Suddenly shot, someone said, "The man is using all day resin fire. However, the hiding method of invisibility is not completely similar to flying resin hiding. It seems that it is quite a bit of a corpse magic solution! "

When this statement came out, most people scoffed. Because, in their minds, people who practice resin magic solution will never come out to show off if they are not then. And after the achievement then, obviously can’t come here. If not, the speaker is from the six magic sects, the first case of Chu’s magic way, and I’m afraid everyone will laugh at him.
As the saying goes, truth is often in the hands of a few people. The words of the disciple of the Six Demons also made some experts feel the same way. At that time, another person said, "I think so, too. The resin magic solution may be difficult to repair elsewhere. But here, it is not necessarily impossible! "
This is a wake-up call. "Yes, this is the land of ghouls. It’s not surprising that there is a variation of the ghouls! However, in this way, doesn’t it mean that this hole will never be found again? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Thought of this, enthusiastic, and cost mana, attacked the monks for a long time, can’t help but feel a little depressed. That bad-tempered one. But also cursed. The crowd, too, began to disperse gradually, especially those with low cultivation, and they were eager to walk, so they didn’t waste their time here.
However, among the monks, although there are those who are stupid and dull, because of their unique talent or luck, they have achieved fruitful results, but most of them are smart and savvy. Therefore, the number of monks left behind is still quite large, with a total of 50 or 60 people. Moreover, none of these people is weak and has the worst strength, and they are also at the level of high-level foundation.
These people, of course, are not dead, but they are also suspicious. Stay all the people present, no one left, then someone asked, "The Taoist friend of the Imperial Immortal Sect, as well as wise men don’t speak dark words. Now, the number is less, so you can be honest. Tell me, just now, is it a good show for us to play an inside job?
Don’t worry, we will applaud, but the previous conditions. But I still have to cash it! "
"Not bad!"
"That is, don’t fool everyone, we are not so easy to fool!"
"Brother, you are really wrong about me!" Zuo Qiu sees that the man who opens his mouth is a fake monk Dan. Moreover, judging from the look and feel of the breath, he may have hit the elixir several times, and his accumulation is abundant, which is by no means comparable to that of an ordinary monk preconditions. So, he also dare not neglect, is very respectful arch hand, way, "such a trick is useless, I don’t know? I really want to share it with you. You saw the situation just now. Does it look like collusion? Besides, there are still some friends who met when we entered the hole. How many of us are still unclear? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"So to speak, it was robbed by the resin demon? However, a corpse demon, he wants this hole to be dry, but this is a thing of the past with him! There is always no tendency for him to be abused! " Another fake monk Dan said, his words seemed to be talking to himself and forced to ask.
Zuo Qiu gave me a weak smile, saying, "this, how can I know? However, many sects have come here to arrest ghosts and zombies, and use them to forge puppets. This corpse demon has no owner! "
"This is a reason, but it doesn’t completely convince us!" Another fake monk Dan said.
"What do the brothers want?" Zuo Qiu asked.
"It’s very simple. All you have to do is spill everything in your younger brother’s two storage bags and let us check it!" The man continued, "If not, we will go at once without delay; If there is, then don’t blame us for being rude! "
Smell this, and understand the inside story of Zuo Qiu, then no longer as pleasant as before, face cold su up, as if on a layer of frost. "Why, do you really think that we are bullied by the Imperial Immortal Sect? How dare you insult us like this? If that’s the case, we’d rather fight a larger foe! At that time, you will come to our bodies to collect!
Of course, you’d better be careful. Don’t die before the time is right! "Speaking, Zuo Qiu right hand outstretched, standing beside a long complications of a fiddle, set time, tsing lung method breath soared, power increased, a loud roar of dragons, like thunder, resounded through the ears of every monk present.
Who mowgli has been silent, no openings to participate in the dispute, but because has been waiting for the news of the resin magic Lin Zhao. This, the time required is not short, because the storage bag is not so easy to open. After all, Zuo Qiu people are still alive, unlike those storage bags whose owners are dead, which need a lot of mana to crack.
However, who mowgli people are still here, but they are not in such a hurry, sitting firmly in Diaoyutai and waiting. At this moment, all of a sudden, the words of the resin demon Lin Zhao came and said, "Master, you caught the wrong one! There is no hole in this storage bag! "
"Yes, I know!" When Wei Wuji heard this, he immediately replied, "Come back at once, change your appearance and expose the news!"
Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, didn’t answer immediately, but replied, "Master, why don’t I go to raid again? There may be another chance to grab a storage bag!"
"That’s all! It is unlikely! " Who mowgli answered, "as the saying goes, fall into a pit and gain wisdom! The remaining two are afraid to look at their storage bags now. Moreover, we still don’t know where the cave grass is. Hard, they didn’t put it in the storage bag at all, but directly wrapped it with wooden utensils and collected it personally. The hope of getting the whole plant is not great, so don’t waste this effort again. Now, we must use our energy to seize that branch! "
"Yes!" When the resin demon Lin Zhaowen heard this, he didn’t say much at that time, so he should come down directly.
The atmosphere in the field was rather stagnant, and there was no sign of further intensification, but no one exported a round field to ease it, so it was deadlocked. At this moment, from the crowd, another hole, turn out a person, appearance but 20, handsome and elegant, elegance and vulgarity, the whole body up and down, slightly with red lotus flower.
This man, nature is disguised resin magic Lin Zhao. He used the tactic of melting treasure into the body to melt the mysterious The Hunger into the body, and he can dispatch a lot of The Hunger breath at any time, which makes people mistakenly think that he is practicing blood magic. He made no secret of his strong breath, and walked straight here, which naturally attracted the attention of all.
He came to the front of everyone, took the lead, gave a hand to everyone, and then said, "Brothers, I am the owner of the corpse demon who just stole the storage bag."
When this statement came out, the stagnant atmosphere in the field was scattered and everyone was in an uproar.
Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, seemed to assign every day to a person who never stops talking. When he spoke, he also took out the Zuo Qiu’s storage bag from his chest and waved it to the people to prove it.
"Dear friends, why did I come here? I think everyone can know better now!" Resin magic Lin Zhao light said with a smile, "yes, I appeared, but because just steal the storage bag, there is no hole ghost grass. This cave grass is still in the hands of friends of Yuling Xianzong.
I’m here now, one is to remind you brothers, lest you be blinded and not know it; Second, I also want to share one of the fourteen shares. Of course, this time I will never be reckless, and I will definitely seek fairness! "
"Yes, friends this counterplot, use is really wonderful! If this Taoist brother hadn’t arrived in time, I’m afraid we would have been really fooled by you! " They heard so, one by one, will look at the Zuo Qiu and other three people.
The eyes, although there is not much malicious and complete, but the indifferent cold, but also let their hearts tremble. At this moment, Zuo Qiu’s original tough attitude has long since disappeared. Except when he is in sight of the corpse demon Lin Zhao, he reveals the meaning of his guts. The rest of the time, he is full of wry smiles.
Zuo Qiu’s figure first retreated a little, allowing the Qinglong method to protect himself, and then he spoke bitterly. "Yes, I lied to all Taoist friends just now, and I apologize to you here!"
"Hum-if apologizing works so well, let’s build roads, practice magic, and apologize to everyone soon!" A monk with a deep depression and a bad temper immediately retorted.
Zuo Qiu went out for a lot of experience, but he was not moved by this question. As if he didn’t hear it, he said to himself, "Brothers, I want to ask, if you were in my position and faced with the situation at that time, would you make the same choice as me?"
Zuo Qiu didn’t really wait for the people to answer. After a pause, he continued, "I can think of it without your brother’s answer. After all, people have the same heart and the same heart! Therefore, the past has passed, and now, it is better for us to focus on the future. If you push me too hard, then I can only let the cave grass escape and let it escape on its own. Let’s each take another chance! "
It is notoriously difficult to find the hidden grass. If it weren’t for this, no one would have been born, so many monks would have come to compete. People don’t have to think about it at all, and they understand that it is much easier to compete for a branch than to find a new plant. At the moment, most people were silent. After a while, someone said, "In that case, we will forget about the previous things. Now, we can discuss the distribution of the cave grass!"
"Not yet!" Zuo Qiu firmly replied.
“?” The people’s faces have changed greatly, and the crowds will be angry again.
"Don’t be impatient, and listen to me!" Zuo Qiu at the sight of this, hurriedly said, "you have just seen, heard, is the robbed my storage bag, makes the twists and turns just now, otherwise, I’m afraid we would have run well.
