Lunt and other three people are ready to fight when they come. At this time, it is not urgent to see the old starter recruit three people. It is easy to turn around and avoid the cold water column. After the three people flashed, they also released a magic to go back. The three color elements are very dazzling in the film.

Baby, I can’t believe that your ability is not low. Pick me up again. If you always release large magic roots, you won’t recite spells. Hundreds of fireballs will be thrown at three people now. All three of them have released defensive magic in the fireball rain to protect themselves from being hit by fireballs. Jokes are hit by fireballs. That’s not fun, especially the ultimate magic of level 12.
It took a long time for the fireball rain to fall, and the hand didn’t stop smiling. When the three men saw the fireball smashed, they dispersed the defensive magic. When the three men dispersed the defensive magic, Hou Lao burst out laughing and said, You are still very tender. Our roots are not a class opponent. After that, we put our hands behind the three men.
Lunt knew something was wrong when he saw the old smile, but I didn’t expect him to sneak up at this moment and shout to be careful and fly first. Yong Liang Zhen also felt that something was wrong and flew up. Three people just broke out instantly from the ground, and ten million fireballs went straight to Lunt, who was just off the ground. They were not underwhelming lot. They released ten levels of ultimate water magic while the fireball hit them so much, and the fireballs were pushed to the ground by the flood.
The old man laughed and said, with your water magic, you want to douse this fireball. Don’t be wishful thinking. Burn it. Don’t put out the fire and show your true colors against your enemies
Swish swish was pushed by the flood, and the small fireball immediately jumped to the three people who had risen to the middle school and wanted to burn the consciousness of the three people instantly.
Sun Yat-sen laughed in the middle, and with a wave of his hand, he threw himself at thousands of fireballs with an energy similar to that of a mountain crack stone. Sun Yat-sen laughed. Torankusu, don’t be a great magic teacher. I was afraid of you. If I had been in the Cold War, I wouldn’t have allowed you to live today because your dark magic is so poisonous. Every time you rise, 1000 people will die at your hands.
That’s Torankusu. He always knew his name to Dr. Sheng. He practiced dark magic. He was surprised to know that few of him were there. When he asked who you were, how did you know about me? Another magic attack was made on three people.
Torankusu, you remember Li Lao, right? That was my father. My father tried to kill you in those days, but he didn’t want to kill you in the cold war anyway, so you were allowed to live for more than a hundred years. Today, I, Li Sheng, came to take your life on behalf of my father. My right hand drew a circle in front of me, and then I slapped my hand to attack the magic bag. Liang Zhen also played magic to help Li Sheng.
Torankusu looked at his magic being destroyed and roared with both hands. In vain, he paid special attention to the old debt and paid back Li Lao’s old deathlessly. Since he couldn’t find it, it was the same to kill you.
Okay, let’s see who dies first. Ayong Zhen forms a team.
Lunt center Yong Liang Zhen moved faster and faster.
Brother Yefeng, have you come for help? Nagin, the others have come to the outer city, and they will attack in less than half an hour. The manager is so anxious that he is sweating and asks Yefeng’s strength. The three heads of the county are not here. He is really afraid that Nagin will call in at this time. It is unimaginable after that.
Night maple didn’t sit in the chair as impatient as the manager, slowly sighing at the tea and looking at the manager’s impatience, hurriedly consoling the manager that you should stop walking around and go again. My head was dizzy by you. Li Tuanchang gave me the mercenary group, so you can rest assured that Nagin won’t call in.
The manager looked at the night maple and opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything. He sighed and sat opposite the night maple, but his ass just touched the board and got up again. He hurried to ask the mouth and came back, picked up the tea on the table and drank it all at once, then kept walking around and looked at the door from time to time.
The informant dragged these two words out, giving people an idea of beating him up at once.
How’s it going? Tell the manager to come back and pull it over and ask immediately
I, I informed the informant that it was difficult to say a word "I", pointing to the collar pulled by the manager, and the manager immediately came over and put his hand in vain and poured him a cup of tea. Don’t worry.
