Everyone thought that the scene was about the same, when an ordinary branch suddenly appeared beside star saber without warning, and then star saber was blown out, and ShaQi soared on the sword of the stars. The ordinary branch could not stand such a force of the earth and immediately turned into a bit of powder.
The silver flame in Qin Chu’s eyes soared, and his heart looked to his side. This year, the old man stood quietly with a cane in his hand. The old man is eighty years old, and there is a strange smell all over his body. On his shoulder stands a small chameleon, and his eyes are gray. Although he stands there, he can see, but now Qin Chu can’t lock each other with his own gods!
The other side is like an image!
However, obviously, this branch has a great relationship with this sudden old man! This old man is very strong! The idea flashed through Qin Chu’s mind.
The old man has made a respectful salute to Qin Chu, and his mouth is full of obscure sentences. Qin Chu didn’t understand a word. Fortunately, Barton translated it at the right time: "He said that he is a witch of the Naman tribe, and his name is Grim. He is deeply sorry for the offensive of the soldiers of the Naman tribe, and hopes to get our forgiveness."
Clouded leopards have taken this opportunity to escape far away, and the rest of the Warcraft warriors have also gathered here for the elders. Qin Chu’s mind moved, and the town of Tianyin temporarily let those Warcraft soldiers fly back, shrinking into an ordinary black seal and falling into his hands.
Grimm saw the town seal shrink in the palm of Qin Chu’s hand, and there was a flash of surprise and excitement in his turbid eyes.
Grimm continued to gabble, and Barton started to make a simultaneous statement: "He said that when he learned that the distinguished guest was coming, he immediately went out. Unexpectedly, these stupid soldiers are still offensive.
"Guest?" Qin Chu wondered, "Does this distinguished guest mean us?" This old man’s head is not funny, is it? He was beaten to death just now, and suddenly he became a distinguished guest?
Barton had a talk with Grimm, and then said to Qin Chu, "He said he didn’t know, except that all this was God’s will. When he asked God, God suddenly came to a miracle. "
"Bullshit!" Qin Chu, "ask him what he really wants to do? Tell them that we have to hurry and don’t want to be any distinguished guests, and let them get out of the way here. "
Barton helplessly told the meaning of Qin Chu to the old man. Grimm looked excited, bared his teeth, and his breath splashed.
"He said they would make way for us, and we could go directly through the middle of their collars. He just wanted you to go back to the tribe with him. He said, "Well, it’s God’s will. "
"God’s will?" Qin Chu was annoyed and puzzled. The old man said, "Tell him I don’t have time. Stop nagging!"
Qin Chu didn’t intend to go to the Naman tribe. Who knows what’s wrong with it? Even if there is nothing fishy, Qin Chu doesn’t want to waste his time. It’s irrelevant. I haven’t even seen it once before. When I met you, I said that it was God’s will to invite me to go there. Who believes it? Besides, there is no god in the eyes of monks, and the so-called god is just a strong man.
"But. My Lord, this seems bad. " Barton exhorted, "My Lord, can you protect all the people with one hand?"
Paralytic! Qin Chu dark scold in my heart, Barton said is really the truth. The number of these Warcraft warriors is small, and they are too busy to escape the attack of Zhenyin, so they have no time to attack their side. If these people are divided into several waves. No matter how powerful I am, I can’t handle so many people at the same time.
I may be all right, but some of these ordinary soldiers are physically disabled but not.
"Well, then, tell him. I can go to the Naman tribe with him, but my time is limited, up to an hour. " Su Chu said, "In this process, the team will wait here and let these Warcraft soldiers ensure the safety of the team!"
Barton processed Qin Chu’s words a little, making the tone of voice more euphemistic, and then told Grimm that Grimm’s wrinkled face was more compact and said something to Barton.
Barton turned his head and said with a strange face, "He said he would ask God first."
Qin Chu’s eyes rested on Grimm, who closed his eyes and moved his lips into strange syllables. A face of piety and respect. It seems that I am listening to the words of my family in the void. Moments later, Grimm opened his eyes and said something to Barton.
"Grimm said that God had agreed."
