The middle-aged host is carrying a money bag. The money in this bag is enough for him to have a good time. But he immediately said to himself, "Sin. Sin. I shouldn’t have. He opened the bag. "Come on. Leave them a hundred dollars. I can eat cabbage for at least three days. "

The middle-aged host muttered to himself. And then put all the money together. I left a hundred for the temple.
Huang duo went out of the secret passage. King Kong was returned by him. Come to the front. Have a low drink. "Duoli."
Not for a while. A monk in his thirties came quickly. "What is the host?"
Mr. Huang Duo handed him one hundred yuan. "This is the incense money received today. You know that. The income of our temple has been very small for half a year. You can buy some cabbage for those new disciples who need food tomorrow. Don’t always let people chew grass roots. Or it won’t be long before. These disciples are going to escape again. "
Duoli took over one hundred yuan. Full of promises. "Don’t worry. I’ll do it tomorrow. "
Huang Duo patted Duo Li on the shoulder. "well. I am optimistic about you. "
Duoli Don’t listen to the name. It feels powerful. Actually, he is a thin monk. As thin as a bone. But a pair of eyes are very clever.
After he took the money quietly. He went back to his monastery.
Huang gets up once in the middle of the night. I found that all the people were asleep. He sneaked over the wall and out of the temple. My heart is full of joy. With a huge sum of money at his feet, he quickly disappeared.
Huang Duo just left. Sato opened his eyes. Eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Where did Huang Duo go?"
But now he closed his eyes again. As long as Haikui doesn’t leave this temple. It won’t affect his plan.
Huang Duo left for half an hour. Dolly also opened the door. Also climbed over the wall and went out of the temple. After running for a while. I said happily, "I also want to improve the food for those newcomers." Nice try. One hundred is just enough for me to fight. "
Dolly came back the next day after the game. And Huang Duo will come back after a month’s play. Because they left. Great changes have taken place in the temple.
Chapter 281 This is the big moon honour person
Haikui meditated in the guest room for one night. I’ve been wondering whether this monk is a monk or a fool. He asked monty flag. "Do you think that guy is fooling me?"
"I think there are some ways." Monty flag replied.
"What do you mean? He is a monk. " Haikui asked doubtfully.
He’s just wondering if the monk is lying to him. I don’t remember it at all. Why lie to him? Want something from him.
"well. I said that his ability to fool people is somewhat good. " Monty flag laughed.
"depend. You also come to play mystery with me. " Haikui complained disgruntled.
"Did you find that the monk was sallow and emaciated as if he were malnourished?" The monty flag jumped out of Haikui. Said.
"yes. I think so, too. When I saw him at first sight, I felt that the host seemed to be malnourished. " Haikui thought of the appearance of the host in his mind and said.
"He that’s not malnutrition. It’s too much sex. " The monty flag hit the nail on the head.
"I am the sun. I see. I didn’t expect it. It seems that I am still too pure. " The monty flag said this. Haikui thinks. Yes Then the host is the rhythm of being squeezed dry.
"Then say so. He is not a monk anymore. " Haikui looked at the monty flag and asked.
"Even if he say sex is empty. Empty is color. He is deeply poisoned. You can still tell. Which poison? Which one is not poisonous? For him. There is really no difference. " Monty flag said dismissively.
"Admire. You should be the monk. I think your words are more reasonable. " Haikui fuels and makes a gesture of admiration.
"I don’t know what this temple is about." The monty flag said slowly, "I have sealed this room." I always feel that someone is spying. You should be careful. " Monty flag metasomatism. Did not disappear into Haikui’s body.
Haikui thought for a moment with his hands on his thighs. Finally, it was decided that the soldiers would have the means to block the water. Since the other party is spying on themselves. Then there must be something. Waiting for them to find themselves talking about.
But you have to be fully prepared. First time update
Haikui takes out a physical puppet in the storage bag. Took off his whole suit. This suit costs 1000 yuan. It’s a pity to make Haikui slightly. The suit is put on this physical puppet. "Turn this puppet into me."
The transformation method of monty flag is vivid. Although Hai Kui also learned the method of borrowing materialization from Wu Daozong. But it is far less powerful than the monty flag.
A black shadow floated from Haikui into the puppet. Slowly, the body puppet was shrouded in black fog. After a few minutes. A man exactly like Haikui stood there.
Haikui looked at it carefully. Except the facial expression is a little dull. The first time to update the others is also very similar.
"good. Let this puppet stay here. See what medicine they sell in the gourd. " Haikui finished. Step lightly into the ground and disappear.