I smiled bitterly. "I’m afraid it’s not his car ahead. We’ve hit a wall."

"Hum, I lied to you and I’m going to be spooky again. The police officer doesn’t believe you."
Officer Liu Rou obviously told me otherwise.
I took out a bell from my backpack without much explanation, and I shook the bell while reading the mantra.
"break!" I suddenly drank a lot.
As I broke the word "broken", the Audi car in front of the exit instantly turned into a jack-o’-lantern, and then the jack-o’-lantern exploded and thousands of Mars disappeared. There was no Zeng Jiaxing and his Audi car in the night!
With the disappearance of the jack-o’-lantern, the scene around us has also changed. The flat road has disappeared, and there is a cliff in front of the off-road vehicle! Just now, if we had parked a few seconds late, I’m afraid officer Liu Rou and I would have turned into meat sauce!
Officer Liu Rou’s eyes are wide open and she looks incredible. Even if she walks around the door with a big nerve, it is impossible not to feel anything.
Watching Liu Rou, a police officer, rise and fall constantly due to shortness of breath, has dispelled a lot of fear in my heart.
I wiped my forehead with cold sweat and said, "Officer Liu, you should believe me this time. Don’t always call me’ Little Cheat’ after humming. I am an authentic Zhong Kui Taoist."
Willow soft police officer clap breast concerned said "had a narrow squeak! Finished this Ceng Guxing is completely lost … "
"Damn it!" I was depressed and scolded that I could have solved the problem quickly and had such a change!
I wanted to follow Zeng Jiaxing tonight, but I didn’t expect to be set up by the other party. Not only did I fail to follow him, but I almost lost my life. As I expected, the man behind the scenes did it to me.
Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind and I hurriedly asked officer Liu Rou, "Where is the body of officer Liu’s great-grandfather now?"
Willow soft officer depressed said, "where else can the autopsy be done? Of course, it is temporarily put in the funeral home and returned to the family after the case is closed."
"Liu police officer express to the funeral home!"
I guess where Zeng Jiaxing went!
Willow is soft and obviously aware of the seriousness of the matter. There is no nonsense. Suddenly, the off-road vehicle stepped on the gas pedal and rushed to the funeral parlour as if it were stretched to the extreme.
Although the off-road vehicle is very fast, my heart still can’t calm down until now. I finally understand what Zeng Jiaxing meant by that strange smile before entering the Audi car. It must have been Zeng Jiaxing who had already discovered me. However, there was nothing. I’m afraid I was trying to throw me and Liu Rou’s police car into a cliff and accidentally die.
Thought of here, I can’t help but feel a cold sweat for myself. Fortunately, I was highly nervous just now. If I was a little negligent at that time, I’m afraid I was really calculated by Zeng Jiaxing now.
Squeak! Touch!
"What, aren’t you the best driver in the police station? How can you make such a low-level mistake now?"
Just when my mind was in a mess, suddenly the SUV was like a drunk, and the route was erratic and the brakes were harsh. Finally, bang, the SUV finally stopped. Fortunately, I grabbed the seat when I was not slow, stabilized my body and avoided possible injuries. It was a false alarm.
"I … I …"
Officer Liu Rou, who has always dared to do something, doesn’t know what happened at this moment. The most puzzling thing is that his face is also full of fear.
I stare big eyes because I have hallucinations. It’s incredible that Liu Rou should be afraid. At the same time, my heart is more curious. Although there was an accident just now, the off-road vehicle lost control and I don’t know what it hit, but fortunately, it stopped and two people were not hurt. It is supposed to be a false alarm. How can it be scared that Liu Rou has always been bold?
"What’s the matter?" I asked nervously to take the opportunity to cancel it, but the irony was just about to come out. Who knows that there was a burst of uneasiness in my heart, and the whole person couldn’t help but get nervous and the tone became cautious.
"I … killed … people!" Willow soft pale face slowly turned to panic and immediately obliterated the beautiful chest in the past, and I could clearly hear heavy breathing together.
When I heard this, I exclaimed-I almost jumped up. Of course, I was not afraid, but shocked and killed someone. How is it possible? Just now, when the off-road vehicle was out of control, it was absolutely impossible to hit people without a trace of stranger’s breath, and so on. Liu Rou was a police officer and a brave man at ordinary times. If it wasn’t true, how could he be scared into this look?
Thought of here, I raised my head and looked nervously at the front. Although it was late, everything could be clearly captured except the clean road because of the street lights shining on the road. If I really hit someone, I should at least see the blood even if I can’t see the body, but let alone the blood on the road ahead. Even Shui Ze can’t see it.
"Are you dazzled?" I smiled a said
"Impossible, impossible, I really hit someone. How can there be no one ahead?"
Just now, Liu rou also observed the clean road ahead, which seemed to make her accept that the whole person was hoarse and said that Liu rou was in a very strange state as if she were crazy.
Seeing this scene, my face changed!
Chapter 1 A few people in the world
When I saw this scene, my face changed, and the state of willow softness was so wrong that I said solemnly, "Calm down, willow softness". Of course, it is impossible for language to calm down. Things have to rely on spells, and I am not sure whether I guess whether it is right or not, but it is very similar to the state of willow softness.
