So Eric Suen Yiu Wai guess, the city to find themselves, mostly related to mount, as for the specific details, he is not clear.

"That’s right." Emperor Yu nodded and said, "I have an ungrateful request. If you go to Honghuang City this time, you must put in a good word for me. At the same time, you can also regard yourself as a diplomatic envoy and communicate well with the relationship between Heaven and Honghuang City."
"This natural thing to do, after all, I am also a person from heaven. If it is good, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is heaven." Eric Suen Yiu Wai nodded, but his mouth said so, but he didn’t think so in his heart. If he really met the saints in the city of the universe and made good relations, the benefits he pursued were naturally for himself, not for heaven, and not for Emperor Yu.
"I’m relieved to have the sentence of loving Qing. The reason why I am willing to marry Bing Yan to you is because you have a wide popularity and can make some contributions to heaven." Emperor Yu doesn’t seem to intend to conceal his real intention of betrothing eless Yan to Eric Suen Yiu Wai, or he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with this political marriage at all.
"I know." Although the heart is more or less uncomfortable, Eric Suen Yiu Wai still choked back. Anyway, he can marry eless Yan legally now, which is a good thing. As for other people’s reasons, it is someone else’s business. His heart just needs to treat eless Yan as his beloved wife.
"Well, you go back to rest, and I will announce your marriage to Bing Yan later, and choose an auspicious time to get married." Yu emperor added.
"Thank you for your help, but I still have an ungrateful request. I hope your majesty can agree with me." Eric Suen Yiu Wai has not forgotten his promise to eless Yan.
"What request?"
"Please let the purple fairy go. She is at least Bing Yan’s biological mother. Now that her daughter is married, it is not appropriate for her mother not to be around." Eric Suen Yiu Wai bitten to grind, completely is the appearance of a pair of throwing caution to the wind.
"In fact, I wanted to let her out long ago if you didn’t talk about it, but that girl was too stubborn, saying that as long as she came out, she would definitely go down to Yong Dong, which made me embarrassed." Yu emperor wry smile way.
"But now that Yong Dong is dead, who else can she go to?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asked.
"Yong Dong is dead, but Yong Dong’s reincarnation is still there." Yu emperor shook his head and sighed.
"That’s a question, but can your majesty let me and Bing Yan meet this purple fairy and see what kind of thoughts and attitudes she is now?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai said.
"You can go, but Bing Yan can’t. What I’m most afraid of is that the girl in purple clothes taught Bing Yan badly and let Bing Yan take her old path." Yu emperor quickly shook his head.
"What is your majesty so nervous about now? Didn’t Bing Yan decide to marry me?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asks with a smile.
"Yes, yes! Why am I confused? That’s the truth. It’s just right, just right. You two go to see her together and tell her about your upcoming marriage, and see if she will settle down because of this. " Yu emperor wanted to think.
"Since your Majesty has agreed, I will be excused first." Eric Suen Yiu Wai now see Yu emperor also nothing important matter, in addition to the marriage with eless yan, is the purple fairy, since two things have been completed, that he doesn’t want to and Yu emperor come clean here, làng waste water, also consumes brain cells.
"Go ahead." Yu emperor nodded his head.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai pulled out of the dedicated hall and then grabbed eless Yan’s hand and ran to the cold palace where the purple fairy was held. The place was far away from the dedicated hall, but with the strength of Eric Suen Yiu Wai and eless Yan, it was nothing, but after a while, it had already reached a deserted palace.
It’s not just the purple fairy who is held in the Dragon Palace here. Although it’s much better than the exile place, it’s as lonely and lonely as there.
It is absolutely not allowed to visit each other in limbo. Once found, the punishment may be much heavier than entering limbo.
Of course, some people may not be afraid of any punishment at all, but it is absolutely impossible to remove them from their own limbo and not destroy the circle around them.
Although the cold palace is no better than the prison, its cold and miserable degree is not inferior to the prison at all.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai just stepped into here, she heard a shrill laugh, with sadness and helplessness in her voice, and more sadness and dissatisfaction.
He was in a hurry to see the purple fairy, so he didn’t go into the source of this sound. Anyway, this place is so cold and cheerless. If someone is insane, it is not impossible.
Gaunt and godless eyes, white and miserable cheeks, luàn’s terrible hair, and a suit of casually dressed clothes.
This is the purple fairy, or the purple fairy after a long time in limbo.
Legend has it that the cute, aggressive and smart purple fairy has disappeared, replaced by a decadent woman, a decadent woman who is completely depressed and completely disappointed with the future.
For Eric Suen Yiu Wai and eless yan’s eyes, the purple fairy just avoided some, plunged her head into her arms, and sat there with her hands clasped around her knees, totally refusing to talk or have any communication.
"Mom, my daughter is here to see you." Dong Bingyan sobbed, her voice trembled. No matter what the purple fairy became, it was her mother, and this can’t be changed anyway.
Perhaps the mother and daughter are United. The original dead purple fairy suddenly lifted her head and eagerly looked at eless Yan. There were more wonderful Yan Se in her empty eyes.
"Yes, yes, mother, it’s a daughter, it’s a lovely daughter you kissed with dad." Dong Bingyan doesn’t know how to speak, and she is a little incoherent.