Grimm nodded with mirth, then motioned Qin Chu to be near him. Barton explained, "Grimm said he would take you back to the tribe."
"Take me back to the tribe?" Qin Chu slightly one leng, looked at the grimm. Seeing Grimm’s kind smile and guessing nothing, Qin Chu passed. Grimm nodded, and Qin Chu felt a strange energy spread out from Grimm, wrapping Qin Chu and Grimm inside.
My eyes turned black in an instant. When Qin Chu react, he appeared in front of a magnificent hall. The main hall is located between the mountainsides. The dark hole gives off a scorching smell and a pungent smell of sulfur. But what caught Qin Chu’s attention most was. There is a savage and overbearing smell coming from the cave, although it is very weak, but it is still spreading outward from the hall.
Qin Chu looked into the dark hall, and a strange feeling came to my mind. It seems that there is a beast in the dark hall, looking at himself quietly.
Grimm walked straight to the hall, Qin Chu stood hesitantly, Grimm noticed that Qin Chu didn’t catch up with him, and jabbered back for a moment. Looking at grimm’s gesture, Qin Chu guessed that he was urging himself to go in. You can’t just go back when you’re on the property. There is no contradiction between yourself and the Na ‘man clan, and there should be no contradiction!
Qin Chu followed Grimm and followed Grimm into the hall.
The hall is dark. Qin Chu can have night vision. Although the hall is dark, Qin Chu can still see clearly. The whole hall was built by hollowing out the mountainside, and there was no slate on the ground, just a flat ground. The pungent smell of sulfur filled the hall.
After entering the hall. Qin Chu felt the smell of brutality and bullying, which became more obvious. Grimm is very familiar with this place, and walks towards the depths with Qin Chu. At first Grimm was worried that Qin Chu would get lost in the dark, and he looked back at Qin Chu from time to time, but he was relieved to see Qin Chu inside without any abnormality.
With the deepening of the inside, Qin Chu felt that he was going downhill, and there was a burning smell in the air.
"This check. Is it a volcano? " Qin Chu stand on end, suddenly understand that this temple was built there! It was built directly on a volcano. From the smell of sulfur and burning smell, it is obvious that this volcano is still an active volcano!
After turning another corner, Qin Chu and Grimm stopped, because in front of them, there was a huge magma pool. There is a rush of latosolic red magma inside, and the hot breath is blowing on my face, and bubbles are constantly emerging from the magma. All the magma seems to be suppressed by a strange force. The magma is constantly screaming, growling and violently impacting the wall of the volcano, but it can’t rush up all the time. Every time it is three feet away from the mouth of the cave, it is pressed back by that force.
Grimm respectfully said a few words toward the magma, Qin Chu slightly one leng, and then eyes rested on the magma. Moments later, the goo-doo-doo’s breath … rose, and then the magma roared and suddenly rushed to the hole. At the place three feet away from the mouth of the cave, he was abruptly blocked and then fell back into the magma pool.
The white-haired great ape emerged from the magma, and his fierce breath came out. Great aunt Gerry immediately knelt down and jabbered at the great ape about what Qin Chu didn’t understand.
Qin Chu’s eyes rested on the great ape, which was three feet high and emerged from the magma as if it were in the air. These magma did no harm to the great apes. This made Qin Chu estimate the strength of the great ape in his heart, but now there is a strange phenomenon, and the breath of the great ape is very strong. But his strength seems to be very unstable!
Qin Chu’s eyes met those of the great ape, whose eyes were scarlet. Qin Chu didn’t react yet, so he felt a spirit fluctuation of the earth rushing into his eyes.
"Hello, young strong man." A deep voice sounded in Qin Chu’s mind, like a dying old man. Give Qin Chu a faint feeling.
"Hello." Qin Chu indecision of looking at the head of the great ape, under the eyes of the great ape, Qin Chu had a feeling of being seen through. It seems that this giant ape can look down on all the thoughts in his heart.
Is this the god that Grimm talks about? What does he want with himself?
"I’m so frustrated after two jobs that I finally waited." The great ape seems a little sad and happy. Qin Chu suddenly back bad feeling in my heart, the great ape said these words, what do you mean?
