With a snort of cold, the old East Emperor enveloped him in a milky halo, and the next moment, his body disappeared directly from the original place and disappeared.
But Zhuge Liang felt a huge and new breath coming from behind him, suppressed by this powerful breath, and Zhuge Liang felt like falling into icehouse. Almost want to also don’t want to, zhuge not bright around the gold sniper rifle back.
The old East Emperor appeared behind Zhuge Buliang, and a milky white mask came out to cover Zhuge Buliang. At the same time, with a wave of his hand, he grasped the sniper rifle in Zhuge Buliang’s hand. "Pa Cha" was crunchy, and the gold sniper rifle was broken by the old East Emperor.
Although this gold sniper rifle attacks the earth, the material is not very special, not to mention that it is a half-step fairy who is shooting at the moment. Originally, it was a magic weapon of fate, so it was destroyed in the hands of the old East Emperor.
Zhuge didn’t have time to be surprised before it was bright, so he clenched his fist and flew directly to the other side of the old East Emperor. The overbearing power above the fist is contained, but it has the power to collapse everything. Even the old East Emperor turned white and hurried back. Even if he is a fairy, if he gets a punch from Zhuge Liang, he will lose his skin in disbelief.
"oh? It’ s amazing that you can force a conceited guy like Lao Dong to retreat. This kid has some means. " The old Western Emperor muttered softly.
Zhuge didn’t hit a punch, prompting the brick to turn into a Taigu mountain, and suppressed the past towards the old East Emperor, as if Mount Tai were the top. And above the mountain, a golden dragon is coiled, and the sound of Long Yin is great.
The old East Emperor’s face wavered slightly and murmured, "There is actually a dragon soul in this magic weapon. I didn’t expect that there are quite a few abnormal magic weapons in this boy’s hand. If this magic weapon is advanced once, I am afraid it can already be compared with the fairy magic weapon."
"Boom!" When the mountain is pressed down, it will distort the emptiness.
With a snort of light, the dazzling milky brilliance gushed out, and the old East Emperor quickly took the lead with his hands, and the milky aperture flew out, circling the plank brick into Taikoo.
"The meaning of the fairy-time and space disorder!" The old East Emperor shouted loudly, and his hands quickly changed hundreds of seals.
"Hum!" Void riots, the milky power of time and space disorder, the Taikoo Magic Mountain turned into bricks was wrapped by this milky brilliance, and the broken void disappeared.
"no! !” Zhuge shouted hysterically before dawn, but it was too late, and the plank brick had been transported away by the force of time and space.
"Hum, if you want to regain your magic weapon, go to the ancient world of cultivating immortals 50,000 years ago." The old East Emperor laughed, but his face was rather pale. It can be seen that the use of the immortal meaning of "time and space disorder" just now is also a great consumption for him.
"You …" Zhuge hated to itch at the root of his teeth, but the plank brick followed him since he made his debut. Although he was robbed halfway, this time it was different from the last time. This time, the plank brick was sent to the ancient immortal realm by the force of time and space, which is more than 50 thousand years away. How can I find it again?
"ah! ! !” Zhuge shouted at the sky before dawn, flying wildly, holding high the Qinglong broadsword, and almost frantically rushed towards the old East Emperor.
"Children, how can you fool around!"
At this time, the old South Emperor also shouted, took a step forward, and the powerful Half-step Immortal came with majesty. Behind him, a statue of hades appeared, towering into the mountains and imposing, holding two black combat knives as huge as mountains.
Under the old south emperor’s arm waving, the hades behind him held high the black combat knives, split the void, and cut them off before Zhuge lit up.
"Hey!" Zhuge greeted him with a dragon sword before dawn, but he was swept away by this earth blow.
The old Western Emperor shouted, "It’s hard to break the seven-star treasure. I’ll force this boy’s Yuan God out and kill his Yuan God completely, so there won’t be any threat."
Gnome male-"~ ~" Old South Emperor sneered: "That’s right, the seven-star treasure body is extremely arrogant. If we can practice this * * into a magic weapon. This not only prevents chaos from borrowing his body, but also adds a powerful magic weapon to deal with chaos in the future. I’m afraid the magic weapon trained with the seven-star treasure body will not be worse than the fairy treasure. "
"Well, Lao Nan, you stall him!" The old Western Emperor said, his body rose in the air, and his jade fingers were sealed. I saw her dark hair flying, and the faint fairy light bathed her exquisite figure, which seemed to be holy and dust-removed, but the eyes of the old Western Emperor opened and closed, but they shot a sharp color.
The East Emperor, the West Emperor and the South Emperor have retreated to the distance at the moment, looking at their master, and their faces are full of sneer.
The old South Emperor was in vain, and the Pluto behind him cut a knife again. The black combating Dao was like a mountain range, and the whole city of Zhuxian was cut in half.
"Hey!" Zhuge’s dim body was swept away again, his arm was numb, and his Qinglong broadsword was thrown out.
In the distance, the East Emperor’s eyes were hot, and he quickly flew up and took the flying Qinglong broadsword in his hand. Holding the immortal magic weapon, the burning and greed in the eyes of the East Emperor are clearly visible.
"Hmmm …" Zhuge did not light up and hummed, and half of his body could not move.
