This means is to use the mutated beast. Kun Peng, who reconnected with his knowledge, hated mixed yuan Lingtian to the extreme at a certain moment. He summoned the macro of either black or white beast, which can directly cover the mainland of the mixed Yuan Ling Tian Li Yu, but now he looks "eyes" and only sees a bunch here and a group there, the number is less than one-hundredth of the original number. Fortunately, the immortals are also in the trap, resulting in a beast with soul and land. And many have evolved into king beasts, so that it can summon black and white beasts.

Let’s talk about the evolution of chaos beast: at first, it was either black or white. Secondly, the power beast (with the conditions to be quick), the king beast (with the conditions to be quick at low and intermediate levels), the emperor beast, and finally the emperor beast. The five power levels are comparable to the five realms of chaos, metaplasia, heaven creation, nirvana and eternal life, but the intelligence is seriously behind. The emperor beast Peng, with unparalleled strength, is only as intelligent as the beginning of the giant’s evolution. This is not to say that the Emperor Beast Peng has no means, but that because of the power, the means that the Emperor Beast Kun Peng can think of are only in the realm of immortals at the beginning, and there are few flexible ways.
It’s not, after the emperor beast Kun Peng connected with the knowledge. The instruction to all powerful beasts and king beasts is to gather in the cloud nine, instead of devouring black or white beasts to grow first. This is the intellectual relationship. In the eyes of Emperor Beast Peng, the King Beast has been able to show the heaven-level mixed fairy a good look. It is not necessary to grow, but at this moment, playing with ascended a sky is the highlight.
It is really hard to understand this move by the emperor, the beast Kun Peng.
If the emperor beast Kun Peng wants to get ascended a cloud nine, the correct way is to order the beast king beast to attack the mixed fairy in the spiritual land. And he exerted his strength to pull out the mountain, trying to pull out the cloud nine.
If it hates ascended a sky or wants to destroy it, then don’t pull it out and attack it directly …
However, even if the emperor animal Kun Peng "made a mistake", what happened afterwards surprised all the immortals on the land of Lingtian. First, the powerful beast and the king beast ran inexplicably, and then there was a vibration in the direction of the cloud nine. When the immortals found out, it turned out that the powerful beast and the king beast were approaching and violently attacking the cloud nine.
Because the emperor beast Kun Peng has been hidden, the immortals should only think that the beast king beast is crazy. None of the mixed immortals wanted to get the cloud nine, so they were all afraid that the Beast King beast would break the cloud nine, so they gave up the black or white beast and killed it in the direction of the cloud nine, hoping to keep the Beast King beast out of the cloud nine.
Millions of mixed immortals have been handed in to protect the cloud nine, and the area around the cloud nine is killing the sky.
The accident happened again, and the only remaining black or white beasts in the mainland of the mixed yuan Ling Tian Li Yu flooded into the cloud nine, which made millions of mixed yuan immortals tired of coping. The invincible beast king beast kills more and more fiercely, killing more and more fiercely.
The situation is so weird.
The dragon-attracting real person is shocked. Of course, he was not polite to the concentrated black-and-white beasts, powerful beasts and king beasts. Then the chemical world spun at a low altitude at hundreds of millions of light-years outside the cloud nine, trying to hunt the concentrated beasts.
It’s just that it’s not neat to turn the world into an invincible force. It seems to be pulled by something. Although it can turn black and white beasts and powerful beasts into coagulated polar cathode yang, then it absorbs very little polar anode yang, and most of the polar cathode yang is absorbed by the only injured king beast under the action of then.
This is a terrible thing. The alchemy of the chemical world can’t eliminate the brand of Kun beast’s knowledge. Now all the brands of black and white beasts and powerful beasts that have been eliminated are all gathered together with the king beast, and the anode yang that permeates the air is driven to maintain the re-integration of the brand.
After a while, the giant beast that rose from the sky began to confront the dragon-attracting world, then hard. Within the hunting range of millions of mixed immortals, advanced powerful beasts and king beasts are constantly derived.
"The animals seem to be in a mess, but in fact they are strange and unpredictable." Tianxin said to the nine women.
"There are too many animals, millions.
And the dragon-leading predecessors all lack the means of mass destruction, so they can’t be killed. The teacher made a move. "Fairy in red Qing Hong Wan Bo card laughed.
"I’m afraid I can’t do it, brother." Tianxin sighed, "The Elixir of Dragon-inducing world can best absorb chaotic Yin and Yang, but now it can’t. What does this mean?"
"Brother, you mean …" Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny and Haixin Liuxiang smell words and know your kindness.