I quickly took out a finger from my arms, and naturally I drank a lot! Willow soft as if under the anchor spell restless body actually stopped to take this opportunity to clear the mind operator burned out, and a faint yellow light crept into the willow soft nostrils, and the willow soft slowly closed his eyes, gradually recovered his breathing, and his pale face became a little flushed.
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when I see Liu rou’s nothing. I can’t figure out how Liu rou can be evil in my heart. Regardless of being with this half-hanging ghost master, even if Liu rou is alone, the ghost will never dare to get close. Even if Liu rou is a police officer, even if she is a yang, she is no less shocked by the yin and the yin.
However, Liu Rou is still baffled.
Click click!
At this time, a strange sound came from behind the SUV, like a mouse biting a hard object, especially in the dark, which sounded creepy. Although I was not scared, I was also highly nervous and quickly turned around to see what it was.
However, this turn back was not tight, and I was almost scared out of my wits. I followed Master for four years. Although I didn’t learn much fur, it was also a general ghost nemesis. I felt that there was nothing in this world that I could fear from now on, and now I realize that anything in the world is possible.
Liu Rou lies in the driver’s seat with his eyes closed and his breathing balanced. However, there is also a willow Rou outside the car. However, this willow Rou is a whole size smaller. She is also wearing a policeman. Before her body dries up, her beautiful face is wrinkled like dry bark. From her bare skin, she can clearly see white bones. To be honest, this is the first time I have encountered such a strange and horrible scene.
With a dignified face, I carefully felt that there was no difference from the soft outside of the SUV. If you close your eyes and don’t look at the face, you will definitely recognize it as the same person. If you don’t feel the eerie smell from the outside, you will feel the same breath as a normal person.
The same person? How can you feel this way?
"Liu Rou, wake up!"
Although I don’t know what’s going on in front of me, I feel in my heart that it is the best choice to wake up Liu Rou now. Maybe only in this way can I understand what happened. Who knows that if I shouted Liu Rou, I didn’t respond. If I didn’t breathe well and flush my face, I even doubted whether Liu Rou had what happened.
Outside, Liu rou has always been callous, and her eyes are fixed on the driver. It seems that her mission is to look after two people in the off-road vehicle.
I’ve never seen such a strange scene. It’s not a collision with evil spirits, nor a ghost. On the surface, it looks like a separation. Of course, separation is not a fiction. The master once said that there are separation in Taoist spells, but I’m too shallow to have access to such profound spells.
This scene in front of me is definitely not a separation, because separation is a person who makes magic a kind of smoke screen to make up another identical one. His doppelganger is always a fiction, and no matter what changes take place, it can’t be true. However, now the separation seems to be a different kind. Although there is no small difference in body shape, the two willows are almost the same in breath.
Click click!
Suddenly, there was an ugly extreme sound in my ear. I frowned and raised my head with this sound consciousness. However, I was shocked that the wrong sound was not made by the willow outside. She was still motionless like a statue outside.
Click click!
The sound came from my left side and it was very close. This time it sounded like a sharp object stroking the glass. There was this discovery. I quickly turned around and held my breath. A bloody face appeared in my mind for a moment, but when I really turned around, I was shocked.
This is not a bloody face, but a familiar face. It turned out that Lu Dayou was doing a bad play with his hands scratching the glass!
"Old man, why are you here?" Heart is really a hard sigh of relief, I said with a face of surprise
Lu Dayou put away his smile and said with a dignified face, "If I don’t come, you will tell me."
"No way, is it so scary?" I don’t believe it. It’s really weird, but now and danger seem to be out of touch. Liu Rou has always been honest outside. It seems that there is no danger. Even if I move, I can’t accept her without seeing her.
Bang! Lu Dayou slammed a glass with a look of anger and said coldly, "You’ve only been studying with me for a few years, you haven’t even learned fur, and it’s not enough. Don’t say it’s you today. Even as a teacher, I have to be careful about what’s outside. Do you know what she is?"
"What is she?" I carefully asked the master that he would never get angry end to end. I followed him for four years. This is the first time I got angry. It seems that things are not as serious as usual.
"the soul is born!" Lu Dayou heavy tone spit out three words.
Soul-giving method? It’s a strange name, but I’ve heard of the word "method", which is as magical as Daoism, and a little more weird. It’s a general term for "scenic occultism" and there are many categories, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it.
"Is the master’s method of giving birth to souls a kind of magic in scenic areas?" I took one look at the outside, and I couldn’t see what the soul method showed.
Lu Dayou shook his head and said, "You’re right. Half of the soul-generating method is a famous method, but it’s not a scenic method. The scenic method is not to harm people. The scenic method is forbidden to practice."
"Then where is this magic?" It’s the first time that I’ve heard of the method and its classification. There are only methods in the original scenic area. I didn’t expect that the method seems to have factions like the spell method
"I’m not very clear about the method of living soul. Except for the scenic zone, most of his local method normal universities will choose the practice place to judge the identity of people who put the method badly." Lu Dayou shook his head and mused.
"But the method of living soul doesn’t seem to be as terrible as you said. There is no change in willow softness from one to the present." To be honest, it seems that the method of living soul is so much. I doubt it. I looked at Lu Dayou
Who knows that when Lu Dayou heard this sentence, he directly punched the glass and growled, "You are a child who just learned to walk. A little external force may make you fall and you may not get up. If you are careless about what you said, you may have a mental accident."