Not to mention the alternative adventures of the two princesses, let’s talk about the protoss Princess Jade and Princess Ling and Nabol, the god of war, who returned to the sky.

Everything happened, the smallest details, from the mouth of three people.
Jade Emperor and a bunch of court officials listened carefully. After listening for a long time, he said slowly, "Napol, in that case, I’ll leave the lower bound to you."
"Thank your Majesty Jade Emperor for his kindness!"
"Go, my God of War!"
Take Bohr out of the hall. Princess royal Yu called out, "Father, this matter must be discussed from a long-term perspective!" The little princess ling also urgent call, "father …"
"There is nothing to take a long-term view! Let’s just do it! " Jade Emperor deadpan tunnel.
"Father …"
"Needless to say, Bohr should be able to handle it well together. He will let the light of my god shine on all corners. Yuer and Linger, go down and have a rest first and think about the mistakes of this trip. "
"Yes, Father!" Princess royal took the jade and the little princess took Ling, so they had to quit the temple.
"Your Majesty Jade Emperor …"
"Big palm temple (equivalent to the left phase), I’m waiting for you to speak. Napol encountered strong resistance, the pivot of the temple in the western continent was destroyed, and the opponent was wild and fierce. I don’t know how to stop this cold current in Dazhangdian? "
"Your Majesty, it is better to let the magic emperor Shura know about this."
"Big palm temple, does this human power want me to cut together with God and Magic?" Jade Emperor was surprised.
"It is. I have this intention! The temple of the holy snow mountain was destroyed by a blow, and the god waiter Raul was obviously not alive, and the six waiters were seriously injured. This force is not enough to fear, and the god of war can do it with Bohr. The problem is that the other side’s dark-to-dark tactics are quite vicious, which also proves the strength of the other side. If the old minister’s big star prophecy has not gone wrong, your majesty, this sudden enemy is quite difficult. And it seems that we have lost the best opportunity and are losing the last chance. "
"opportunity?" Jade Emperor frown.
"yes, your majesty."
"Is there no chance?"
"If the god of war with Bohr can rate the lower bound of his subordinates in a giant space day, there is a chance. Otherwise … You can only rely on the magic emperor to nod, and let the magic camp in the western continent lead the magic army to suppress and pin down the opponent’s growth. Then … "

Chapter four hundred and four Lin Rowling if
Well, this matter will be handed over to the Great Hall of Palm. "
"Thank your majesty trust veteran. Your Majesty, this war on the mainland has failed. I ask you to give me ten kingdoms between people so that I can lure the magic emperor with this. "
"Dazhangdian, you are the person who knows the secrets best. Everything is up to you, as long as you don’t lose the foundation of Qingtian protoss in the human world." Jade Emperor Nale’s eyes flashed golden light.
"Yes, your majesty! I will live up to your majesty’s trust. "
Strength is in hand, and I have it all over the world.
After the Blue Ice Dragon pulled up the Beast Corps and put it into collaborative training, Tianxin opened up the sales of two kinds of contraband paper and magical energy products in mainland China. Why, due to the development, the growth of the Chinese Principality has reached the stage of having to use these basic excesses.
For the paper that everyone in the mainland talks about, Tianxin is not sold in the form of paper, but made into many varieties. It takes three years to sharpen a sword, and a sword is sharp enough. In the Tianxin enclosure, there are many eccentric talents who make strange things in mainland China. They used paper almost a year and a half ago. Therefore, according to their needs, the paper mill produces notes, notebooks, communication books, and most of them are all kinds of account books. Of course, there is also the soft toilet paper.
Of course, the introduction of finished paper products and magic energy products is under great pressure.
First of all, the pressure comes from the inside. Sixty old men in SHEN WOO strongly disagree, thinking that it is too early, but we should move slowly and steadily, and launch it according to the original planned time, that is, the moment when the war between God and Magic Mainland ends. The release now will definitely cause the impact of the two camps.
"No, old men, it will take three years," said the late-night meeting, who has grown into a 13-year-old heavenly heart with the appearance of a grownup. "Time and tide wait for no man. We have to speed up development! "
"But, can the current principality of China resist the army from the two camps of God and Magic?" Aaron Ding, the magician, is serious and tunnel. "The construction of Aceh is very difficult. We must be cautious in everything, and then be cautious to keep our achievements today."