"However, you can try." Tianxin blinked, and the red and white cathode Yang two swords were sacrificed, which were divided into hundreds of millions of Tai Chi sword groups and killed the herds in the corner around the cloud nine. Naturally, thousands of magical beasts were sacrificed to Tianxin in the hundreds of millions of scorers. Go to the minions. It has always been Tianxin’s tactics, and this time it is no exception. Billion scorers and magical beasts accurately fall on the black and white beasts at the lowest level.
Suddenly there was a cold hum in the distance.
Although Tianxin is only divided into 100 million units, the effect of large-scale killing is very obvious. In addition, Tianxin has been rubbed into the method of blood refining of all spirits, and the essence of black and white beasts is extracted like plucking geese, and the rest is absorbed by the magical beasts in the form of unreal beasts.
Such a large-scale killing alarmed the emperor’s beast Kun Peng, who was hidden in the dark. Of course, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that thousands of magical beasts have absorbed the brand of knowledge after the black and white beasts were killed. Provoked the emperor beast Kun Peng’s brain pain. There is another section that makes Emperor Beast Peng furious, that is, Tianxin has killed dozens of black and white beasts in the fantasy space. When the black or white beast disappears, it disappears. Emperor Peng doesn’t care, but it controls the brand of knowledge of the large black or white beast to disappear. This is not what Emperor Kun Peng wants. If those cognitive imprints are merged in the mixed spirit day, how many powerful beasts will be born. By that time, millions of Yuan Xian and the boy from Taikoo, who are far away from heaven, are simply not enough to see. But now, everything has come to nothing.
The exasperated emperor, Kun Peng, finally lost his temper under the huge loss, quack and leap into the mixed spirit, and his huge paws were caught. It’s just that this guy doesn’t want to think about it, and the mixed yuan spirit day is quite large. It will take quite a long time for him to leap forward and hold his huge hand to face the enemy. And its enemies have long been wary of it. As soon as its power appears, millions of mixed immortals immediately perform celestial positioning. Escape back to the sky by yourself, and it will be as fast as the blink of an eye.
Tianxin is even more exaggerated. The red and white cathode Yang Lingjian, which could have been divided into trillions, was only divided into 100 million. Have the strength to wait for this unexpected guest. At this time, the spirit of the gods was released, and the nine-day Hualian immediately offered it, earning nine women first, and then the whole person was transferred to the position of cloud nine.
The beast’s huge palm is doomed to be helpless, and it also has a powerful enemy, that is, attracting dragons. Lead the dragon to fight with the beast, and remember the breath of the beast completely. Therefore, as soon as the beast appeared, the dragon was moved to an altitude of 100 million light years, and the alchemy of the chemical world was also enlarged, and Jinli Guanghua was displayed to meet the giant hand of the Kun beast.
Kunpeng, the emperor beast, is also doomed to feel bad. Its huge palm comes from under threat, and its power is so great that it even pushes back the brilliance released by the dragon-attracting world, and even tends to push the dragon-attracting world into the ground. It’s just that the dragon-attracting world after the big supplement is extremely tenacious, and it can’t be conquered by a huge palm. Without waiting for the second strike of Emperor Beast Peng, the Kaitian Guanghua of millions of mixed immortals has already lit up and fired at Kun Beasts. At the same time, ascended a cloud seems to have sensed the breath of Kun Beasts and lit up weak Guanghua.
In this way, Kun beast naturally can’t hit the heavenly heart, but instead forms a confrontation with Kaitian Guanghua, then Guanghua and Jiutian Guanghua, which is basically a situation that can’t be entered again.
However, the heavenly heart, which is not confronted with Kun beast, is also very embarrassed. Although it is close to ascended a cloud, it avoids the danger of being found by the beast’s huge hands, but it is caught in the attack of the beasts. Although Tianxin killed the white beast without black, it was very cool, but it was not enough to watch the red and white swords after the high-level beast and the king beast, which forced Tianxin to summon thousands of magical beasts to protect themselves and offer purple iron to open the heavenly sword against the high-level beast and the king beast. As for the red and white swords with hundreds of millions of points, it continued to kill the black and white beasts and the low-level beasts.
After several distractions, fighting naturally became a hard fight. There is no doubt that Zitie Kaitian Sword is very powerful. Between three or two blows to kill the king beast, the powerful beast is a second shot, but the problem is that Zitie Kaitian Sword is only one, and its killing quantity is accumulated by time. Besides, both the King Beast and the Senior Force Beast have extremely high wisdom, and they are not waiting for the heavenly heart to cut them down. As soon as the King Beast and the Senior Force Beast are clever, the killing rate of heavenly heart purple iron opens heavenly sword is greatly reduced.
