Therefore, the actions of Wei Wuji and Li Chenyan are very similar to the bait made by a small group to get more number plates for themselves. How can a monk who can come here to compete for the number plate be a fool? As the saying goes, it is necessary to guard against people! At this critical moment, anyone is afraid to be cautious.

Insight into this, who mowgli also some in distress situation, secretly feeling confused. At the moment, he explained the situation to Li Chenyan, and then, the two went separately and looked for it separately. As a result, at least others would look that they did not have overwhelming power and their vigilance would be reduced to the lowest point. In this way, it is easier to find other allies.
Of course, the two are not blindly separated. In that case, there is no point. They agreed on a plan and determined a coordinate point as their destination.
Chen-yan li was able to grow up among the sects that killed the immortals by magic. Naturally, she was also endowed with the ability to correct dragons and phoenixes, and her spirit and wisdom were extraordinary. At least 40% of the plans finally agreed upon were supplemented and perfected by him. After their plans were finalized, they immediately parted ways and acted according to the plan without a moment’s delay.
After all, Wei Mowgli and Li Chenyan’s plan is not complicated. Their core action is just like Wei Mowgli’s previous search for Li Chenyan. There is almost no difference. The only difference is that they began to use spells to secretly walk some rumors, so that many monks who went deep into the lake to collect license plates know that there are many monks who have joined together and are waiting to rob them. Therefore, only by uniting is the best way out.
Of course, those monks who are a little insightful must understand these situations, but in their hearts, they may not pay too much attention to this situation or have extraordinary confidence in their own strength. If so, I’m afraid those people are more willing to choose a separate action. However, after the spread of Wei Wuji and Li Chenyan, I’m afraid that any monk can’t help but whisper in his confident heart. Since then, their actions will be much smoother invisibly.
"Brother Li Daoxiong, how many battles and wars have taken place in the lake of thunder and fire this day? I think you also know fairly well, so I won’t say much. Although the battle in the Lake of Thunder and Fire did not hurt people’s lives, the number plate that was originally in hand was given away by others.
This century of training is a great opportunity for us disciples who are building the foundation. If we miss this time, a new genius will be born next time, and we will definitely not be able to turn. So, this is our last chance. You and I finally got the number plate, which is of course a factor of strength, but there are still many elements of fortune. After all, which hand has not held a few tricks in the battle for training places in a hundred years?
Therefore, relying on our own strength, it is not certain to keep the number plate in our hands! Presumably, Brother Dao didn’t want to work hard, but he ended up drawing water with a sieve! In the way of "who mowgli seriously.
"This is natural!"
A monk with a white robe, handsome appearance and elegant posture nodded slightly.
"So, finding a group of like-minded people to unite is the best policy!" Who mowgli said with a smile.
"Brother Wei Dao wants to go to that place with me!" Asked the white friar.
"Not bad!" Who mowgli without the slightest hesitation, can be answered, "but the rumors also particularly odd, which will not have any trap is difficult to guarantee, I can also go to a person, but some don’t hold the bottom. If Brother Li Daoxiong can go with me, you and I will form an alliance first and unite, that would be great.
If there is nothing fishy about it, it is naturally the best, and we can also try our best to break through the blockade above and go out with the number plate. If there is something strange in it, with the strength of you and me, even if we lose, we must protect ourselves and withdraw calmly, which is the best of both worlds.
Now I just don’t know if Brother Li Daoxiong is willing or not. "
"This is a good thing, and I will not be happy?" The white-robed monk hesitated a little, and then answered, "However, I want to understand, why did Brother Wei find me? There are no fewer than 10,000 monks at the bottom of the lake, and I am far more than one who is quite equal to Brother Wei. I don’t believe that Brother Wei chose to cooperate with me because he met me first! "
Who mowgli smile and answered, "if I say it’s because of feeling? Do you believe brother Li Daoxiong? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"letter! Of course, I feel at home with Brother Wei! " The white friar smiled and said, "In that case, Brother Wei’s proposal should be accepted by me. Let’s go now! "

Chapter DiSiQiYi license plate now, opportunity.
Chapter DiSiQiYi license plate now, opportunity.
The white-robed monk suddenly became anxious from the original unhurried and tepid, and his heart was naturally quite calculated, not the ridiculous words revealed in his mouth. For this, however, who mowgli is don’t care at all, what he needs, that is, as much as possible to more monks with license plates, to get together, joint action, good out of the above those dedicated to rob the monks blockade, as for the little tricks hidden in these people’s hearts, he was lazy.
Anyway, from beginning to end, Wei Wuji did not really rush out of the blockade, relying on the joint efforts of many monks with license plates. The fundamental purpose of his heart is just to hope that these people can help distract some of the robbing monks.
Now, the white-robed monk has responded, and Wei Wuji naturally won’t have any time delay. In a moment, the two men flew away toward the coordinates of the rumor.
That place, not far from their previous place, didn’t take much time, who mowgli and white monk came.
The reason why the white-robed monk agreed to Wei Wuji’s proposal is, on the one hand, his need; On the other hand, I am confident in my own strength. Before they got close to each other, they found many monks, and they could feel that their breath was very strong. However, the white-robed monk didn’t take it to heart, because he thought that he wouldn’t be inferior to any of them. As for those people to unite, it is even more impossible. He clearly found that these people are divided into countless small groups, many of which even seem out of place and tense. It looks like they are going to have a long fire first.
The white-robed monk believes that his eyesight is not bad, and he can clearly judge that such a scene is definitely not something that can be done by a simple cover-up. Therefore, here is the possibility of a trap, which is almost zero. It is precisely because of this that he did not say a word, so silently, and directly walked into the gathering place of this monk.
