In the end, the two generals gathered more than 40,000 people and began to kill Hu Huan’s troops.

Taurus saw the opportunity and roared: "General Hu, withdraw first, don’t love war."
Hu Huan bit his teeth and roared: "Hum! Count your good luck! "
Looking closely at the martial arts school, directly at the gate of the military camp, only one of the Hu Huanjun who had attacked the camp before was riding a horse and holding a pike in his hand. He shouted at the Hu Huanjun soldiers around him, "We have killed enough tonight! Withdraw! " Say that finish, is to turn the horse’s head, straight toward the west drove off, and those Hu Huanjun soldiers also like "tide" water, began to retreat from the barracks.
Let the other side come and go freely like this, and the martial arts school is filled with anger in my heart, but for safety reasons, the martial arts school can’t chase after it with military forces, and I can only look at the distant figure of the other side with ugly face, and I hate it with my teeth.
Wang Ba grabbed the collar of the martial arts school and shouted, "Why don’t you chase it? Do you have the heart to collaborate with the enemy?"
The martial arts school snorted and said, "Who knows if they have an ambush outside! The sky is dark, and it’s even more stupid to see their direction, so you can go if you want. I lost as many people as you! "
"And the other side obviously have reinforcements, you know Hu Huan was only thirty thousand foot soldiers. How many are there here? At least fifty or sixty thousand!
Wang Ba shouted in the direction of the other party’s departure with resentment: "Hu Huan, I have to kill you."
Soon, Hu Huanjun, who had attacked the camp before, was already retired, leaving only the burning camp and the corpses on the ground. Most of those corpses were soldiers of the Yanyu Coalition, and only a few were Hu Huanjun soldiers who had just attacked the camp before. There was a cry in the whole barracks, and the martial arts school gritted its teeth. It took much effort and the whole barracks was completely changed.
Long gone, Hu Huanchang smiled quickly, but in his heart, he admired the scribe even more.
Taurus is quite satisfied with the casualties, only less than 100 people died.
After summing up, the two decided to ambush along the road, and the sly "traitor" laughed twice.
The martial arts school said to Wang Ba with a heavy face, "I’ll write a letter and ask the military adviser."
Wang Ba nodded silently, and nearly ten thousand foot soldiers died in the first round this time, which he could not afford. We have to listen to him.
The martial arts school immediately wrote a letter to Puyang.
But Liu Chang in Puyang was furious and cursed the waste at such a time.
Ma Chang looked at Liu Chang and said, "Master, there is no need to worry. For a long time, loving Hu Huan is nothing more than getting a recommendation from an expert."
"The first thing to do is to find out if the master is around Hu Huan."
"If in. . . Then it is better to get out early. "
"If not, then just tell twenty thousand foot soldiers" fans "and" confused "Hu Huan, and Jingzhou reinforcements. The rest are all infantry bypassing Xuchang and going straight to Wancheng. "
"Because Hu Huan’s foot soldiers are here, then there will definitely not be many foot soldiers in Wancheng."
"Besides, we just need to cripple Hu Huan. Without Hu Huan, Wang Shang has no worries. With his shortsightedness, even if he knows that his lips are dead and his teeth are cold, he will be arrogant and think that Ji Fan is not his opponent."
Ma Chang said calmly with a "color" on his face.
Liu Chang nodded and felt that Ma Chang was right. He immediately ordered and shouted, "You can do this."
Ma Chang readily accepted.
On the afternoon of the third day.
The martial arts school and Wang Ba were shocked when they read this information, and then they were overjoyed.
The spirit that has been sluggish before has once again come out.
Obviously know what to do now.
Step by step, be careful and explore boldly.
Hu Huan at the moment is obscene hiding in a dense forest on the road.
Not long. . .
The sound of hooves and footsteps came faintly.
Hu Huan suddenly spirit a shock, and Taurus glances.
Little did I know. . . Hu Huan, he’s tragic. . .
Chapter 8. Su Yun’s Family
Ps: I decided to focus on Ji Fan’s side. There will be more later, but the children who are going to take the exam go to sleep. Zhengtai also goes to bed.
It is said that the martial arts school and Wang Ba are the leaders.
Hu Huan "rape" a smile, is ready.
It’s near. . .
It’s near. . .
The other cavalry has arrived. . .
Hu Huan roared: "Kill!"
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Sixty thousand foot soldiers tore apart the cavalry and the foot soldiers with the trend of tigers going down the mountain, and then fought desperately while the other side was in a panic.
The martial arts school and Wang Ba glances, two people heart breath a sigh of relief at the same time.
It seems that the master is not with him. . .
. . . . . .
However, Shanyou also went to Guiyang with a transfer order.
A group of three men and one woman entered the military camp with a transfer order in their hands. Such a high-profile act made all the foot soldiers look askance.
A general came out with a smile on his face, just about to say a few words of courtesy, but he was interrupted by the mountain.
"Let me fight, this is action. Give me that peerless general. "
The general also saw that this mountain is obviously not in the mood to greet him, so he won’t go to the hot face and stick his cold ass.
Now beat the drums to raise the bill. . .
After half a ring, twenty thousand cavalry went to Guiyang at the gates.
Guiyang Chengtou has already been crowded. . .
Shan You came out alone and stood proudly at the gate of Guiyang, pointing his murderous blade at the wall and shouting, "What is that peerless warrior? Come down quickly and die. "
Very arrogant tone.
Cold-blooded and murderous god.
Suddenly annoyed most people.
A general in his thirties shouted with a long knife: "How to kill a chicken with a cow knife! I’ll meet you. " Say that finish on horseback out of the city.
Ride straight all the way to the mountain.
Shanyou raised his eyebrows, outlined a cruel smile on his mouth, and murmured, "In that case, I’ll kill you first." A long knife in your hand is as fast as lightning.
Bend over. . . Hide from the pike sideways . . Get out of here. . . Cut a horse’s leg. . .
At that moment, a series of movements didn’t stop at all, and the horses’ hooves were cut off in a biting way.