At the beginning, he decided to take it all for himself, but now he has failed and wants a piece of the cake. Where is there such a cheap thing in this world? Therefore, I would like to ask all of you to do me a little favor, kill this man and get my storage bag back. This little thing should not be sleepy! Presumably, you fellow travelers will not refuse! "
The cultivation of the resin demon Lin Zhao is undisguised, so all the people present can see clearly that it is the peak of the twelfth floor of the foundation. Although this level may bear the elixir at any time, before it is formed, it is definitely not as good as the fake friar elixir. Here, there are so many masters, not to mention the gang attack, that is, three or five are excluded, which is enough to deal with. Therefore, this matter is really not difficult for everyone. Moreover, because the cave ghost grass is still in the hands of Zuo Qiu and others, it really doesn’t count to do such a small thing for it.
In order to get the cave ghost grass as soon as possible, at that time, many people’s hearts were filled with such a thought, and they looked at the corpse demon Lin Zhao’s eyes and became fierce. Previous resin magic Lin Zhao remind credit, as if never appeared.
Resin magic Lin Zhao, where is not clear about people’s mind, however, he dared to come out, nature is to consider all kinds of situations, so it is also fearless! A very secretive smile suddenly appeared on his face, and he said in a leisurely way, "You have to think it over, but you can only be a thief for one thousand days, but there is no reason to prevent thieves for one thousand days!" One step is bad, and the consequences are unpredictable! "
When this statement came out, everyone’s heart was also a thump.
"Yes, see somebody else’s hands that resin magic just action neatly, if determined sneak attack, is really a hassle. Don’t say that you can’t keep your treasure, even your life is unpredictable! After all, no one can leave the defensive shield on all the time for twelve hours a day! "
Everyone is mindful of this, especially when they see that the corpse demon Lin Zhao has never been impatient, firmly standing in the local area, and acting like a fearless person, but in his heart, he can’t help playing drums, guessing that people must have a secret method to save their lives, which can make them easily escape. In that case, you have to be careful all the time.
At present, the thoughts that people have just risen and have not yet been put into action can be put out immediately.
"You’re all wise, and you didn’t listen to his cunning words!" Resin magic Lin Zhao said again at this moment, "the three of them, obviously still hold the idea of unique hole ghost grass in the heart, otherwise, as for repeated delays? If it goes on like this, who knows what kind of moths they will make again!
Hard, now they have moved the cave ghost grass, otherwise, we dare not take it out directly and let’s have a look! "
"Yes, the brother said is right! Don’t delay any longer, take out the cave grass now and we will distribute it on the spot! " A big fellow shouted loudly.
Zuo Qiu also knows that the man who stole his storage bag dares to stand up so aboveboard, and will definitely not be knocked down by these tricks. Therefore, he didn’t hold such extravagant hopes, just hoping to take this opportunity to increase some room for bargaining.
So, at this time, he immediately said, "You brothers want to see the cave ghost grass, no problem. Just now, that man stole my storage bag, and I can forget it for the sake of all my brothers. However, my storage bag and the contents of it should always be returned to me!
After all, we went into this dark cave for the sake of hiding grass, but we didn’t come here to rob like those people outside! "
"Well, this is right! Brother Dao, you don’t look like a man with poor worth. Why don’t you return the storage bag to the friend of Yuling Xianzong? " Hearing this, a monk Xiandao said.
"Yes, this brother will return the things. It is serious to get the ghost grass in his hand earlier!"
At that time, many people gave advice.
This kind of advice, the implied threat of resin magic Lin Zhao nature is clear, however, he is very understand, in this situation, can’t have the slightest discouraged. If the momentum is slightly low, I am afraid that it will be looked down upon by everyone, and the consequences that follow can be described as a chain. Therefore, the resin demon Lin Zhao did not compromise at all.
A wave of his hand, he answered, "You brothers are indeed right. I really despise such a few things. However, there are rules for me to steal the door, and I have always borrowed it without paying it back. Since I made a move and succeeded, I can’t help but gain something. Therefore, it is impossible to return this thing.
However, I can’t help but give your brothers face. Well, I can promise to give him a fair chance after distributing the branches of the grass. As long as he can beat me, I will definitely return it to him intact, without any omission.