"Don’t worry, I mean you no harm." The great ape said leisurely, "I just need to play you and do me a favor."
"The power in your body is very strange. There is a power that I can’t understand at all. " The ape said, "young man, I want to ask. How did you get the divine fire in your body? "
"divine fire?" Qin Chu was dumbfounded. "What divine fire?"
"Don’t you even know Shenhuo?" Great apes seem a little unbelievable. "Don’t you know that the golden flame outside your pseudo-godhead is divine fire?"
"I really don’t know. Qin Chu Jr. honestly said, Khan, the granddaddy said this is called Soul Fire!
"Well, can you tell me, how did you get the divine fire in your body?" The great ape was surprised and asked again.
"My teacher gave it to me." Qin Chu wanted to think, so to speak, really is not wrong.
This soul fire is really something from the sect.
"Is your teacher still alive?" Asked the great ape.
"Of course." Qin Chu’s master is a monk, and he must be alive and well before crossing the sky.
"Lie!" Great ape angry roar, huge mental shock suddenly rushed into Qin Chu’s mind. Qin Chu was surprised, but Xiao Bai had used this trick on Qin Chu before, so Qin Chu didn’t panic, but immediately moved his own pseudo-godhead.
"Great ape suddenly roars, because the power in the pseudo-godhead seems to have a strange effect. When the spiritual power of great ape hits the pseudo-godhead, it is instantly absorbed.
The great ape instantly recovered his spirit and gasped loudly. After a while, he just calmed down and stared at Qin Chu with scarlet eyes. "Where did the divine fire in your body come from?"
"It was really given to me by my teacher." Qin Chu didn’t have the slightest fear, because the mental shock of the great ape had no effect on himself. If the great ape uses force, Qin Chu is sure enough to escape from here. Besides, it may not escape, because Qin Chu can feel that the strength of the great ape is not very strong.
If there is a real fight, it is not certain who will win or lose.
"If so, I need to make sure you check your strength system." The great ape said, "Young man, I didn’t mean to hurt you. But you may not know the particularity of Shenhuo in your body. If you can stop my three moves, I can tell you the application of Shenhuo. "
"You can not play? What is the power system? "
"This is the only way to determine your power system. You can’t confirm your power system now, because your deity has not been solidified, and you can’t explore your unique power at all. Only by fighting can you see and identify what your power is. This is my unique exploration method, and others will not. " The great ape said, "Young man, take three strokes from me!" "
Qin Chu noticed that it was not good, and the great ape had shouted at the sky, "Look at my first move, efreet!" Say that finish, he suddenly jumped up from the magma, jumped up to an altitude of more than ten meters, and then hung firmly in the air with the imposing manner of being put out. Layers of latosolic red fiery energy were drawn from the magma, and then began to focus around his body. That energy was like endless, constantly focusing.
I only saw one. The fiery ball of energy gathered between his hands, with a diameter of one meter. The powerful energy fluctuation inside can make people feel it dozens of miles away. I only heard the great ape drink loudly: "Look! "Small then the fiery red ball like lightning to Qin Chu smashed up. The speed of the degree is really amazing!
Qin Chu had no intention of fighting. But the other party’s attack is obviously to force out their real strength. This fireball will definitely not be simple. Sure enough, when Qin Chu ran to the side, the energy ball of the great ape seemed to be able to lock the attack, followed by Qin Chu.
In this way, it can follow Qin Chu wherever he hides, feeling the huge energy inside the flame ball, and Qin Chu can’t have the guts to fight hard. Qin Chu’s mind moved and his body ran to the corner.
The fireball followed Qin Chu. In the corner, Qin Chu’s body fiercely a knife "Qin mat is in front of the mountain, the fireball directly captured the stone wall rumbling old four suddenly a tremor, the stone wall was beaten finely in an instant, the middle place was even more radial, and some places were directly melted!
"This mountain is controlled by me, and you can’t walk out without my permission. Come back here! Small, great ape a roars, and then Qin Chu feels oppressive power coming from the road.