Ridiculous feeling! But Qin Chu didn’t think so!

He is sure that there is no one around, Qin Chu mouth emerge with a sneer, pinching spirit tactic, around Gavin’s body, conveniently arranged a fire array. Away from the fire array is a Yang net array method, which has a restraining effect on feminine things, especially some ghosts and the like. After all this, Qin Chu’s eyes stared at Gavin, who was lying there in a coma. Suddenly, Qin Chu’s eyes ignited two silver flames, and the huge Yuan God instantly wrapped Gavin’s body.
However, to Qin Chu’s consternation, on Gavin, Qin Chu didn’t imagine anything now. Isn’t it rebirthing? Qin Chu thought, eyes rested on Gavin’s waist pocket. A mysterious feeling welled up in my mind, and Qin Chu’s feeling of being watched grew stronger.
Qin Chu sneer at 1. With a wave of his hand, Gavin’s pocket opened. Everything in it fell to the ground. A dozen gold coins, a pair of lighter tools, a compass and a bent dagger with a horn handle. Qin Chu eyes immediately fell on the Bi.
Qin Chu already felt it. When this Bi fell to the ground, the feeling of watching himself disappeared. Hehe, I don’t know if I hide it? Qin Chu smiled.
This Bi looks a bit old, and the handle behind it is badly worn. It is engraved with this strange character, which Qin Chu didn’t recognize. But this is not the key, the key thing is that Qin Chu felt a faint mental fluctuation on it. Although deliberately hide convergence, but Qin Chu is a pervert with strong spiritual cultivation, such fluctuations, for Qin Chu, would be tantamount to candlelight in the night!
"Are you coming out by yourself, or should I invite you out?" Qin Chu has nothing to hide.
There was no response to the bending Bi. Qin Chu sneered at this, and the spirit of fire surged, and the palm of his hand came up with a real fire. Then he put the bending Bi on the flame and burned it slowly. Nine ignorance is true fire, which is harmful to the spirit.
Under the burning of the nine-ignorance real fire, but for a moment, the bending dagger finally ceased to calm down, and a spiritual fluctuation of begging for mercy spread out: "Dear strong man, please show mercy, I didn’t mean to offend you, and please forgive my talented behavior."
When Qin Chu saw the reaction, he was really angry: "Why not bite?"
The moon mouth is struggling! "Qin Chu through for that spirit fluctuation, all through the exploration of clear JiaZhou degrees of Yin cold nature of the spirit. There are only two possibilities to cultivate such a cold spirit. One is that this person is naturally mean; But this person is practicing dark magic!
Either way, Qin Chu keeps his vigilance. Because people who practice dark magic are generally not good people!
"Who are you? Why is it in here? " Qin Chu asked.
"Dear strong man, I am an unknown dark mage. For some reason, my body was destroyed and I can only keep it in this dagger." The guy inside replied.
"Dare not tell the truth?" Qin Chu smell speech. Eyebrows raised, "It seems that the teaching just now is still not enough!" Said the nine ignorance true fire again. Let’s have a barbecue again. That guy was anxious at once and begged for mercy again: "wise and strong, I dare not show off my stupid caution in front of you." Please forgive me. I’m called Kerry, a necromancer.
"Know what I’m going to do?" Qin Chu cold way.
The guy was silent for a moment, and then he was afraid: "Is the strong man trying to destroy me?"
"Destroy you?" Qin Chu smiled. "Destroy you, what’s good for me? Don’t worry, I don’t want to lay hands on you for the time being, but you’d better put away the dead in this person first, but I don’t like this gloomy feeling. "
Kerry heard it and immediately promised to come down. If it was originally covered on Gavin’s body surface, it would be dead and immediately shrink back to the curved dagger.
"Well, tell me, why did you do it to Gavin?" Qin Chu light way, from Ruth’s words, Qin Chu has guessed what. Before Gavin revealed some clues, plus now this guy in the bent Bi, Qin Chu has been associated with something.
Kerry honestly said, "Dear strong man. Originally I wanted to borrow this man’s body. Unexpectedly, it will be like this. "
"borrow your body?" Qin Chu sneer at a way. "How long are you going to borrow? A day, a year, or a lifetime? "
Kerry felt the inadequacy of Qin Chu’s words and immediately begged for mercy: "Dear strong man, there is nothing I can do. I’ve been here for over a hundred years. I must go out and look for a suitable host, or I will die soon! I control Gavin. I’m not trying to kill Gavin, just borrowing his body to warm my soul.
As long as I find the right body, I will naturally leave him! "
"Do you still have to argue?" Qin Chu nu way. "You borrow the body, will let him seriously injured at a critical time? Do you want to borrow the hands of those archers, kill Gavin, and then when his soul is weak, you can swallow it up. Replace it? Also, don’t tell me that the dead body is also used to borrow the body. Dare you say that you don’t want to occupy his body and create conditions for yourself? "
Qin Chu’s words made Kerry tremble. Dare not say another word.
