Nothing’s different. Slag coldly interrupted him. Step by step, father Wei approaches you. Take your last breath. Prepare for your ending with blood smell.

Your father-in-law Wei is chubby and dirty, his face is full of fear, and his feet can’t help but retreat a few steps, trembling and saying, Are you really going to kill me?
Slag clenched his lips and the hammer in his hand was held high.
What shall we do now? Meng Tian looked nervously at the direction after the smoke rolled, and I asked, now he and I are together at the last side of the defeated army.
Going to Jiayu, I thought about it and decided to lead the enemy to Jiayu.
Jiayu Meng Tian point surprised what is going there.
Can’t we still retreat to Kyoto? I glanced at him. We have too few troops stationed in Kyoto. Our past words not only can’t help us, but also may cause the destruction of the commercial circle and agricultural circle near Kyoto. That is to say, it will take many years to recover the economic vitality of Fufeng country. At least there is a miscellaneous army stationed in Jiayu. If they can win, they can join forces to deal with Oren countries and worship Japan. If they don’t win, let’s get together first and then come back to deal with the allied forces here. I am thinking in my heart that at present, I can think of being able to walk the dragon on the ground except for the dragon knight and me. Let the dragon knight entangle the other dragon knight, and the three of us should be able to pick up the dragon on the ground.
Well, it’s said that Meng Tian thought about it. Then I’ll make it now
Ok, I nodded my head and looked back at the middle. The dragon fight was so dark that it was hard to win.
That’s nice. Leng Mengzhe wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth. Looking at Zida, your thunder magic has improved again. Don’t tell me you left your hand.
Don’t worry, I’ve been nursing. Qi Da looked at her with a wry smile. A long mouth was scratched at the lower abdomen of Feilong. Your little hands are really cruel.
Tote intently looked at his finger, and the tip of his finger slowly condensed into an energy ball that surrounded the green air and highly compressed the water.
It’s too slow, isn’t it? Haha, laughing, I’ve sprayed a huge water energy ball from my mouth and flew to Totti.
Totti returned his dragon, and before he could react, it was hit hard by the water energy ball and water bomb, and the poor dragon flew upside down without even screaming.
Hum, don’t you know that my silver dragon is a magic gift? Proud to stretch two claws compared with a Y-shape, I suddenly feel a pain in my back and haven’t done anything yet. My body has fallen and my neck is still suffocating sharply.
Come on, Owen sneaked on him when he let his guard down. Feilong rode hard on his front paws and grabbed his neck. His eyes were almost violent. His tongue was stretched out and he tried to squeeze a few words to plot against me.
I can’t help it. Owen shrugged his shoulders. We are enemies and you don’t know me. There is no need to pay attention to you.
Throw yourself like a snake and wrap Owen Feilong around quickly.
What are you doing? Owen exclaimed
Guess the dragon face squeezes a smirk.
Chapter 234 Don’t stop me
After being entangled with the dragon, the dragon suddenly felt as if it were entangled with iron chains, and it was getting tighter and tighter. Even the strength did not come and the wings could not be waved again, so the body was forced to fall rapidly to the ground.
Damn it, Owen tried his best to stab himself with a dragon gun, only to find that the silver scales were actually harder than pig iron, and the roots were the slightest bit sick. Suddenly, he was desperate and shouted at you, a despicable guy, for doing so.
For the sneak attack, who is more despicable and who is more neck has been said by the desperate dragon choking method.
Let it go, mom. Leng Mengzhe is so scared when he is alone that he shouts that it must be a lose-lose situation to tie the knot like this.
Let Totti Zida go, and they all stopped attacking, crying anxiously, don’t die.
Let it go, Owen. He’s banging his dragon gun so hard that he can’t even bear to scold him. Do you really want to die? Let it go.
Although the dragon is about to spray blood, it has already concluded a blood contract. The master’s words are still legal resistance. Finally, he slowly loosened his neck and immediately took a deep breath. After that, he smiled and let me be cruel. After that, his body quickly drifted away like a sliding iron chain, and he returned to the middle cold dream zhe alone. They met.
When the slag hammer hit Wei Gonggong with the wind, Wei Gonggong had closed his eyes before. What is the question? This time, I really want to say GOODBYE to splendor.
People usually think of many things in the last few seconds when they are facing death.
It is strange that when you live well in peacetime, it is usually thought that others are bad to yourself, but when you are about to die, it is often thought that others are good to yourself.
Father-in-law Wei’s thoughts have flown to his own place. At that time, Guan Jin was still a young man with twenty heads. When he acceded to the throne, he was also ambitious, just like Guan Dongfeng now, but there was no war at that time, so Guan Jin always looked sad.