With the bonus of the white tiger gathering the golden flag, the power of the male sword tactic is a little more earth than before.

The sword light transformed by the innate Geng Jin Excalibur is constantly hitting the meniscus wheel, which is rapid and compact, like rain hitting bananas and drums on the battlefield. The sound, seemingly ordinary, but with a special flavor, struck straight in the depths of the hearts of the warring parties.
At the same time, Wei Wuji also took out the earth-digging bead again, and remotely smashed it with a kind of dragon stick. Every attack with a kind of dragon stick is radiant, showing a powerful atmosphere. On the contrary, the earth-digging bead can’t be more ordinary, without the slightest brilliance.
When the two hit each other, it was like the high tide of the sea hitting the dam, and the meteor fell and smashed the earth. Although the frequency was not very fast, every time it surged with incomparable strength of the earth, and the surrounding void stirred up, which also revealed the virtual mark of the road, just like, if you go further, it will be broken.
Moreover, every time, the aftermath of the cross-strike force has not passed, and then a wave comes again, thus making the two treasures confront each other, and the power is earth every time.
Wei mowgli doesn’t know how many materials famous for their weight have been consumed in the refining of Pidizhu, and his strength is strong, and he himself is no longer clear. In the previous battles, Wei Wuji did not use the hidden strength, but relied on a lot of land pearls, and many enemies’ strong protection was broken by him.
Now, Wei Wuji is also the first time to see a treasure that can be hard shaken with the front of his own land bead. Although the order of the dragon stick itself is one step higher than that of the earth-digging bead, there is no doubt that it is also a powerful treasure.
Wei Wuji has always been a person who is prepared for danger in times of peace. In the sight of this sneak attack monk, he just casually met himself in the vast array of six rotations. His strength may be enough to compete for training places in one hundred years. However, according to the observation of Wei Wuji, among the monks competing for places, this one is definitely not a leader, or even, it is simply a bottom-up creature.
The reason is very simple, because Wei Wuji clearly found that his opponent was "poor"!
This "poverty" is not the same as "poverty". To be honest, this sneak attack monk had such two extremely powerful treasures during the foundation period, and he also belonged to a very rich man. Who mowgli found poor, but it refers to the sneak attack monk, in addition to his own jewels, and did not use the rest of the jewels.
Those who come to these six large rotating arrays are elites from all walks of life. The worst is that they will also have a treasure. If the strength in front of them is really strong, after such a long time, they will definitely have gained a lot, and they will definitely not even use a trophy.
Although, who mowgli himself has always been the same, the captured booty has basically never been used. However, his situation is different, because he has enough of his own. When fighting, he still needs to pick and choose, and he will not use what he is not familiar with. He’s very sure, at present, it’s absolutely impossible to have such capital as him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to sneak attack like this.
This can only explain a problem, and his strength is not enough to sweep through the vast array of six rotations. With his strength, he has a kind of dragon stick, which is a treasure of the earth. It is conceivable that the rest, who are higher than him, should not be worse than him, even if they are not absolute.
That is to say, Wei Wuji’s jewels now and now, basically, have not occupied the advantage in the upcoming quota dispute, and everything depends on his personal strength and concrete play.
With this in mind, Wei Wuji’s mood for developing and upgrading his existing combat power is even more urgent. At that time, at the time of the hand, it was inevitable to add a little strength.
At this point, Wei Wuji’s mind is divided into two purposes, dealing with the meniscus wheel and the dragon stick respectively, but it is in a stalemate. At this time, Wei Wuji knows very well that whoever breaks the deadlock first will occupy most of the opportunities. However, Wei mowgli also knows that it is basically impossible to break the deadlock in a short time with his own tooling strength, unless he has a feeling of improvisation again.
Therefore, the best way is to know each other’s weaknesses through induction and adopt reasonable tactics. This is also a part of the increase in combat power, but this is the easiest to increase through the tempering of combat. At present, who mowgli will spirit, focus on this.