"You lied to me. How can you be my daughter? My daughter was killed by her heartless grandparents many years ago." Purple clothes fairy suddenly hideously shouted.
"Seen purple fairy, next Eric Suen Yiu Wai, the current Mukden horse emperor, is also a good friend of Bing Yan. She is really your daughter, which can’t be false. Bing Yan has lived alone in heaven since she was a child, without friends’ love and relatives’ pain, which is not much better than your days here. You said that Emperor Yu and the Queen Mother killed her. That’s sheer nonsense. In fact, Emperor Yu and the Queen Mother treated her fairly well. Except for no emotional effort, they made her live today without food and clothing, and even became a fairy in the sky. Compared with your other children, she is really lucky. " See purple fairy don’t believe eless yan, Eric Suen Yiu Wai quickly explained.
At this time, Dong Bingyan was crying with tears all over her face. She said in a trembling voice, "Mother, your daughter knows that you have suffered, but you can’t help but deny your daughter. They all say that mother and daughter are connected to each other. Don’t you really feel the blood-soluble feelings between us at all?"
Crying, the purple fairy unconsciously left tears. She sighed softly and said, "Silly child, how can you not feel it for your mother? I just don’t want you to be implicated for your mother. Seeing that you are living so well now, you are satisfied for your mother."
"If you don’t have a mother, you can’t talk about happiness." Elephantine shook his head and said, although you can get care and love in Eric Suen Yiu Wai, it can’t be compared with maternal love.
"Purple clothes fairy, in fact, I have something I want to discuss with you." Eric Suen Yiu Wai said suddenly.
"What is it?"
"Emperor Yu has promised me that he can let you leave here, but he also has a request, that is, you are not allowed to go down to Yong Dong." Eric Suen Yiu Wai replied.
"He told me this a long time ago, but I refused. What’s the point of saying this now?" Purple clothes fairy sighed.
"You can’t give up for the sake of ice yan that already doesn’t make any sense? Yong Dong is now turned into ashes. Where can you find him? If you want to find his reincarnation in this life, it is to break up other families. Is that really good? " Eric Suen Yiu Wai suddenly raised his voice and asked.
The purple fairy was silent. In fact, she knew all this, but she really didn’t want to admit this fact. Otherwise, what would she be for so many years? Isn’t it for nothing to suffer for so many years?
"I just want to see him once, and I’m worried about him. Isn’t that okay?" In fact, today’s Purple Fairy’s yearning for Yong Dong is not just an emotional matter, strictly speaking, it is like a mass of demons. If it is not solved, it will be a trouble sooner or later.
"Well, if you just want to see one side, I’ll arrange it, but I hope you should take care of Bing Yan after you come out. She is the daughter of a kiss who lives in front of you. I hope you don’t neglect the person in front of you because of a dead person." Eric Suen Yiu Wai wanted to think.
"You? Can you do it? " Purple clothes fairy looked at Eric Suen Yiu Wai with some suspicion and asked.
"Mom, you don’t have to doubt it. In today’s heaven, he is the biggest one in terms of skill. If he wants to help you find your father, the wheel king who is responsible for reincarnation will definitely show him the documents. It is too easy to find your father’s life." Elephantine laughed.

Chapter 159 Boudoir dissatisfied housewife, secrets of heaven
Chapter 159 Deep always in my heart Fu, secrets of heaven.
The purple fairy still believed Dong Bingyan’s words very much, so she nodded and said, "Well, since my lovely daughter said so, I’ll believe him this time for my mother. Let’s go."
Eric Suen Yiu Wai ordered the mountain guards here to remove the protection of the law. Anyway, he has the edict of Emperor Yu, and these mountain guards dare not ignore it. Then I picked up the purple fairy.
When they left the cold palace, the crazy laughter that just sounded continued, and the voice of grief and indignation in the voice became stronger and stronger.
"Who’s that?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asked the purple fairy puzzled.
"Keep your voice down, don’t let people hear you. What is being held there is Emperor Yu’s Yuan Pei. I don’t know how long it has passed. She is in the deepest part of this cold palace, guarded by a powerful god, and other idle people can’t get close. And her affairs are not allowed to be talked about in heaven. " The purple fairy whispered.
"Yu emperor yuan match? What is the relationship between Emperor Yu and the Queen Mother? " Eric Suen Yiu Wai some don’t understand.
"Emperor Yu and the Queen Mother are just a political marriage. At the beginning, Heaven formed this marriage in order to gain the support of the West Kunlun, so the Queen Mother and Emperor Yu have always been equal and respectful. They don’t look like a couple at all, but like colleagues." Fairy in purple clothes hates her parents, so now she calls her Emperor Yu and Queen Mother, without even adding a honorific title.
"How come I have never heard of such a thing?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai thought he had read a lot of fairy tales, and it was the first time he heard about it.
"Of course you don’t know, this is a scandal within the royal family in heaven, and it won’t come out. The reason why I know, or inadvertently found, until just now, never mentioned to others, you are the first. " Purple fairy explained in a low voice.
"I see." Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s curiosity suddenly flooded again. As a gossip otaku, he was sometimes more concerned about this kind of gossip than other major events. He silently remembered the direction of the voice and raised a subtle smile on his mouth.