After dressing up, Kerry carefully said, "Dear strong man, what are you going to do?"
"Dispose of you?" Qin Chu smiled, "I ask you, Gavin’s so-called mysterious cultivation achievement method, and you taught him, didn’t you? From this point of view, your essence is not so bad. Besides, you can be in the dagger. Just in the form of soul, staying for so long shows that you have some research on soul, aspect. It’s a waste to purify you like this. It is better to give you a chance to make amends. "
"Do you want me to be loyal to you?" Kerry was silent for a moment.
"You can also choose to die." Qin Chu doesn’t care. He is only somewhat curious about this soul form hidden in the curved dagger, but he doesn’t necessarily have to get it. But Gavin must not die. For Gavin’s sake, Qin Chu must solve this future problem for him.
"I choose loyalty!" Of course, the dead man didn’t want to die, so he laid hands on Gavin. Then you don’t want to die!
The dead man offered a trace of soul imprint to Qin Chu. With this thing, Qin Chu completely dominated Kerry’s life and death. Let him go east later, and he can’t go west.
"Since you chose to follow me, I can’t treat you badly. I’ll make you a body first. " Qin Chu took out the decyl water from Ulu from his belt, and raised the water yin, which is also the yin cold attribute of the dead. It is the most suitable for making a body. Qin Chu mixed something else into it, and soon, a body appeared in front of him. Qin Chu cast the deformation spell again, creating an inconspicuous appearance for this body, and then leaned the curved dagger against the body. The evil wind was blowing, and a light black gas got into the new body from the curved dagger.
A middle-aged wizard with a medium height appeared in front of Qin Chu. ,

Chapter 159 Mental simulation
Waiting for the black and finally got into the new body! After, will. Slowly raised his head, at the same time, a substantial Yin cold breath like a flood of frantically dispersed in all directions. The camp clattered, and the water in the cup on the table. Fast condensation into ice! The ground in the whole camp is condensed with a layer of misty frost!
The creatures in the Woods outside are like the end of the world, crying in horror. Thousands of birds took off wildly at the same time. Some timid sparrows and the like have been scared to death by this cold breath! Not only the animals, but also those people in the Naman tribe felt the strangeness here. When the cold breath rolled over, they only felt a cold on their bodies, and then the goose bumps stood up. This is still not serious. What surprises them most is that they suddenly have an illusion in front of them. They are not in the mountains, but in the piles of bones, surrounded by the strong stench of rotting corpses, and the sun is covered with a purple light. It is gloomy between heaven and earth.
Everyone has a feeling of being in hell.
Qin Chu sensed that something was wrong with people outside, and his spirit was abnormal. Although Kerry was severe, his influence on Qin Chu was not great. But outsiders don’t have Qin Chu’s strength. In the spiritual storm that Kerry inadvertently released, they suffered in succession. Qin Chu’s face changed slightly, and he praised Kerry’s strength, but he also felt a little angry. This guy was so presumptuous that he didn’t know how to converge in front of your face!
"Qing!" Qin Chu pinched the magic formula with his hand, used the Buddhist achievement method, and performed the lion roar.
This clear roar, like a sharp sword, instantly broke the spiritual coercion around, and both Kerry and other people around him recovered their clarity in an instant. Outsiders are still at a loss. They look around, and their eyes are all confused. Things are so sudden that they don’t know what is going on.
But Kerry’s heart is already stormy, and this master is so powerful! Incredibly, with a roar alone, it was easy to suppress the spiritual storm that exploded in an instant! Kerry, as a necromancer, has become a master in studying souls. Qin Chu’s lion roar made his eyes shine, and he also saw that Qin Chu’s roar was not an ordinary roar, but a strange practice.
"Put away your breath." Qin Chu didn’t good the spirit way, this guy’s breath if you don’t convergence, so no matter where, will make the world. Who can withstand this guy’s abnormal mental attack? Take the move just now, although Kerry was unintentional, the impact it brought to people was already terrible.
Qin Chu knew that he had found the treasure, and Kerry’s move, if used properly, would make the temple beaten.
Kerry’s life is in Qin Chu’s hands. I don’t dare to disobey Qin Chu’s words. Immediately struggling to converge their momentum in vitro, however, Kerry’s aura at the moment, like a piece of Wang Yang, after strenuous compression, still can’t fully converge into the body. His aura lingers within three feet of Kerry’s body. Outside three feet, other people’s feelings will not be so strong, but once it is close to Kerry’s three feet, the consequences will be tragic. Originally in a state of dilution, the mental storm can make the outside world lose themselves in an instant, not to mention the aura under this highly compressed state.
As long as they are ordinary people, close to Kerry’s three feet range, they will definitely be scared to death by the pressure brought by that kind of aura. Even if you are immortal, you will fall into madness!
"Master, I can only compress it to this extent." Kerry embarrassed way.
"Well, then, just here, if you talk to people, keep at least three feet away from them. Do you know? " Qin Chu didn’t want his own people to be inadvertently made crazy by Kerry.