Moments later, Wei mowgli and the attack on the monk remained in combat.
However, as the saying goes, everything comes to him who waits, Wei Wuji still found a lot of things. Among them, the most important thing is that the sneak attack on the monk seems to be desperately, and most of the mana is used to control the dragon stick, which gives play to the unparalleled attack power. However, his heart is not on this, and its root lies in the meniscus wheel.
This is why Wei Wuji clearly knows that the strength displayed by the meniscus is weak, and he wants to break through here first, but he has never succeeded. Understand this, who mowgli decided to set time, and pretended to increase the attack on a kind of dragon stick himself, as far as possible, to attract the opponent’s attention to this side, and then, in a flash, launch a raid on the other side and win the opponent at one stroke.

Chapter DiSiWuSan heptyl gold god electricity
Chapter DiSiWuSan heptyl gold god electricity
With a fixed mind, Wei Wuji naturally doesn’t have the slightest hesitation. When he does, he moves his hands together and changes his tactics. In an instant, Wei Wuji’s two palms bloom with golden brilliance.
This golden glow, unlike the ordinary divine light, is like water; But the roots are independent, as thin as silk, only three inches short, like steel needles, shaking slightly.
This method is one of the three methods that Wei Wuji personally selected when he was promoted to the inner door of the Five Elements Sect. It is called Geng Jin Shen Dian. Geng Jin Shen Dian naturally belongs to the category of lightning power, but he is more mixed with the pure and sharp characteristics of Geng Jin’s power, and his image is like an arrow, strong and sharp. Of course, the lightning’s rapid and rapid effect of boiling financial iron has been perfectly preserved.
According to the records in the secret script of Geng Jin Shen Dian, this secret method is practiced to a high-level stage, and each ray of Geng Jin Shen Dian is equivalent to a flying sword, and Wan Jian’s hair is in full swing, which is so powerful that it is really overwhelming and irresistible that it is no less than the innate Geng Jin Jian tactic itself.
Although, Wei Wuji spent most of his energy on practicing the innate Geng Jin Jian tactic before, he didn’t pay too much attention to Geng Jin Shendian, but even so, with Wei Wuji’s super understanding, he practiced it very skillfully.
This time, it is nearly 300 short, sharp and fierce Geng Jin Shen Dian appeared in the void, setting off Wei Wuji’s two palms, like two small suns.
Who mowgli’s body, with a quiver, a very strange rhythm, passed, making hands, toward the front vanity, pushed over. And with this action, the nearly 300 messages of Geng Jin Shen’s electricity all burst away, just like a mortal army crossbow array shooting strong crossbows, dense, arranged in a row, covering the sky and bombarding the past with a kind of dragon stick.
At this moment, who mowgli’s hands, just like the king of hidden weapons among mortals-pear flower crossbow in heavy rain, a wave, constantly facing the sharp awn of heavy rain, hitting the treasure light of a kind of dragon stick.
This thunderbolt means, when it is, makes the confrontation between the dragon stick and the earth bead at an absolute disadvantage. A kind of dragon sticks treasure light, although still bright, but it is no longer as strong as the previous tide, and it seems to be somewhat hollow. It has been repeatedly found by the Dizhu, and it has been bombarded strongly. For several times, it has been directly smashed on the ontology by the Dizhu.
The noumenon material of a kind of dragon stick is extraordinary, but it is far from being compared with the earth-digging bead. Once the defense of Baoguang is broken, the standing time will be damaged. After several times, the smooth body of a dragon stick has become bumpy.
Sneaking on the monk has already made up his mind, and he will defend himself and fight for it with all his strength. At this point, a kind of dragon stick has been damaged repeatedly, but he can not ignore it, because, in this way, it is really possible that a kind of dragon stick will be maimed by Wei Wuji. At that time, he displayed the treasure transfiguration tactic, making a kind of dragon stick turn into a kind of dragon again.
