider.
Yi Yu said with a smile, "It just so happens that I have a few faces with that girl Yingnan. I was chased by my mother-in-law for thousands of miles because of her! I’ll take some of this real water back with you to Yingnan, so that Qiong Ying won’t be away from Ningbi Cliff for a long time and that little girl won’t have anyone to lean on and be bullied all the time. "
RuanZheng and Shi Sheng are slightly one leng but didn’t think Yi Yu would take the initiative to put forward this matter. However, this kind of pie falling from the sky is not reasonable! Ruan Zhengyi raised his fist and said, "Thank you, Brother Yi Yu!"
Yi Yu said with a smile, "That’s a little strange. By the way, I’ve heard that you and the golden cicada are inseparable. How about he is visiting me now and calling out to renew friendship with you? "
That Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng have long felt the delicate situation in the Emei Sect. Know JiJinChan was picked up by his two sisters, but just in the face of Yi Yu didn’t dare to ask more. Now Yi Yu has taken the initiative to mention it. They are naturally happy to take the opportunity to ask what happened to the golden cicada or to make some plans for the future.
Yi Yu smiled and saw a white light flashing. The little figure of JiJinChan has flashed out. It’s just that Yi Yu didn’t say hello to him before. At this time, Ji Jinchan was holding the wings of a bird that I don’t know what it was and gnawing it hard!
JiJinChan one leng to see the surrounding scenery all changed in front of the food was gone. Immediately understand what’s going on. He didn’t look elsewhere, but he rushed to Yi Yu with a scowl and shouted, "Smelly brother-in-law! You tease golden cicada again! Hurry up and let me go back for a while. The phoenix-winged bird will be eaten by my sister and them! " It seems that Xin Ruyu must have cooked some delicious dishes, which attracted Jin Chan not to see his two good friends.
Yi Yu smiled slightly: "Golden cicada! Who do you think is there? "
"Who is it?" Looking back angrily, Ji Jinchan froze, and then he was overjoyed and smiled: "Ruan Zheng! Shisheng! Oh dear! How did you get here! I thought the smelly brother-in-law was teasing me again! But you’re just in time. Come and try this! This is made by Aunt Jade herself, and even Dad wants to eat it! Hey hey! But I’ve already bitten. You won’t think I’m dirty! "
Although the JiXiaEr sisters call Xin Ruyu elder sister, but Ji Jinchan knows that it is one of the famous six monsters in the universe, at least higher than his father, but he dare not call his elder sister. Finally, it is worth getting such a name as "aunt". And that Xin Ruyu also likes it, so it’s settled. Naturally, Chen Ziqin and others will be directly upgraded to be aunts. Only when Yi Yu holds Chen Zi when they come in, if that JiJinChan comes in, she will call her brother-in-law! Aunt!’ It sounds a little strange. If you want to know what will happen next time, please see the next "Doubt of Water in Heaven".

The three hundred and seventy-sixth back to tianyi true water doubt
It is said that Yi Yu went to Ziyun Palace in the East China Sea at the invitation of Princess Lotus. Whether it is Yi Yu or Cha Shuangying or even Princess Lotus are greedy people. How can they satisfy their appetite if they only get a little water from the East China Sea? It’s really pitiful that the three girls in Ziyun Palace are just practicing at home with peace of mind, but it’s necessary to spread such a disaster. This is really nothing to do at home and sit in trouble from heaven! It’s just how pathetic they are, but no one sympathizes with them. This is a world where one person eats people. If Yi Yu dies one day, who will sympathize with them?
Looking at Qi Jinchan’s carefree appearance, Ruan Zheng and Shi Sheng have some envy, but it’s just a little envy, but there is no other idea. The three of them have an excellent relationship, they are all handsome children, and their age and personality are also compatible, that is, eating a fruit on weekdays is not taboo. Now, listening to Jin Chan’s praise for this bird’s wings, Ruan Zheng quickly took it and took a big bite. Sure enough, the tender meat juice was delicious. Ruan Zheng couldn’t help biting again when his eyes lit up, but it was taken away by the rock …
Yi Yu looked at the three children amused by Jin Chan and secretly smiled. Yi Yu naturally won’t call JiJinChan out to meet people for no reason. In fact, this is a threat of nudity. Yi Yu is trying to tell the people in Ziyun Palace that they don’t have any unrealistic dreams. You can’t count on the magic Sect, and you can’t count on the Emei Sect. Don’t ask for unhappiness, just go home and pack your things and get ready to move.
And how can all the people in Ziyun Palace not see the implication of Yi Yu? But now the situation is better than others, that is, how angry they are, it is useless to face the absolute strength oppression of the other party, that is, it is reasonable and there is no place to talk about it. And it is clear that Yi Yu these people have represented the most powerful forces in the world today. That is, they are now throwing caution to the wind and want to crash and burn, but they can’t even find a tiger to swallow the wolf. It is said that the people who dare to offend Emei Sect, Mohism Sect and Qingcheng Sect at the same time in the world may not be born yet! In the end, I’m afraid only they, Ziyun Palace, were carved up by others.
At that time, Feng’s face was even bleaker. Now it’s useless to do that tactic again. However, it has been mentioned just now, and Yi Yu also promised not to be in vain for three days. Is really can’t keep this ziyun palace. I can also try my best to use these three days to pack up what I can take away. After all, even if I lost Ziyun Palace, I still have to live!
"In that case," said Chufeng, "let my body fetch the real water that day and give it to me." After that, he said to Huizhu, "Why don’t you bother your mother to go there?"