Sun Hao wouldn’t have attracted attention if he hadn’t been sober and solemn.

Friar, the road is like this. Sometimes shortcuts are not necessarily good things.
Taking shortcuts is likely to deviate from the main road, lose the goal and ruin your future.
Godsworn practice has a firm mind, and at the same time, he must have the judgment of distinguishing right from wrong and distinguishing advantages from disadvantages.
Otherwise, an carelessness and negligence will probably stop somewhere.
Seeing Sun Haogong’s reflective expression, the old man’s eyes flashed a look of relief and slowly said, "Of course, it can be moderate when necessary. Xiaohao should also remember not to go from one extreme to the other, and it is not good to beg for food with a golden rice bowl. It is too contrary to practice."
Sun Hao hung his head and nodded slowly. "Little Hao understands the master. Don’t worry. Little Hao knows what to do."
Before the fall of youth and old age, it was the late period of foundation construction.
Sun Hao is now a real monk in the middle of then. According to the truth, the young old man can’t teach Sun Hao anything at this time, and his understanding of uniting is far from Sun Hao.
However, Cheng Sumi’s spirit of condensing the tower may be that he has accepted the huge pagoda, and his vision and realm are much higher.
Plus two people are mentoring, so Qinglao and Sun Hao both take it for granted.
Explain to Sun Hao that the third function, Cheng Qing’s old explanation, rarely said, "After you go into the third room of Dan Qi Fu, you will naturally understand that you need Xiaohao to learn by yourself."
Sun Hao nodded his head and said that the master and the apprentice had talked for another session. Sun Haofang got up and left and went to the third room to see what was going on.
Chapter six hundred and three Strong opponents
Sun Hao first entered the alchemy room.
The alchemy room is a little spacious. There is no alchemy equipment in it, and he doesn’t have many things.
There is a wooden pharmaceutical rack with medicine bottles on it, and there is no magic bullet.
There is also a table with a thick table and a chair next to it, as if someone had just got up and left here.
This is Cheng?
Sun Hao walked to the table and looked at the desktop.
There are two ancient silver characters on the edge of a thick golden cover.
Have a sense of familiarity but don’t recognize two ancient words.
Wanted to think Corleone stretched out his hand.
Turn over a page
Sun Hao found that it was gold, but the page material was jade, but the font was silver, like tadpole writing.
Jin Yu ye yin ke dou Wen
Sun Haoke is sure that he has never come into contact with the silver tadpole script, so it is very likely that this script should be found in thousands of words.
Heart move Sun Hao casually turn again only to find that like a sword book, I can’t turn the second page.
With the experience of sword book, it is not yet ripe for Sun Haoma to turn over a page by himself.
It’s not a matter of a moment. Sun Hao thought for a moment and got up and turned to the refining room.
There are many racks in the refining room, but none of them are hidden.
There is a table in the room, and it seems that you can vaguely see the traces of ink stone and pen container.
Corleone still saw Kim at a glance.
Almost in the shape of "Golden Jade Page"
However, unlike the alchemy room, Sun Hao recognized the two big "characters" and "codes" of Jinyu Page at a glance, and Sun Hao sat in front of the table and played the codes with great concentration.
Didn’t read Fu Dian Sun Hao carefully and turned over a page.
Sun Hao easily turned to the third page of Fudian and then couldn’t turn the fourth page.
He Fu Dian Sun Hao’s face surges with thoughtful expression.
Come to think about it, Sun Hao entered the third place, that is, the setting of the "device room" is different from that of the alchemy room
Sun Hao still can’t recognize the words on the golden pages.
The characters in the organ room are all silver characters like those in the Dan room, but the shapes of the characters are quite different.
The script in Dan room is silver tadpole script, while the script in Qi room is more like a silver pattern.
I’m sure I won’t be able to study anything in a short time
Sun Hao remembered the shape of the characters in the Dan chamber and then appeared on the deck of Fengyun.
If it weren’t for the situation of the fleet, Sun Hao could have studied several languages in the pagoda.
However, a shadow appeared across the sea fleet.
The three bald eagles in the sky have already flown high and are waiting for Sun Hao.
Sun Hao jumped out and appeared in Fengyun.
White-headed eagles back Languochun nodded slightly to Corleone.
One-eyed Hao has a smile on his face. Everything shows that the real agarwood is really inferior in strength. Even after discovering the enemy, his reaction is slower than his own.
Poseidon is as huge as the sea and blue every day, embroidered with a big white trident flag floating up to meet the flying.
Fengyun also has a big flag and a blue flag painted after the combination of Fengyun and Fengyun.
However, after Sun Hao entered Fengyun, two real people, Jin Li and Yu Yu, did not want to wait for the monks to discuss whether to change Fengyun to Agarwood and whether to change the flag to the main flag of Agarwood Sword.
If it weren’t for the agarwood sword, I wouldn’t flatter myself. Maybe the flag would have been drawn long ago.
At present, Friar Fengyun is having a heated discussion on how to draw the agarwood sword better.
Lord agarwood, the agarwood sword is too personal.
Across the huge shadow is also a fleet.
Sure enough, as the Three Gods expected, the sea met the second fleet that came to waste.
The fleet also led by three top seagoing ships came slowly, which slowed down a little like the Three Gods’ fleet, stopped not far away, shook and posed in opposition, and at the same time, a top seagoing ship with a dark hull also erected a flag.
The flag is a dark background, black as ink. The flag is painted with a huge and pale skull and two crossed skeletons.
Black skull flag!
Far away, I can see that the flag has recognized each other’s identity, and Lan Guochun’s face is gloomy.
Li-Juan Zhong and the one-eyed Hirozo face also heavy.
Just as Zhi-wan Sect is attached to Qingyun Gate, there are also some powerful demons attached to the Five Elements Sect.
The opposite fleet named "Death Skeleton" by Brother Nanyang is different in name and strength.
The death skeleton represents the strongest strength of the affiliated clan of the Five Elements Magic Sect.
The fleet is not as condensed as the friar.
Then the sea animals as big as four hills in front of the fleet slowly floated out of the sea.
Four monks dressed in Xuan unlined upper garment looked at the Godsworn with pale smile on their backs.