At this time, the huge black knife was cut again, and the sharp tip suddenly penetrated Zhuge’s dull chest and picked him up. Zhuge is not bright at the moment, and he is bloody and miserable. His messy long hair has covered his face. For the first time in my life, Zhuge Buliang felt so frustrated that he simply had no strength to fight back and could not compete.
"Hey!" When the black knife was cut off, Zhuge’s dull body was abruptly nailed to the ground, and the blood dyed the earth red and trickled down.
Zhuge’s weak smile, is today really his own end? At this time, what miracles will happen? ………
When the old Western Emperor realized it, the jade palm flashed a fairy light, which flew like thunder to Zhuge’s dim eyes and directly penetrated Zhuge’s dim eyebrows.
"Ah yi! ! !”
Zhuge looked up in pain and roared. He felt that his Yuan God had been badly hit and was almost torn apart. The immortal light that the old Western Emperor played before flew out from Zhuge’s unlit head, bringing out a purple villain, who was Zhuge’s unlit Yuan God. The purple little man swayed and almost collapsed.
Just now, the old Western Emperor hit a blow to destroy the Yuan God’s attack, which almost completely scrapped Zhuge’s dim Yuan God. Fortunately, when he was carrying out the sixth transformation of the seven-star treasure body, the Yuan God was also transformed. Otherwise, just that blow, Zhuge’s dim Yuan God has been destroyed.
Zhuge’s dim Yuan God was separated from the body, and his body collapsed in a pool of blood, which seemed to have lost its vitality.
"His Yuan God has been imprisoned by me. Take out seven points in his body!" Old Western Emperor shouted.
The old East Emperor and the old South Emperor nodded. At the same time, the distant East Emperor, the Western Emperor and the South Emperor also flew up. Several people jointly played a light curtain, crisscrossing in mid-air, like a huge law figure. A series of brilliance falls, like a gorgeous rainbow, running through Zhuge’s dull body.
"poop-poop …"
Seven flips, and seven light groups flashing purple brilliance flew out of Zhuge’s dim body.
"It’s seven caves!"
"Seven acupoints are the key to the seven-star treasure body. The acupoints are in vitro, and the seven-star treasure body is completely abolished!" All the people watching in the whole fairy city were horrified. Su Lao, Su Ding Tianhe and Su Hengfei were pale. They watched this scene helplessly, but they could not make moves.
"ah! ! !” Zhuge Buliang, who was imprisoned by the old Western Emperor, gave a piercing roar, and he felt that he was gradually going to ruin.
In the crowd, Su Yan’s eyes were as bright as the bright moon, and the glittering and translucent shell teeth bit her lips slightly, and then she quietly retreated and disappeared.
Seven acupoints were separated from the body and turned into seven stars suspended in mid-air. And at this time, the seven caves suddenly burst into purple light, which seemed to be pulled by some force and flew straight to Zhuge before it lit up. A big dipper curtain hung down from the seven caves, wrapped Zhuge’s dim Yuan God, and then turned into seven bolts of lightning and shot into the sky.
"Oops, the seven acupoints are spiritual, and the Yuan God who protected this boy escaped." Old east emperor urgent way.
"It’s okay." The old Western Emperor said, "His Yuan God has been severely damaged by me. Even if he escapes, I believe that his cultivation will be completely lost before long, and now he is powerless to return to heaven. I will send someone to search the whole universe for the whereabouts of the seven caves, and now the Seven-Star Treasure Body has been completely abolished. "
Lao Nan Huang breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Finally, a great disaster has been removed for the future. If several immortal predecessors in the outer space know about it, they will certainly greatly agree with our approach."
On the land stained with blood, Zhuge was not bright, only a corpse was lying there, and the cold corpse had completely lost its vitality. The residual wind blew, stirring his bloody hair, which was somewhat sad.
Looking at Zhuge Buliang’s body, many people feel deeply, even those who had a grudge with Zhuge Buliang in the past can’t help but feel lonely and sigh. This kind of feeling can’t even be explained by themselves. Obviously, they are their own enemies. Now they are not happy to see their enemies being beheaded.
In the past, he was brilliant, and he could kill a great Sect of immortals with one hand.
In the past, he used to be wild and unrestrained, dare to violate the power of heaven, and was not afraid of everything.
In the past, he used to be the object of many young people’s enthusiasm, but the vast expanse of fairy land that he stirred up with his own hands could not be calm.
But now, all that remains is a cold corpse.
With the end of prosperity, perhaps Zhuge’s brilliant days have come to an end, and his life has come to an end.
Chapter 673 Helpless
Chapter 683 Helpless
Three days have passed since the First World War of Zhuxian City. The whole Zhuxian City has been almost destroyed and broken, but there are still many people wandering around here. In these three days, the news of the fall of the Seven-Star Treasure Body has almost spread throughout the whole universe. Everyone knows that Zhuge Liang was beaten by several half-step immortals and only Yuan Shen was left, and it was not long before.
"The Seven-Star Treasure Body has fallen, and it should be quiet for a while, but why do I always feel undercurrent?"
"Yes, I feel the same way. There are so many immortals in the wild fairy land. Is there something important happening?"