I don’t know who is in a hurry in the informant’s heart. He put a cup in his hand and wiped the residual water stains on his mouth. He gasped slightly and said, "Which one do you want to hear first?"
I can’t wait to know that the news manager took a notice and said, don’t play this trick with me. Both of them said it together.
Notification is very grievance. Touching his head, he said that the manager spoke very correctly earlier. Na Jinran came to the city with a group of people in darkness. The notification looked up and said that the manager had turned white and his face was busy. Two kilometers west, there were about 5,000 people, and a large number of Beamont beasts were rare in Warcraft.
When the manager heard the best, he burst out laughing and said to the notice, go and find the third lady to get ten gold coins. That means I said.
When I heard that the reward leader was happy, I said that the little one went first.
Well, go first. The manager waved him to go and said to Ye Feng, Brother Ye Feng didn’t expect you to come. Nagin really wanted to fish in troubled waters. Haha, but he didn’t expect to fail this time. Haha.
Night maple heard Nagin’s hand talking. When the three heads of the tiger mercenary group were pestered by Torankusu, there was no one in the Hou regiment to command, so he came to fish in troubled waters and took men to copy the tiger mercenary group. Besides, Yu Shengqian Nagin had been happy to forget all about it. There was this great opportunity. No one is a fool. He thought to Kim, so he ordered his hand to go outside the city and prepare to kill him.
People in the city learned a few days ago that there would be a large-scale battle, and they were too scared to even dare to go to the house. The streets in the city were dead and bold, and a few people came to wander around and prepared to bring some news back to blow.
Nagin took 200,000 people slowly to the city, and the duke looked at the distance from the city wall. It was dark and worried. He really couldn’t figure out when Lunsheng had offended Nagin again, but he was also in the road. He knew that it was very common for a big mercenary group like the tiger mercenary group to get into trouble, so it was not often that no one came to get into trouble. The duke secretly scolded 1 in his heart
Let them in or not. If you let them in, it’s a pity that Li Sheng won’t let each other go, but 200 thousand people spit and flooded the city wall. It’s true that a duke is not easy to get along with the pressure from the city and the external pressure. If even the residents in the city can’t protect their heads, their jobs may be lost at any time.
Although this city is the largest mercenary group in mainland China, no one dares to do anything illegal and disorderly, which makes the duke very happy. As I said before, it is very common for a big mercenary group like the tiger mercenary group to find trouble, which makes the duke have a headache more than living in happiness and unhappy.
Duke, what are you looking at? Night Maple, the main manager, also stepped on the wall.
When the duke heard the sound, he knew that the manager was coming and he didn’t look back. He frowned and said, I’m thinking about how to intimidate the Cycas mercenary group, but I really can’t think of a good way to think about it.
Night maple, the main manager, came side by side and said to the duke seriously. Our mercenary group really tried its best. Here, I salute the duke on behalf of the three heads of the mercenary group.
The duke got a fright and said to the manager, What are you doing? You mercenary group must take care of this. I think I have been farming in my hometown. I have to thank you for saying thank you.
Don’t say such things after you, Lord. It will upset the three heads. The manager still has a serious tone.
It’s okay if you don’t say these things. Just take a good look at everyone’s heart. The duke saw that the army had come to the city, but he couldn’t see the manager’s anxiety. He asked the manager Nagin to bring people over. Why aren’t you in a hurry?
The manager pretended to be mysterious and shook his head, saying that because our generation did many good things, God told me last night that he would help me today and told me not to worry. I don’t have to worry.
When the duke saw the manager smile, he beat a manager’s chest with a calm smile. You old deathlessly got help from others. Tell me what makes you not afraid of 400,000 people.
I’m only thirty years old, and I’m not an old man. The manager laughed. The God Sect will come from the west soon. I’ll tell you later, so don’t be surprised to see it.