Zhou Ze nodded slightly and could be said to be very strong by Tang Xinlian. I think the strength must be really strong.

It’s strong here, but there is a lot of forest movement. Look at the foot of the mountain. There is a flash of surprise in the eyes of this area. Here he senses a lot of earth breath.
People who can go here after that heavy elimination can hardly refresh the show list. Although the gold content is not small, it is impossible to include some young and strong dark horses in the sea of chaos and not underestimate Zhou Ze Road
Lin nodded and was about to speak when he found Mulingshan beside him with a chill and immediately turned his head to see the little girl looking particularly ugly and staring at the distance.
Lin moved along the line of sight and saw two figures standing on a hill. The two men were tall and strong, with thick eyebrows in their arms, but their faces were filled with thick ShaQi and a light line between their eyebrows. It was a ferocious blood shark.
And beside this bare-armed man is a petite girl with a beautiful appearance, but her cheek is full of a kind of hard-to-hide charm.
The two men breath is quite vigorous, especially the face ShaQi male strength even failed to reach the end of the xuan habitat dacheng but afraid of is close to the limit.
And when Lin looked at the two men, they were obviously aware of the sight coming immediately. At Lin’s sight, the bare-armed man turned to one side and Mulingshan immediately grinned and ShaQi was dense.
While the girl is the pie mouth a face of disdain.
They are Lin Dong, with a slight frown.
The Hunger shark family two bastard MuLingShan bite a silver fangs words is full of anger, obviously these two people have been some grievances.
Come to The Hunger shark clan Lin, this just suddenly this clan undead holy whale clan has a lot of grievances. I want to come to Mulingshan and fight with them in the past, but it should not be friendly to see this appearance.
The man named Shark Force and the girl named Shark Spirit are the two brothers of The Hunger Shark Family, and they are famous among the younger generation of The Hunger Shark Family. Tang Xinlian also noticed that there are two people in the distance.
Lin nodded slightly. From the eyes of the two men, he saw a rather strong bad color. This kind of bad color should be aimed at Mulingshan.
Lin moved his palm and gently rubbed Mulingshan’s little head and immediately smiled at her. Although that kind of incompetence may not be directed at him, it is impossible to stand idly by if those two guys want to do something to Mulingshan.
Mulingshan nodded and immediately stared at the girl with big eyes and a curl of her mouth, which was also quite disdainful.
Little girl, you want to die
The girl looked at her little face and suddenly became cold. The surge of lotus flower in a small hand was directly turned into a blood arrow, which flashed like a flash at Mulingshan and suddenly shot away.
See this girl unexpectedly hand this biting complexion is also a cold sleeve robe with a wave of his hand YiGuJin wind swept through and directly to the blood arrow lift turned the direction, and then the strong breeze more fierce reflection to the girl.
When the blood arrow is in front of the girl now, the bare-armed man beside him is also grabbing at it. He will pinch the blood arrow and go away. Soon, he looks gloomy and looks up and stares at Lin Dong’s way to die.
Pavilion two people how to say it is The Hunger shark people how this uneducated forest light way
The girl’s little face was green with anger when she heard it, and the bare-armed man’s eyes were suddenly flooded with tyrannical murder. The surface of his body was full of lotus flower surges.
Those around you who are strong enough to see this are suddenly tit for tat. Both sides are one leng, but they have not said anything. Obviously, both sides are not oil lamps. It is better for them to fight.
The amount of ten peaks is about to start. Get the peak seal first, and then Tang Xinlian said softly.
Well, Lin nodded slightly.
Just before Tang Xinlian’s voice fell, the towering giant mountain suddenly poured with light, and then the clouds fluctuated. Ten giant peaks are now in the sight of everyone, and the light flashes at the peak, among which there is a faint light print.
There was some commotion at the foot of the mountain, and many people’s eyes were red.
Whether one person can get the peak seal depends on each ability. Tang Xinlian stared at the peak seal way
get to work
As soon as Tang Xinlian drank a light drink, he took the lead in sweeping a mountain directly.
And as Tang Xinlian moved many strong bodies at the foot of the mountain, they immediately plundered and immediately broke the wind.
Lingshan, you also pick a forest and look at Mulingshan.
Well, Mu Lingshan nodded excitedly and then picked up the coffin of life and death to rush to a mountain peak.
Lin looked at grinned and his body moved, and he chose a mountain and went straight to it.
Brother Shark Force, I’m going to tear up that little girl’s mouth. The shark spirit’s cheeks are cold and she looks at a mountain peak, Mu Lingshan, and then says,
Give me that guy, and I’ll make him talk. Pay the price, said the bare-armed man.