As long as he crosses this forest, he can go back to Jingzhou.

But at this moment. . .
A roar filled with heaven and earth sounded: "Changshan Zhao Zilong is here, where can thieves go!"
A white figure darted out or rushed into the army as a ghosting image, and a pike kept shaking between his hands.
In the dense crowd, killing out a road to Cai Tianhua! Blood way!
No one is his opponent, and all of them are fatal.
Throat! Heart! Eyebrows!
Cai Tianhua, terrified, kept shrinking back, constantly directing the foot soldiers to block up and keep Zhao Yun away.
Zhaoyun impassively and quickly stabbed a pike and fought in the army for a long time, but Cai Tianhua went further and further.
Crisp long whistle from zhaoyun’s mouth. . .
There was a loud hiss of horses, and not far away, a white horse kept rushing in.
At that moment, close to the army, the horse jumped in high, and then jumped to Zhao Yun’s side, screaming at the sky.
Zhaoyun empty shakes a gun, scaring off all ten foot soldiers, holding a pike and killing Cai Tianhua.
Cai Tianhua’s soul flew on the spot, and he ran away. All the way, the foot soldiers tried their best to stop him, and Zhao Yun shot him.
Cai Tianhua finally succeeded in running away with Xun Xiu.
When Ji Fan arrived with foot soldiers after killing Ji Wu, Zhao Yun took the jade lion at night and wiped the blood on his armor.
When Zhao Yun saw Ji Fan, he stood up and smiled and said, "They ran away."
Ji Fan nodded: "Never mind, there are plenty of opportunities."
Then he rushed to Xuchang with a large army.
When I arrived in Xuchang, the four doors of Xuchang were opened, and from time to time some foot soldiers gradually left with packages.
Empty city plan? JiFan hovering in the mind of this doubt.
Anyway, Ji Fan still occupied Xuchang, and after absorbing the white jade Optimus Prime, he continued to pursue Wang Shang in the direction of escape!
Trying to escape? How can I give you a chance!
Little did Ji Fan know that Wang Shang was really unlucky for eight generations!
I met Seibel halfway.
Seibel looked at Wang Shang with a face of surprise and doubt.
Wang Shang instantly petrified. . .
Don’t play like this. . .
Bad luck? What’s going on?
The thought of the fighting capacity of the trap camp is a headache,,,
Seibel was stunned for a long time and looked at Qiu Yan.
Wang Shang?
How did you get here?
Seibel and others came here to help Ji Fan and others to see if there is anything they need help.
Now . .
Wang Shang delivered it himself, how can there be a reason not to?
Wang Shang depressed looking at seibel and others, for a long time speechless.
Chapter 18. Step over Wancheng
Chapter 18. Step over Wancheng
Ps: You know, 1999. 、QunabEN、coM(《》)
Wang Shang twitched at the corner of his mouth, his face livid, and he turned around and slapped a detective who was near him.
"Is that how you investigate?"
Wang Shang growled at the detective Qingqi. He had lost his mind.
Bad luck? No, no, no! This is eight generations of blood mildew! ! And it’s the kind of person who pours a bowl of blood outside.
Wang Shang is angry! Very angry! At the same time, I feel like crying. How can I get such a blind reconnaissance cavalry?
The investigating cavalry covered their mouths with injustice and said, "You didn’t let me investigate." This a Wang Shang sobering, seibel expression is somewhat strange, turned to see Xiang Qiu yan.