"Is there any expert who can always hit the tenth?"

"Before, there were a few people from time to time, but in the last ten years, Xiao Daoyou has never been able to get through to the tenth, saying that he has the potential of gods to practice well over time, but he can jump out of the five elements outside the world."
Xiao Yu’s heart suddenly moved and asked, "I wonder how far you can get through to Li Xuan?"
Xiao Yu nodded andao not the kui is a master, and his heart is really fierce. It is absolutely a rare thing to be able to play better than him. Not only can you gain rich experience, but you can also realize your real deficiency. Xiao Yu immediately laughed. "The younger generation also has the heart to make a breakthrough."
Jade deficiency laughed. "If Xiao Daoyou goes to talk, the old road may not be able to accompany him. Many people are noisy and the old road still likes to be quiet."
Xiao Yu leaned and said, "I dare not let the Taoist priest accompany the younger generation."
Xiao Yu came to the top four of the honour list and saw that hundreds of people had gathered here. Some of them were brothers from the door, while others were brothers from his holy land and ancient family.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Xiao Man this
Xiao Yusi looked at many monks here, and besides Terran, there were also many demon tribes who gathered here to pay all the veins and were sent to the honour list by the old man.
He doesn’t know that the ancient gates are powerful and deep-rooted, and they don’t attach great importance to the boundaries between terran and demon race. There are often some demon race strong people who come here to test their strength.
"Legalist Gongsun ordered to go in."
A friar Shen said, "Gong Sun’s life is a real genius trained by Legalism. He has been sitting since he was twelve years old. He just heard that his brother Gong Sun regretted and his uncle Gongsun Wulong had been searching for Xiao Man after being killed by Xiao Man. I didn’t expect to come here today."
"It’s very bad for Xiao. He’s wanted all day. He can’t escape!"
"How can Xiao Man be Gong Sungong’s opponent? Gong Sungong’s talent and strength are not enough to kill even ten Xiao Man!"
Xiao Yu blinked and looked at the noisy crowd for a while. This scene was very ridiculous. As a result, all the people talked big with their eyes open, but no one came out to testify against him.
Xiao Yu secretly wonder if these guys have never seen themselves? It’s impossible. Your wanted order has been posted all over the mainland. Who can’t recognize yourself?
Except for Sun Ming, a monk who just doesn’t know himself, he can guarantee that he can definitely recognize himself.
At that time Xiao Yu pour some confusion.
"I heard that Julia, who has been studying Taoism for 20 years, wants to give it a try and see how far he can get?" Another teenager in front of a blue robe temperament special handed over a first-class pulse light said
The old man looked up at the man and couldn’t help saying, "It turned out that a younger brother from Guigu came to Guigu and lived in seclusion at a rapid pace. It’s so polite to see Guigu today. I wonder if he learned the vertical or horizontal road?"
"It’s the vertical path that a scholar learns," Julia said.
The crowd was suddenly in an uproar, and their eyes gathered in Julia’s body, Guigu, the most mysterious vein. The whole history of the vast mainland has a great reputation. Every generation of younger brothers must be born in chaos, and sometimes they are also Guigu people!
Even the door and legalist school have to do this!
When a Guigu man is born in Ren Huang, he should be treated with courtesy. He will receive his command at all costs. Controlling Guigu man means controlling this world.
"Ghost Valley Man"
Xiao Yu muttered to himself.
He has also heard of this sect, but I didn’t expect to actually meet the Guiguren today. After he was sent to the honour list, the list of Guanghua surged violently and shook the inside. In less than a quarter of an hour, Guanghua was sprayed out from the honour list.
Julia landing corners of the mouth hung a trace of blood looked at the door old man hand way "thank you for your predecessors benefit a lot to leave".
He turned away.
The old man remained motionless for a while before sighing that "Guigu’s name is not empty"
Everyone was restless and didn’t know which one Julia had rushed to. A demon strong man asked, "This elder doesn’t know which one Julia has rushed to."
The old man sink a way
They exclaimed that Julia went directly to the tenth place, which was further than Sun’s life, and Sun’s life was only the ninth. Isn’t that to say that Julia has divine resources?
Sun life pupil shrinks deeply glanced at Julia leaving direction shekinah flashing endlessly.
Not far away, several door brothers pointed at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu’s eyebrows frowned and saw them. One of the few people saw Xiao Yu’s brother Yi Mu. It seems that Brother Yi Mu hurriedly bowed his head and pulled several people into the distance.
"He is Xiao Man"
Brother Yimu came to a demon race and whispered.
The demon race’s strong man seems to have ignored Yi Mu’s senior brother Zheng once again and said, "Xiao Man, he has several treasures."
The demon race strong like didn’t hear looking at the statue list motionless.
Brother Yimu secretly wondered and came to a Terran friar and said, "Xiao Manna."