At the beginning, it went well. However, under the double blow of Wei Wuji, I only heard Long Ming bursts several times, but I never saw a kind of dragon stick taxiing successfully. At this time, the sneak attack monk had to instill mana into the dragon stick from a distance to maintain his treasure.
With the help of the sneak attack on the Godsworn, a kind of dragon stick made the treasure flourish, which temporarily stabilized the situation. On the other hand, the light of the meniscus wheel naturally converged. Seeing this, Wei Wuji knew that his plan had been successful. At that time, when the righteous asked his heart sword, he began to launch it with the display of the male sword tactic.
Wei mowgli’s launch was like thunder and rain, without the slightest gap. With the consumption of the power of ecstasy, the invisible sword meaning transformed by the righteousness of heaven and earth broke the light of the crescent moon and struck the sneak attack monk.

Chapter DiSiWuSi Three kinds of people
Chapter DiSiWuSi Three kinds of people
Who mowgli although in the previous self’s sword practice action, was the power of the loss is very serious, but, after the previous period of recovery, also recovered about twenty percent. If you want to be like a sword in the past, it is natural that you can’t use this force of fascination to ask your heart sword for vital qi and combine it with the male sword. However, it is no problem to focus on the outbreak in a very short time.
Although, this sneak attack on the monk’s own life is very serious, even if it’s a moment waiting here, he still has a point of mind, so he stays here and responds. Moreover, on the crescent moon, the forbidden method of blessing is very complete, that is, the forbidden method of blocking mental and ideological attacks is also available, and it also has considerable defense ability against the practice of focusing on righteousness and asking the heart sword. However, who mowgli this wave of attacks, it is too fierce, it is as dense as the tide, kept pouring in.
Righteousness between heaven and earth is a noble spirit that exists between heaven and earth, and there is no harmful force in itself. It is precisely because of this that the monk’s own consciousness of being fascinated is much worse than his defensive instinct for righteousness between heaven and earth.
Wang Yang sea general righteousness poured into the attack on the monk’s mud pill palace, immediately, like white clouds in the blue sky, toward the attack on the monk was filled with the past, submerged in it.
Then, sneak attack on the monk’s mind, began to trance. Between this trance, scenes of light and shadow flashed by, some of which were painstakingly remembered and wanted to be firmly recorded; Some are things that they desperately want to forget; Some are things that they have forgotten; ……
To sum up, everything that the sneak attack monk had done before, which could touch his inner state of mind, all emerged from the depths of his soul.
In the ecstasy, every scene of light and shadow emerged, and it made me tremble when I attacked the monk’s ecstasy. However, there were many light and shadow in the early stage, such as murder, arson, rape and plunder, conspiracy to plot against others, and so on. However, they all passed by like a fleeting glimpse, only making the monk’s ecstasy tremble, and there was no substantive harm.
On the contrary, when a figure with a somewhat similar appearance emerged from its soul, it was just like the essence, standing still, and at this time, the soul of the sneak attack on the monk began to burn between ignorance and no sleep. Life’s core monuments was fascinated and began to wear out at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It turns out that this sword of asking the heart for righteousness, even if it is formed by condensing the lofty righteousness between heaven and earth, itself does not have the ability to distinguish good from evil, black and white. He just serves as an introduction to draw out a monk’s true nature and conduct self-torture.
One thing, even if everyone thinks that he has done something wrong and that everyone should be punished by him, but as long as the monk himself thinks that he is right and has no feelings of guilt, regret, doubt, etc., then the righteous man will think that he is right in this matter and will not cause any harm to him. On the contrary, one thing, even if everyone thinks it is right, he is admired by everyone, but if he repents and doubts about it, it will also play a role and make him burn his own soul.
Therefore, the sword of righteousness has no effect on three kinds of people. First, it is a person whose mind is pure to the extreme, just like a mirror, spotless. Second, it is a person who sticks to the so-called justice to the extreme, even if the knife and axe are added to the body, and the death of Jiuyou is not changed at all. Third, it is a person who is self-conscious to the extreme.