However, as soon as they approached, the sudden appearance of the scene startled the white-robed monk.
"Brother Wei Dao!"
"Brother Wei!"
"Brother Wei!"
"Brother Wei!"
There are at least dozens of monks here, all flocking to come over, men and women, old and young, disciples of sects and vagrants, posing various gestures and greeting towards Wei Wuji in order. Look at that, even if it is not an iron friendship, the relationship will not be too bad.
"Murphy, here is really a trap? Wei Wuji has so many friends, where do you need to find such an ally? " Unconsciously, the white-robed monk’s mind began to tilt up, and his preventive psychology in his heart also greatly increased. Mana and implements began to be quietly mobilized without trace and ignorance.
For so many monks’ greetings and greetings, Wei Wuji smiled and responded politely one by one, without any impatience. After everything was finished, Wei mowgli turned his attention to the white monk. Although, the white monk’s psychological quality and adaptability are excellent, and there is no expression of panic or anger on the surface, Wei Wuji still knows that the white monk’s heart is not surging, nor is it calm. Because, in this situation, Wei Wuji has not seen one or two.
At present, who mowgli said with a smile, "Li Daoxiong, you must be a little puzzled about this matter, thinking that I cheated you before!" You don’t have to worry, I don’t have any malice, and you will understand after listening to my explanation! "
Then, who mowgli took pains to explain things that he had explained countless times and said it again. After hearing who mowgli’s words, the white monk’s heart calmed down again. Although, there is no doubt that Wei Wuji cheated him once in means, but in purpose, it is pure. Care, if two people exchange, he will definitely do so, so he is not the slightest angry, just like many monks before, calmly accepted this fact.
"So, next, like Brother Wei, I will go to all directions to find’ allies’?" The white monk said with a smile.
"If Li Daoxiong comes early, it is really necessary. However, now we have eighty-three monks here. We just need to wait for a few allies to find someone to come over, and we can fill one hundred people. One hundred people, it’s already a huge force. As long as we take proper measures and rush out of the blockade of those robbing monks, there should still be no problem. So, now we just need to wait here and don’t need to go out again. After all, our purpose is to leave, not to fight a monk war. " Who mowgli explained with a smile.
"So, I’m lucky!" The white monk also answered with a smile.
"Is really good! It’ s not as good as coming early! " Wei Wuji said with a smile, "This is also the result of Dao Xiong’s clear decision. If we entangle for a long time, when we come, it will be an empty scene. At that time, we are afraid that it will take a lot of effort."
Seventeen people, say less, say more, but not much. Perhaps after this period of time, many monks who worked hard at the bottom of the lake got results, but in just a quarter of an hour, they not only got together satisfactorily, but also got a few more.
Many hands make light work, and Wei Wuji and others naturally won’t force the exact number of 100 people, so that the extra ones can be left for the time being, thus forming a group.
In terms of strength, every monk in this group is not a fuel-efficient lamp, but it is precisely because of this that mutual cooperation between them is even more difficult. In addition, the origins of these monks are different, and it is even more difficult to perfectly unify them.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Wuji and Li Chenyan have no intention of forming a group of monks who have pieced themselves together into a law, because although the two of them have shown goodwill to every monk because of the organizers, they are still far from enough to form control. Therefore, the two men didn’t bother to coordinate and negotiate and come up with a battle plan. They just explained that everyone was United and tried their best to push forward and tear open the trap blocked in front.
This is the common goal of all the monks present. Even if there are other ideas in my heart, this purpose will not change, so it has been unanimously recognized by all the monks present.
Next, without any time delay, they casually chose a direction, and they used flying swords and implements in order to separate the waterways and rise to the sky.
It’s not that they don’t want to make a decision before moving, find out the truth about the robbery monks above, and then avoid it, hit it at dusk, and rush out from their weakest point. However, no one is willing to do this kind of investigation task with high "danger". After all, an careless opportunity that he has worked so hard to get will be like a dream bubble.
It is precisely because of this that Wei Wuji and others have to take a chance and rely on the war to make decisions on the occasion.
Hundreds of masters at the peak of the preconditions act in unison, and the momentum is naturally extraordinary. In the lake, the robbed monks are not only found on the top floor, but also in many other places, but relatively speaking, they have not formed too large a scale and seem a little inconspicuous. However, even these humble robbery monks, if they leave alone, must be careful, otherwise, it is inevitable that they will be unlucky if they meet.
However, a power group like Wei Mowgli, a group of monks, is not necessary to avoid this, because, for these small-scale robbery forces, they have absolute sweeping strength. If those people don’t open their eyes, the result will only be to add a few more number plates in their hands to send to their friends.
So, along the way, Wei Wuji and others are looking forward to this. Unfortunately, no one is a fool who can come here to participate in the hundred-year battle for training places. Seeing the momentum of Wei Wuji and others, they are far away, and they don’t even have the slightest provocation. Faced with this, Wei Wuji and others can only do nothing for themselves and continue to move towards their goals.
The vertical depth of the Lake of Thunder and Fire is only a hundred feet. When acting alone, because it is necessary to fight against the flames and thunder in the lake, it has to be turned in many ways, which greatly lengthens the distance. But now, the resultant force of the power of the multiplier is enough to put all these flames and thunder in the present, so it is unnecessary to be in that kind of trouble again.
Soon, they rushed to the underwater two or three zhangs, here, is the place where the monks who are determined to get the license plate by robbery are concentrated.