Moreover, because thousands of magical beasts are used for self-protection, the brand of animal awareness of the black and white beasts killed by the red and white swords can not be erased, which causes these brand of awareness to find new recipients, merge with the brand of recipients, and devour the chaotic energy of Yin and Yang in the air. So the king beast is more agile, the advanced beast is evolving to the king beast, and the low-level beast is approaching the high-level beast.
Tianxin will eventually face an increasingly fierce situation in which its opponents are invincible.
The reason is that the strength and quantity of the powerful beast and the king beast have become the climate. Tianxin also underestimated the vastness of the mixed-yuan-ling Tianliyu mainland, even though he diluted the black-and-white beast to an extent that can no longer be diluted in the 80-star war in the fantasy space, even though the dragon-attracting world then let go of its belly to hunt the black-and-white beast, and even though millions of mixed-yuan immortals tried their best to capture the black-and-white beast, the black-and-white beast of the mixed-yuan-ling Tianliyu mainland was covered with hundreds of light-years of land around ascended a cloud after millions of powerful beasts and hundreds of king beasts were evolved.

Chapter six hundred and forty-four Feng Yuan Chuang tactic (on)
The autumn of emergency is also.
After killing for a while, Tianxin found it meaningless to fight with the king beast and the high-powered beast. The focus of the immediate problem is still to fall on a large number of black and white beasts. He fought to the death with the king beast and the advanced powerful beast, while many black and white beasts were busy upgrading into powerful beasts and even king beasts.
After collecting thousands of magical beasts and the red and white cathode Yang two swords, the purple iron opened the heavenly sword and turned it into a billion light-years state, opening a way out. Tianxin started the maximum transmission of Hualien for nine days, rushed out of the encirclement of the king beast and the advanced powerful beast, and fell into a huge black and white herd.
New situation, new tactics.
Tianxin used purple iron to open the heavenly sword to protect himself this time, that is, hiding in the handle of purple iron to open the heavenly sword, and reducing the illusion of purple iron to thousands of light years (100 times the body of the primary king beast), letting it seek navigation, but not killing. The real killing is to sacrifice the red and white cathode Yang two swords again, which is divided into trillions, supplemented by the strongest blood refining method and the magical beasts in the state of beasts.
The Red and White Taiji Sword Group damaged the condensed body of the white beast, and the magical beasts absorbed the brand of Kun beast’s knowledge that the white beast escaped.
The killing begins.
In fact, Tianxin is very worried. You should know that the Emperor Kunpeng is hundreds of millions of light-years away. Although this beast is now blocked by the millions of mixed immortals, the dragon-inducing world then and the ascended heaven Guanghua, this does not mean that it has lost control of the brand of knowledge on the beasts. It is a beautiful thing that the magical beasts can absorb the brand of Kun beast’s knowledge, but before these brands are digested by the magical beasts, there is the subject of Kun beast, which is hard to guarantee that the magical beasts will not go on strike or be controlled by Kun beast.
Therefore, Tianxin did not dare to let thousands of magical beasts act independently this time, but gave a full half of the spiritual knowledge to package thousands of magical beasts. It is attached by the method of great illusion, and the mirror image of Kun beast is conjured in the core of the body, so that those Kun beasts absorbed by thousands of magical beasts will be branded as returning to the main body and accepting integration without resistance.
As for the trillions of red and white dividers, they exist by the method of blood refining, and it is God’s wish to strengthen the lethality of the dividers. The red and white spirit separator works in the way of Tai Chi sword group, but it can’t kill the beast, which makes Tianxin very uneasy and makes Tianxin think that it is either black or white. It is different from the spiritual blood test once in the spiritual fantasy space. At that time, the red sword found the extremely yin black beast and the white sword found the extremely yang white beast. This time, Tianxin asked the two swords to turn around and find the black beast or white beast at the same time.
Legion mode operation, trillions of points across, black or white beast burst open one by one.
Kunpeng, the emperor beast, was furious at a certain moment, but his anger turned to anger, and he was blocked by millions of mixed immortal Kaitian Guanghua, the dragon-inducing world then and Jiutian Guanghua. He couldn’t get close to Jiutian, so he could only give instructions to let the millions of powerful beasts and king beasts who attacked Jiutian turn to attack Tianxin.
As ignored. The purple iron opens the heavenly sword, and the powerful beast and the king beast can’t play tricks. There are too many powerful beasts and king beasts, so it takes nine days for Hua Lian to teleport and kill in another direction.