"Cautious fart, don’t you think that caution can make the two families of God and Magic let go. No, the two families who have controlled the mainland for one million years will not allow any mainland forces against their will to exist. The development of Aceh has reached a bottleneck, if there is no corresponding technology and products to follow up. The principality will inevitably begin to decline and will not be able to support more and more people. Many departments such as compulsory magic martial arts school will collapse because of lack of funds … "
"Boy, are you too alarmist!" Aaron Ding grinned.
"alarmist, old aaron. Do you think that if there is a large amount of tax revenue flowing in, everything will be OK. " Tianxin sneer, "another day, I’ll call Zoellig (director of financial institutions) to give you a budget lesson, and call Jos (one of the four giants of Aceh Trading Company) to give you an economic strategy lesson for his grandfather. Old Aaron, if we can’t increase the attractiveness of mainland countries and increase the input of poor people in the mainland, who do you think mainland countries will invest in? If there is no corresponding technology, how can an open source project like tourism be done? In short, seven books have been decided. It’s time for the principality to let go. "
"Boy, you said, we old man all understand. The question is, do we have the strength to fight against the temple now? Maybe we resisted the temple, but then, if the magic temple and the temple merge, what kind of force is it? Behind them are protoss and inferno. I think your boy knows better than me … "Aaron Ding didn’t show weakness.
"Yes, of course I know. Eighteen days ago, I lost a protoss god. And feed this guy to Warcraft; Moreover, I also used secret weapons to freeze the sacred snow mountain temple. Fiona Fang Shili, the sacred snow mountain, has become a dead zone, where nine protoss guys escaped three times and hid six times. " Tianxin laughed and threw a bomb. "The protoss. Of course I know! "
"Boy … you," sixty old men from SHEN WOO stood up in shock, and their hair was totally stunned. "Is it true?"
"Of course it’s true. I also thought hard for 18 days before making a decision to let go of it. Now, what the Principality of Aceh needs most is people, people, understand? Not adults, children, children. " Tianxin waved his fist. "Only they can practice inner mind well, and they can grow into SHEN WOO or divine artists in a short period of several years. Alas ….. who told me that this continent, or even the whole world, is not suitable for the development of heavy industry? "
"Not suitable for the development of heavy industry? All souls day … "Another cluster bomb blew the old people dizzy. The old men are anxious. A few years ago, they may not know what heavy industry is, but today, a few years later, they all understand the importance of heavy industry.
"Yes, I also struggled for 18 days to think clearly. This is the setting of wanlingtian! In the past 100 million years, the intelligent species of Wanlingtian is really embarrassing. "
"If we can’t develop heavy industry and the flying warships you mentioned can’t appear, wouldn’t it be that we will always be trampled by the gods and demons?" The old man’s voice loomed hoarse.
"Otherwise, everything is split in two. The gods and demons have made the mainland like this, thinking that if they weaken the mainland, they can strengthen themselves. As everyone knows, this kind of control method is simply a temporary solution. After a long time, while hurting others, it will devour the strong magnetic field of one’s own life. One million years of free and unfettered time, living in the glory and incomparable glory of the ancestors, the two families of God and Magic, their life marks, will and productivity are not the same … "
"Boy, even so, their strength is far above the mainland. Don’t underestimate them. " Aaron Ding warned.
"It’s not that I want to underestimate them, it’s that they let me underestimate them." As lazily laughed, "old men, if 18 days ago, the three escaped protoss were not scared, and the heart of hatred and anger killed the forest of death, and the principality of Aceh China was very troublesome. But they were afraid for a moment, went back to help, and thought that we were hurt by the magic camp. What’s going on in the world can’t be done, and it will be damned if it is done. In their view, what they did was absolutely correct and decisive, but it gave me time to China. Hehe, one day in the sky and one year on earth. Once and for all, at their level, it will take at least a few days to go to heaven, but after a few days to go to heaven and a few spring and autumn years on earth, he will come to thousands of gods, and what can he do? "
"Boy, the army. You forget that the protoss have an army. " Aaron Ding reminded.
"Yes, the protoss should have an army. But old Aaron, Jun.
Was it easy to get out? According to the legend in this continent, the two families, God and Devil, hold the master program, which is the bureau. I don’t know the situation in the sky, but I know that a million years is enough for many things to happen. A million years of cultivation is enough for the gods to wake up or the stars to rise. If the armies of the gods and demons come to the mainland, what will other gods or stars who know the mainland think of them and how will they move them? Take one shot and move the whole body. God and demon should know how to do it if they are not stupid! "
"Boy, is this just your analysis?" The old men disagreed. "How do you know that the gods and demons didn’t wipe out all the gods and their men?"
"Ha ha, they are blessed if they are not suppressed. If they are completely suppressed, the problems of the two families of God and Magic will be even greater."
"Why, this person is much, it is inevitable that all kinds of disputes, all human beings will make rules to build the country. There is a civilized process. Gods and demons are no exception, and when the number is small, everyone is harmonious; If the number is large, there will be various conflicts because of ideas and interests. Conflict is a necessary fossil for a race to advance, and there are many ways to solve it, unfortunately one is internal suppression. If the gods or the stars of the gods exist, then the superiors of the gods and demons have to cope with external pressure. It will not be easy to adopt the governance mode of internal repression, and there will be few rules and regulations for the sake of a strong country. If the gods die, the stars of the gods will be shattered and there will be no external pressure. The governance mode of internal repression is bound to rise, and the superior will clean up those who threaten their status in the family for the sake of their own power. In this way, after a long time, people’s hearts are changeable and they don’t want to make progress. Thinking only about conspiracy, franchise curve and depravity, how about protoss, how about inferno, how powerful it is after a million years of depravity, and how weak it is now. Old men, I really hope that your mouths will be crow’s mouths. If the gods or the stars of the gods are all destroyed, then our life may be much easier. "
"No, boy, after hearing what you said, all the good things have turned into bad things. The old men all thought that the protoss and the inferno were vulnerable." The old men still shouted, "boy, you can’t lose your head."
"Hey, old men, I wonder if our security agencies in the Principality of China should hold a military parade and exercise." Tianxin reveals in-depth topics.
"Boy, you are wrong again. How can the soldiers be shown outside? "
"Wrong, if it is a mainland kingdom, this idea is right, because they just want to shine, who looks. However, the principality of China is different. Businessmen from all over the mainland wander around here, and the secret spies from all over the mainland are almost concentrated here. Moreover, there is the only bard guild in the mainland. How to say it, we should show something real, otherwise so many communication resources will be wasted. Most importantly, the name of gold in Aceh has spread all over the mainland, and there are many mainland kingdoms that want to enter the principality of China by force. Without a bright spot, the principality of China will be lost in the ensuing bloody friction, and the hard-won achievements will also be consumed in this unnecessary dispute. Trade routes will be broken, crowds will be broken, and peace will no longer be … "
"Boy, this … military exercise can really play a deterrent role in that book!" The old man was speechless.
"Old men, I think it over this parade, you also want to appear. Not only are you going to make an appearance, but also the 600 sacred fighters and artists in the Principality of China will make an appearance. The golden fighters will make an appearance of 1,000, the great wizards will make an appearance of 1,000, the silver fighters will make an appearance of 10,000, the security forces will make an appearance of 10,000, and the fourth-order scouts of the Inner Energy Magic Martial Arts will make an appearance of 10,000, hehe, and the Beast Corps will also make an appearance. "
"God beast legion …" The old man croaking, "boy, when did you build such a legion? How about the quantity? "
"The number is not much, three Warcraft will break through the super-God realm, and nearly 500 Warcraft will enter the super-God realm."
"What, Super World of Warcraft?" The old man turned in a gasp, happy, long way. "No wonder your boy is so bold that he still has strong support."
"… so you agreed."
"Agree to what? We don’t agree to make an appearance. " The old man laughed with great confidence.
"If it’s not bright, it’s bright," said Tianxin forcefully. "Let’s go to Little Zoellig to get our clothes. Old men, in order to make your appearance less ugly, you will receive military parade training in the next half month. "
"Boy, what ugly, is down a peg or two! Understand, power and prestige, the power and prestige of the fighters and artists in the divine realm. "
Aceh Grand Platform Square.
The big platform square, which can accommodate 200 people, is located ten miles southeast of Aceh Town, and it is a vertical and horizontal area of rocks. Lan Binglong Gaojian has been here for a whole night, and only according to Tianxin’s plan can the prototype of the square be outlined with dragon claws and horns. Then there is the stone platform polished and leveled by Huazhong infrastructure organization for two months. There are stone steps around, cement roads extending in all directions, and finally, there is a rubble yard for exercises on the edge of the square.
Three months later, the military parade and military exercises of the Principality of Aceh will be held in this area.